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  1. Gilbert is gorgeous!I love his color and cute face Nemo & Baloo are cuties too!
  2. So pretty Platys are such fun little fish.I am thinking of starting a tank of them........
  3. Very nice Good idea with the coconut shells!
  4. Sounds lovely Daniel. White cloud minnows are very pretty too.
  5. Crossing my fingers for you that it doesn't leak.What a great deal!I can't wait to see it up & home to beautiful goldfish
  6. Two of my goldies and all of my betta are from the mart of wal They do a great job here with their fish.The tanks are clean,not over crowded.And the fish sell fast.People are lined up waiting for new shipments!
  7. Nice pictures! I am going to try B&W pics of my fish & parrot.Never thought of it!
  8. The plants are growing so fast!Looks great.The shrimp are interesting little characters
  9. The fish bowl will be great for a spider plant!Put a 1-2 inch layer of pretty marbles or river rock(no need for drainage holes,extra water settles here),top with a circle of nylon mesh/screen,this will help stop the soil from settling among the rocks/marbles) add soil and plant. I have a plant(mother-in-laws tongue) in a pottery pot with no drainage holes...I used this method,plant looks great and has been in the same pot for 6 years.
  10. I love that look for a tank!Great job,so clean.
  11. Awww...what a couple of sweeties!I love the second picture,too.They were made for each other.Fishy love!
  12. So sorry you lost Goggles Those pictures are great.Love the death glare.
  13. My 25G is cycled and has been for a few months.I was running an AC50 & AC30 on it.I got a 20G tank....needed a filter.Bought another AC30 put it on the 25G and took the AC50 to put on the new tank to help it cycle.This still leaves me with(two AC30)= 300gph on the 25G,and(one AC50)= 200gph on the 20G. My question is....the water in my 25G is cloudy now..like bacterial bloom.Will this happen because of the new filter even though the old established filter is still on there so as to not break my cycle?
  14. Thank you I love the pots for anchoring airstones.
  15. Oh,oops,outdated info I guess.An Aquarium fish reference book I got in the '80's
  16. I think White cloud minnows grow to 2 inches and need 75* for temperature.They are considered tropical.There is a fish called Everglades pigmy sunfish,can stay between 50*-72*,and gets 1 1/2 inches. Don't know how common they are.Sorry that is the only one I have heard of.I discovered it looking for compatible fish for goldfish.None in the petstores here though.
  17. Looks really nice!Pretty fish too.
  18. Silver,missing his anal fins,but still very handsome Lily,hard to get a face on picture of this busy girl!
  19. Here is our 25g redone yet again.I removed the last of the gravel(Lily was going to choke herself eventually!) and used river rock instead.I love it,it is soooo easy to vacuum now!And I removed the hollow driftwood ornament (resin)awhile ago.
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