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  1. Thank you for the information,John. He seems to swim fine.As long as he grows,is healthy and lives long I am happy
  2. No,I don't have a quarantine tank.I didn't think of it,I could have used a container.How long do you quarantine?I hope I never have to buy another,I hope these two live long
  3. Me too.Our tanks are in our livingroom,no place else to put them.And they smell,not terrible but its there...I do regular water changes twice a week,rinse filter media,etc.Just part of loving fish.....smelling them My tip....simmer cloves,cinnamon,vanilla in a pot(or electric potpourri pot).Smells great,all natural(important for parrots,scent is dangerous)
  4. Our fantail,Silver,has no anal fins.Is this a deformity?Will it affect him as he grows?He is otherwise very healthy.Here is a picture.
  5. She is 3 inches nose to tip of tail.Do you think she is young,or stunted?She laid eggs today.
  6. He is gorgeous! I love the tip on his tail.
  7. As some of you know we lost Gold last week.I have tested the water daily and it has been perfect,so we got Lily yesterday.She seems to have adjusted well....I just watched her lay eggs!Silver was chasing her and out they came!!Of course they are eating them .That is ok,I can't have more fish in this 25G anyway.So she was sold as a lionhead.What do you all think?She's from Wallyworld.She seems pretty healthy(our Wallyworld is actually pretty good with the fish).She kept staring at me in the store...I walked away twice and had to go back,then I bought her...lol Lily Lily with Silver in back.Look at that face
  8. Wow! I love that color!Stunning!
  9. I love his "afro" wen He is such a cute assassin!
  10. Gorgeous fish!Very bright and healthy!
  11. With the AQ,you can rinse the media out many many times before needing to replace.The Whispers seem to clog alot faster and are harder to rinse in a bucket of tank water...I found I had to blast them with a hose,which killed the BB.
  12. Awesome!! How egg-citing! Can't wait to hear more
  13. I think that would work great! I used suction cups to hold mine to the glass.Small suction cups,remove the hook,snip a hole in the plastic canvas and pop the button back of the suction cup through.It holds great.I used three suction cups along each edge.
  14. merlinsmom

    New Betta!

    I have a big roll of butcher paper,going to get her to paint a background for the 25G too.Clear contact paper is the best thing........I can waterproof any paper for a background!I love her art,I have some framed on her "art wall" in the kitchen. She also named Fireball
  15. merlinsmom

    New Betta!

    Thank you I should say that our background is a beautiful pastel and watercolor artwork by our 9 yr old daughter.
  16. merlinsmom

    New Betta!

    Meet our new betta...Fireball,a pretty red crowntail.I made a divider with plastic craft screen(?),and suction cups.Mystic is on your right,Fireball on your left:)I will redecorate each side soon.The two pepper corydoras are still living with Mystic on his side.
  17. Both my 25G and 10G are in our living room/kitchen(open concept) so we can enjoy them from sofa,computer,dining table .....I see a spot perfect for a 60G....just need to convince hubby............
  18. merlinsmom


    I have gotten all my bettas at Wallyworld also.Always much healthier than the local chain petstore!!And lived long full lives. Mystic however came from said chain petstore and has fin rot....grrr.
  19. I thought of a Raspberry.Very cute fish
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