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  1. Hi Tia Welcome! Another quick,cheaper way to get your orandas more room would be to get a couple of large rubbermade bins(clear)and put them on the floor like an indoor pond.Use Aquaclear50+ over the side filters.Here is a picture of a members here's.I hope it is ok to repost it http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v406/BB_Chan/DSC00312.jpg
  2. Looks great!Love the black gravel,and your fish are gorgeous!
  3. * Test Results for the Following: Ammonia Level? 0 Nitrite Level? less than 0.1 Nitrate level? ..no test Ph Level 7.4 Ph Level out of the Tap? 7.5 * Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 25G approx. 3-4 months * What is the name and size of the filter/s? Aquaclear 30 & 50 * How often do you change the water and how much? 50-75% 0nce a week # How many fish in the tank and their size? 2 fantail....2 1/2 inches each # What kind of water additives or conditioners? Cycle,& Aqua plus(conditioner) # Any medications added to the tank? no # Add any new fish to the tank? no # What do you feed your fish? Nutrafin sinking pellets,Nutrafin flakes,shrimp pellets,peas # Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? no # Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? no OK....he has a large flap of skin on his face(on his right side) where the nose(?) flaps are....this picture is not the best sorry.....it has been there since we got him,it is bigger,of course so is he,also the skin in that area is bumpy like.......a wen?? he was sold as a fantail.It has no white edge and he seems healthy....any thoughts?Anything to worry about?
  4. I think the pots will make vacuuming easier....moving the plants & replacing.I will have to rinse them out too,I guess. That's ok,I love the look of it.Thanks
  5. I have so many great ideas now thanks to you all!!Here is my 25G with added features I just added the terra cotta pots...I just rinsed them well in hot water...is there any other prep I should have done?I can still remove them if so........
  6. merlinsmom


    Oh good,I'm glad he is feeling better. mrbumblebee....thank you for the advice! Yes,I am currently doing extra water changes,and use salt.If this fails I will use the Melafix.Thanks again,you were very helpful
  7. merlinsmom


    I am confused about the dose of melafix for a betta.Mine is in a 10G tank....bit of fin rot...please how many drops of Melafix??Thanks
  8. Oh good,I am glad it is well supported....I just wanted to mention it.....better safe than sorry!
  9. Nice set up I do notice though,a bow in the board holding your tanks,and the weight is not evenly distributed on that board........be careful,stress cracks can happen in a unlevel tank of that size!It happened to a friend's 55.....55G of water is alot to clean up!!
  10. Very nice looking fish I hope to get as knowledgeable as you all when it comes for types,colors etc....so interesting!
  11. Awesome pictures!! I love Ping's close-up and Clarice's WTF face is priceless! LOL
  12. Gorgeous bettas!! Good job
  13. Thanks I have pics in the non-planted tank photo section
  14. Nice tanks and I love your fish.The one in the 29G is soooo pretty
  15. Perfect I got two power bars for 25G & 10G.Next purchase....PYTHON!! Aching back from water changes...lol Also,was talking to a friend today,who also keeps comets,but in a small pond from April-October (75G tank now for winter),she is taking our comet,he will join her four,2 are approx. 4 inches and 2 are approx. 6 inches.....so now he will have the space he needs and our tank will be better for the two fantails.Good decision I think
  16. OK,75% it is then.Thanks all I have another question.....are power bars ok for plugging in equipment?Any precautions I need to take if ok??
  17. Hi If you recall,I have two fantails and a comet in a 25G tank(I know I am overstocked...trying to make the best of it .Running an Aquaclear 50,and today added an Aquaclear 30 (old packaging(150) so I got it new for $10!!....reg.$35 here in Canada)...so I have filtering 350 gph at maximum flow.Is that good? I do 40-50% water change once a week.I vacuum the gravel(I think...I sink the tube into the gravel and stuff comes out...is this vacuuming??)when I do the change.Water is testing good in all areas. They seem to be doing well.When the lights are off they hover near the bottom in one corner...is this normal?When the lights are on they are active,eat well,look good........thanks for your help & patience:)
  18. Yes,Ricky Lake....I can't remember her character's name...she was chubby with long dark curly hair,I think....really bubbly character....
  19. So sorry for your loss He was such a cute fish.
  20. Mystic Pizza!Yeah,I remember that movie,Ricky Lake was in it...lol. The cories have been with him for a few weeks,had 5 cories,lost 3,then moved the last 2 with Mystic,and they get along fine,they all swim together! Mystic pays them no mind at all.The cories were with my goldfish before,but I needed to lighten the load on that tank.I got a 10 gallon for them(Mystic & cories) on Christmas eve...they are all moved in,and happy
  21. He is pretty.I like his color.And your goldfish & cories are sweet
  22. I got a 10 gallon tank for our betta on Christmas eve. And he is so happy in it.And I got a gift card from our local pet shop.I will be buying another Aquaclear 50 for our 25G goldfish tank.
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