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  1. merlinsmom

    My New Boy!

    I saw a similar betta at our petstore today.He was not so healthy looking though.I want to rescue them all......
  2. merlinsmom


    He is very pretty.Bettas are so addicting......I want to take home every one I see!!
  3. I had been wanting to ask if it wasn't damaging to Punch's slime coat to touch/pet him like on the videos.....but I thought since I am new and there are so many knowledgeable members here that I must be mistaken.It makes sense if you need to weaken a slime coat to administer some medicines,then weakening it would allow all sorts of bacteria to assault the poor fish....... Eric,I am certain you love Punch and meant no harm.....I hope he heals and you and he continue to enjoy your amazing friendship,but with you showing your affection with your exceptional care and treats,rather than petting.
  4. So pretty!What a rewarding hobby!
  5. Wow,that is one of the prettiest catfish I have seen! What type is it??
  6. Charm has such a cute face And the pearl scale is beautiful.I saw some for the first time(in person...I see lots of pics here:)).....so pretty,and round!
  7. merlinsmom

    My New Boy!

    Gorgeous! I love his color
  8. Test your water,and answer the questions listed above this forum...and someone should be able to help you shortly
  9. Sorry,I can't help,but I hope your fish gets better.Just wanted to help this get seen.
  10. merlinsmom

    Help Me Please!

    My betta doesn't mind the air flow at all.He swims through it and even seems to ride the bubbles sometimes! I also run an Aquaclear 20 filter but set at the low setting.So I guess it depends on the betta.Who knows how a future betta will react to my setup.
  11. Thanks Alik:) He is fine.....Maybe it is nothing to worry about.It looks like a peeled piece of skin where his nose flap(?) should be....the other side is normal.No infection,so maybe he just has one BIG flap on that side...lol I hope someone can reassure me.
  12. Oh,good.It said on the package it encourages wen growth,so I just wanted to make sure it was still ok for fantails.Yes,I also prefer sinking Thanks for your quick answers!!
  13. I am so happy,I found a store here that carries Hikari goldfish food!!( The chain store here only carries Nutrafin...full of fillers.) But the only sinking ones were the Lionhead ones.I bought them,are they ok for my fantails? Protein 53%,Oil 9.6%,Fiber 0.6%,Ash 13%,Phos. 2.0%
  14. I love your tank! I hope to get one in the next few months,60 or 75G.
  15. merlinsmom

    Help Me Please!

    You can buy flow valves/gang valves that allow you to adjust or stop air flow.And as long as none of your decorations have sharp edges and you use silk plants he should be fine
  16. merlinsmom

    Help Me Please!

    When I had my betta in a small tank I used glass marbles instead of gravel,as I was doing 100% water changes every two days,and the marbles are easier to rinse clean.Also put in one small airstone,turned low just to keep film off top of water.And I have a nice big silk plant,plastic was wreaking his tail!Now he lives in a 10 gallon,with 2 cories,a filter & airstone
  17. merlinsmom


    I don't think Quick Cure has been banned in Canada....I saw it yesterday,but I bought Aquari-Sol which I prefer as a preventative and net dip.But for treating a case of ich I use salt...or have in the past...have not had ich yet this time around!
  18. Thanks The wood is resin....bought at a store a few years back.I really like it too.Tried real drift wood once....turned water red...lol.Now I learned here how to prepare it so may try again!
  19. I may be wrong here....but I have read that some fish swim tilted or pointed up or down and that it is just an individual thing and normal.It is when it suddenly starts to swim differently than his normal that you should worry. Just a thought,and may be irrelevant.
  20. Sounds great.The tank looked awesome before! I thought they were real plants.......real will look amazing then!
  21. Wow! I love your tank! Dreams........
  22. Angie,I just wanted to add that you will find your 150G tank ALOT easier to maintain.With regular water changes and a little cleaning it will remain more stable as far as Ammonia,nitrates,etc.In ten gallons things happen much quicker in such a small volume of water.......don't give up on this wonderful hobby
  23. Looks terrific!! I love your decor!
  24. Hi No,sorry it does not look like that at all.It is just a flap or flake of skin...as if it is peeled back,but looks clean and fish seems fine.....good luck with your fish.
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