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  1. I like that site About names & meanings......I have heard stories of people getting Asian symbol tattoos,meaning something to them.....but often the symbols are wrong,and it doesn't say what they think.Sad.
  2. merlinsmom

    Filter Suggestions

    My betta are in a divided 10G.I use a ACmini(20) on the lowest flow.They swim fine.But the flow hits the divider and disperses a bit,so that may help
  3. Bambu is gorgeous! I love the color of his wen.Such a sweet face too.Congrats!
  4. Hmmm.....I replied to this thread,just a few minutes ago,now it is gone. Anyway,very pretty tank I love your driftwood. And about your gravel.It is surprising how much waste a couple of goldfish produce! I started out with alot of gravel too.Vacuuming was a chore.Now I have 1/2 inch of gravel,it holds the airwand down,and I hide my plant bases behind large rocks.The tank is cleaner,and less gas gets trapped(which is smelly & toxic).
  5. The gravel you use should be large.I have pea size,and now my 3" lionhead can suck it up easily and I am scared she will choke one day!.So I am slowly scooping it out and going to use small river rock (jellybean size or larger....lol...like my food references)Also I will share something I just learned...only put a 1/2 inch or less of gravel.I had 1 1/2 inches and it traps ALOT of dirt and gases which are bad for your fishy's health(and smelly),and harder to vacuum.I scooped it all out except one thin layer.Now my tank & water are some much easier to maintain,weekly water changes and vacuuming go faster and fish are just as happy
  6. She's a cutie I'm a sucker for them (their sweet faces),too!
  7. It is being delivered on Sunday....so Saturday I get to shop for river rocks and plants .Going to help the cycle along with the extra AC30 on my 25G.So in a couple of weeks I will take pictures!
  8. In the dried form,they keep long? I wonder,if they ship to Canada.I will ask.
  9. I am so happy.I found a 6 month old 20G tank & stand,with Fluval 104,AC 30,CO2 machine,air pump,heater,extra filter media.........for $150! This is really a good deal here.The same setup (Geosystem 60) sells new for $319 plus 14% tax.Fluval 104 is $99 plus tax and AC 30 is$59.99 plus tax.I don't need the CO2 machine so I may leave it there,and they can sell it to someone else.And the woman is delivering it to me! {{{Happy Dance}}} I have my eye on a cute little calico fantail(may be a ryukin...to small to tell)
  10. What a cutie.My lionheads name is Lily I like Poppy and Daphne for yours.
  11. He is beautiful!I love his color
  12. I got the Kikari Lionhead.....$13.99 for 3.5oz at a local store.My fish like it,but I found the ProGold on Mops.ca and ordered it this week.I have heard good things about it here and I find $29.99 for 2 pounds(32oz!) a great price!
  13. Well,we are a bad influence on each other,eh?Don't tell my husband...lol I guess it is good there are no good stores here in the maritimes,I'd be soooo broke!
  14. Hi,Welcome to Koko's There is a Disease/Diagnosis and Treatment section where you answer questions about your tank,water and fish....then we can help you figure out the problem.Try reposting there
  15. I know what you mean....I ordered ProGold and MediGold from Mops today!Sounds like really good food and the MediGold will be good to have on hand.
  16. Wow! Very nice! We never get really nice goldies here in the petstores....grumble
  17. My hubby & daughter enjoy the fish as much as I do.But outside world does not understand.I have experienced the same reaction to my parrot as well.People ask "Can he talk?" and that is all they want to know.After that they think it is "only a bird".(He can talk a little,but it is like a baby...only his family knows what he is saying...lol)And he is very intelligent,you can see it in his eyes.
  18. I am not sure what a hot pot is. An electric potpourri pot is nice though....here is one I found from Target http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html?asin=B0002ONJ2A I simmer it in a small pot on the stove,on the lowest temp.It only needs to simmer a short time and I can turn it off...the scent lasts the day.
  19. Oh,that is a good tip.I have a gram scale...thanks!
  20. Good to hear Welcome to Koko's by the way Definitely consider at very least a 20 gallon tank for your two goldies.And 10x filtration(200 gallons/hour)
  21. Thanks Not needing to salt now,good to be prepared if needed!
  22. I would not call the aquarium salt I buy large grained....it is the same as table salt in size.....would the dose be the same?
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