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  1. Very pretty.Not a bird.....driftwood I believe.
  2. A 28G tank needs 280gph filtration.Maybe that would help the amonia problem?Add another of the filter you have perhaps.It takes about 6-8 weeks for cycling.
  3. Very sweet fish I like Valentino.But the first thing that popped in my head was Kramer.
  4. When I kept tropicals and a pleco I dropped the pleco's food in at night after turning of the tank light.The other fish were oblivious,and he got it all to himself.
  5. Cute fish photobucket.com is pretty good.
  6. I believe the black is a sign of healing fins. I hope your fish continue getting better.
  7. What is the Buddha made of?I have a Buddha made of resin I would love in my tank but was not sure if it was safe.
  8. merlinsmom

    My New Tank

    Very nice tank & stand.What size?
  9. I agree with the above.I run two AC with two sponges and biomax in both.Works well.I don't replace anything unless it is no longer able to be rinsed,or my cycle has problems.I have not replaced anything in the last 6 months.
  10. Yeah,Mops has a better price on Hikari,I will get it there too.For filters Al's is better....filter media back to Mops...lol....sometimes the free shipping saves the same at Al's.......bargain shopper
  11. She is a cutie I am pretty new to doing goldfish properly myself.Have had them before but since I found this site I have learned so much.And I am having much success with my goldies now! Another tip I will share as I just learned it myself and it made a huge difference in water quality....only have one stone layer(1/4 to 1/2 inch layer) of gravel if any.To much gravel holds to much yuck and gases and fouls the water.Much harder to vacuum as well.Maintenance is much quicker now leaving more time to just enjoy the fish
  12. Oh,that is cuteness overload right there!
  13. Welcome to Koko's! Marigold will be fine with the air curtain.When she grows to her full potential you may want to get her a bigger tank.We would love to see pictures of Marigold
  14. Looks good! I have the same plants as you have in tne corners.Reptile section is cheaper for plants
  15. I had that tank for about a month.I hated it.The "lights" they make for it(which are sold seperate) don't provide any true light,just accents.The top is not clear enough to let light in.Coulds not see the betta unless the lid was open.Threw it out and got a real tank.
  16. If you have the filters,I would set the 44G up now,throw in a couple of air stones.Gravel is not necessary,nor plants.If you lack a cover then use Saran wrap,leaving air space.Better than a 10G and your fish will be happier.
  17. You're welcome. :)I get the Hikari Lionhead.They are the only sinking ones.I buy my betta food and my filter media from Big Al's.I am ordering the Penguin biowheel 350 from there soon too,and a Python.Good prices.
  18. merlinsmom

    Hm Male

    Wow,he is very pretty!Do they have a BA meeting group where you are? LOL Maybe you could start one.Kidding.They are so addictive.I would have many if I had room for more tanks.
  19. Great looking tank.60 will be my next size too.
  20. Very nice fish.The butterfly tails are so pretty.And cute lionhead
  21. merlinsmom

    New Plakats

    Very pretty betta!
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