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  1. yes it is. it just dries to a harmless plastic Good to know,thank you!I will definitely make a cave for our cories
  2. I think it is just called multicolor I named him Mystic because he looks like a mystic topaz gemstone.
  3. Your betta is so pretty,and I love your tank setup.I use marbles too...so easy to clean during water changes Cute goldfish too!
  4. Very cool betta setup.And very pretty betta
  5. Nice tank! I find kijiji a good place to find used tanks cheap. Just a thought.
  6. merlinsmom


    Very nice tank setup.I love the natural look too.
  7. Very nice setup I like your shell collection too. Is hot glue ok for in a tank?That is a great idea to make your own rock caves.I will try that!
  8. It is silicone,and yes the buildup is on the outside,so I will just keep cleaning it Thanks for the comments & tips PS...the Betta's name is Mystic...Merlin is my parrot...lol
  9. Yes,it comes off.And it smells like dirt...lol.I clean it and it comes back.When I had a pleco it would eat it....but I don't want a pleco with my goldies.
  10. oops...forgot info. The 10 g has a Aquaclear 20 filter,and one small airstone in a corner.Mostly bare bottom,with just a few glass marbles and bottles. The 25 g has a Aquaclear 50 and an aircurtain.Small natural gravel,river rocks.Will be adding a second filter soon.
  11. Here is our 10g betta tank.Mystic(betta) lives with two pepper cories.(Got a new 10g for Christmas....just moved from a 5g) 25 g goldfish tank: Close up of goldfish:Can anyone tell me what the white stuff is on the airtube??
  12. The coloring is brighter in the pics(used underwater setting on the camera).They are quite vibrant though. All the fish at the store are vibrant....does this mean they dye them somehow?We have had these guys for a few months.
  13. Thank you Such a rewarding hobby isn't it
  14. Here are a couple of pictures of our two fantail,and our comet.
  15. I am new,so I thought I would share some pics. Here is our betta Mystic.He lives in a 5 gallon with two pepper cories and they all get along quite well.
  16. Hey! How are you?That is so funny we meet here.I didn't know you had fish too!This is a good site,and yes they are still small,so I have a little time. Have a great holiday season
  17. Thanks all,for the advice That is good to know about the weight of a 55 & 75 gallon tank.Yes the floors here should be fine.The lease says no waterbeds or full sized pianos because of weight......so I wasn't sure. A 75g would be terrific!Now to watch the sales,and kijiji.
  18. Well,I set the tank up about 7 weeks ago,so I guess we have had him 2-3 weeks now.The store here gives 48 hours on fish. Brock,a new tank will be it I think.I think 50-60 gallons is probly as big as I can have in our apartment.That should be good?But it won't happen for a few months.So for now if I get another Aquaclear 50(and run 2) will that be better filtration and do 30% a week water change...will that be good?
  19. Thanks I think I am pushing it with the comet eh?oops,you added to your post....yeah I think two is enough in hindsight.Well,I will do the best I can.
  20. Here is what I got as a response on a site with a volume calculator...which I wasn't surprised by since I bought a 25 GALLON tank.And knew enough(this was 6 years ago) to buy long rather than tall. Width: 31" (78.74cm) Height: 15" (38.1cm) Depth: 12" (30.48cm) Your tank's volume is approximately 5580 cubic inches or 24.16 U.S. gallons, which is approximately 93.97 liters.
  21. Hi,I am Lori,from Canada.Mom to one daughter,a maroon bellied conure named Merlin,a guinea pig named Flower,and now two fantails and one comet in a 25 gallon. We have had numerous fish in this tank,tropical and goldfish.All did poorly and died.We packed the tank away a year ago,and now have decided to try again.Now with the internet(just got it after packing the tank away last year) I can see where I went wrong.So this time I cycled the tank with one fish for 4 weeks,added Cycle every 7 days,and when I got good water tests I added the other two fish.So far so good.Except I just realized the comet was not a good choice,because of size....darn pet store,and me for not researching them.Well,he is here now so going to do lots of water changes.A bigger tank may cone in the future,live in an apartment so have to check wieght/floor.I am running a Aquaclear50....and think I should add a second one...what do you all think? And any other advice is welcome.
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