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  1. Thanks I have filled it.We'll see!
  2. Gorgeous fish!!So vibrant and healthy
  3. Poor fish!Some people should not have animals......or kids!
  4. Well,I cleaned the gravel out of it(it was still in from previous owner),and found silicone (thick) around the edges.I called the seller(local classifieds online),and she says she does this to all her tanks,she has a fear of the weight of her rocks breaking the bottom.Sound like a lie? Well,I am stuck with it,so I will test it and fix it if needed.Buyer beware online.
  5. Got the tank yesterday.Now to test for leaks.I hope I haven't been taken for $100.I talked the price down to $100,without the CO2.And sold the fluval already for $15(it was small,and needed new hoses,and I prefer AC) If the tank leaks,can I fix it??How?Any good DIY sites?
  6. these are wooden clothes pins.And that is a good idea,now to figure out how to attach a suction cup or magnet. http://www.lehmans.com/jump.jsp?itemType=PRODUCT&itemID=2777
  7. Oh,thank you for the heads up on the Med food.I will do that!
  8. Such gorgeous fish. I have fish envy *sigh*
  9. I feed algea wafers,and shrimp pellets to my cories.I give some everyday.
  10. I am sorry to hear George is still sick.I can't really help much.Medicated food would help if it is bacterial.Jungle is ok,I just got the MediGold from Mops,and it smells 100% better than the Jungle brand.I am storing it in airtight containers in the freezer so it is here if I need it.I would give you some it we lived close I hope he gets better.
  11. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics,sounds like a cutie
  12. A betta is such a fun fish! And would be so happy in your tank,and a heater may not be necessary if your room stays at a warm,constant temp. The colors & fin styles are endless.These guys have such personality.You would love one!And gold fish would be happy in your (first )new tank.
  13. Very sweet fish For the panda I though Pierrot (french black & white clown)
  14. I still do twice weekly water changes.20% & 50%+.Clean water is #1 in good health.I have a 3 inch fantail and a 3 inch lionhead in 25G.Over Christmas I neglected water for 2 weeks(had 2 fantails then...one died recently,and I got lionhead) and water tests were terrible.The fish were sluggish.Ammonia & nitrites build up fast with goldies.
  15. While cycling I had 2 fantails in the tank(25G),I changed 50%+ twice a week and added 5 capfuls of Cycle.The ammonia levels were scary if I didn't.My tank took 6 weeks to completely cycle.Now I do 20% water change on Tuesday or Wednesday and 50%+ on Sunday.My levels are perfect.
  16. I added cycle with every water change while cycling.It will help populate the good bacteria.After I read 0 ammonia,0 nitrite and 5-20 nitrate,I stopped adding anything,and just keep up twice weekly water changes,and testing.So far so good.
  17. Thanks all! He is so sweet.He has a spunky personality too.I love his colors and his tail & fins are so cute.He has two different color eyes too!
  18. Do you have nitrates yet? The cloudiness is most likely the "bacterial bloom" (good bacteria) so you are getting cycled and should be closer to 0 ammonia 0 nitrites and under 20 nitrates.These are the numbers you aim for.
  19. I don't mind at all.It does fit her!
  20. Good idea And scoop out a little at a time.I did mine over the span of a week,so not to disrupt the cycle or stress the fish.
  21. Meet Splotchie.In anticipation of our new 20G,I went and got the little calico fantail I had been looking at.I moved our 2 betta into 1/2G jars(will be upgrading them) so I could use the cycled 10G for quarantine(i'm learning )He is only 1 inch(without tail),so not sure if just a fantail,or ryukin,he was in a mix tank labled fantail.So here he is(sorry not the best,he's fast...lol):
  22. I tried one,it worked ok,but I prefer to use a paper towel(Bounty) and wipe when I do a water change.It works well,and I take the stuff out of the tank instead of just releasing it from the glass to float and regrow.I leave green algae on the back glass though.
  23. Beautiful pictures.I love the clam,so pretty.
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