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  1. I order from http://www.bigalsonline.ca/ or http://www.mops.ca/ Both have pretty good prices compared to here.(I am in Atlantic Canada too )Big Al's has free shipping on orders over $35.Mops is free over $200....so I use Big Al's most.
  2. No,that is why salt is such a great remedy.
  3. Good luck I hope you find good homes for them.You are doing the best for them.It takes a good person to do what is right for the animal,instead of what is right for the person.Good for you
  4. Beautiful fish,and I love their names
  5. Beautiful fish! The old guys are huge and gorgeous
  6. $60! Wow,I paid $24.99 for a master test kit here in Canada,I am surprised it is so expensive in USA.Of course it had all tests except Nitrate,so I bought that separate.It was $12.99! Perhaps just buy the most important tests.....Ammonia and nitrate.I test those more often.When there is a problem with those results I do the rest.This is just my opinion,it works for me.I am pretty new to this as well Good luck with Sumo,I hope he continues to get better.
  7. 4 for goldfish.2 for betta.I store each in small glass canisters with rubber seal rings.
  8. Congrats!Betta are great.They have such personality,just like goldfish
  9. I have Merlin our parrot,and the fin family,and I do not use any artificial scents.I have two friends who are very sensitive to artificial scents.The scents affect their whole bodies,mind(one was having memory problems!),lungs.I am allergic to them(triggers asthma).Bottom line artificial scents are harmful to our pets and us,it may have an immediate effect or a cumulative effect.Not worth the risk. For cleaning I use vinegar,baking soda,lemon juice.Oxyclean is not bad.GSE(Grapefruit seed extract) is a really good natural cleaner,a few drops in water is all it takes.Hard to find and expensive but lasts long. For air freshening I simmer water with orange peel,cloves,cinnamon,vanilla.Smells divine I use the stove,but you can but tiny electric potpourri pots(look like slow cookers) that work great.Also for really bad odors simmering vinegar & water will eliminate them,not just mask them.
  10. http://www.amonline.net.au/fishes/fishfact...sh/ocubicus.htm Does that look like it?This second link describes how it looks more box/dice shaped as a juvinile and changes color as it grows. http://www.marinecenter.com/fish/boxfishes/yellowboxfish/
  11. Thanks glitterfish I will remember for next time.I should have known to quarantine,the same is true for birds(45 days).
  12. With a 30G you could have 2 fancy goldfish.Petting them is not a great idea though.The videos show that but it is hard on a fish's slime coat(which protects them),and generally not recommended.They are very interactive without touching.Show your love with handfeeding and exceptional care Your filtration sounds good for a 20G,but ideally you should only have one fancy in there.If you really want two,you could only if you do 3-4 water changes per week of at least 50% each time,and get more filtration..And upgrade to a larger tank when they get full grown. There are some really great people here that will be able to fill in anything I left out,as I am pretty new to this myself Good luck,you will love having goldfish.
  13. How big is your tank?And why so often?I'm nosy,eh?
  14. Hi,I am new here,but want to welcome you back
  15. I tried it and the plants broke loose and floated.I bought aquarium sealant,and will try it next time.
  16. Very nice They resemble my lionhead Lily
  17. I do 30% Wednesday and 50% Sunday,vacuuming both days.I rinse my filter media on an evening separate from water changes,as I read here to not do it with a water change as it disrupts to many BB at the same time.
  18. Oh....that is why mine have a mild smell! We had new windows installed this summer,so no drafts,I have noticed it is a little more humid in here.I mentioned this weekend wanting to get a dehumidifier,I think it would be a good idea.
  19. merlinsmom

    3 New Betta

    Very pretty bettas....now off to your BA(betta anonymous) meeting with you...lol
  20. Looks great!And Beethoven is a terrific name for a betta!
  21. I rinse mine with a bit of vinegar and hot water. I clean everything in our home with vinegar,baking soda,salt,lemon juice.
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