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  1. Yes,it came in the tank,along with the gravel.I doubt if the seller even knew what it was,she didn't have the tank very long either before she sold it,maybe her fish got sick too,and she didn't put it together.It was probably a rock she had kicking around & stuck in her tank.I have never seen one in the pet stores here.I know there was ALOT of salt in the gravel when I cleaned the tank to prepare to use it.I emailed her to ask if it had been used for salt water tank,and she said no,that she kept goldfish in it.
  2. I figured out what was making Splotchie sick.I thought it was the extra silicone in the tank(second hand I bought last month)....but it isn't.The tank came with a large clear "crystal" rock.SALT!!! It dawned on me yesterday"Maybe that is a salt rock".So I looked online and it is!Called Halite.And it was leeching extra salt onto the water,I have a salt crust around the top of the tank,filters,light hood,that is not on the other tank.Mystery solved.
  3. Plastic canvas for crafts,like a plastic screen.You can fashion a box out of it to place around the intake I also use it to divide our betta tank.
  4. Hmmm,I have never had that problem.Do you just have sponge in it?I have 2 sponge and ceramic rings for the top layer in all three of my AC's,maybe they hold it down......
  5. I run a AC 50 and two AC30 on my 25 gallon.None of my fish have had any problems.I did loose one fish and he was sucked up to the intake,but I think he died first.My fish are 3+ inches now,but even at 1 inch they were fine.
  6. The caulking is hazy/whitish,and really globbed on(is that a word?lol) And Splotchy has been out of that tank for 3 days and seems 100% better! In the other tank he was acting crazy one minute zipping around,then floating nose up the next.I tested all params and Nitrite was 0,Ammonia 0,Nitrates 20,PH 7.6.Params were stable all the time because he was alone and 200gph filtration.
  7. Remember the 20G I got used?Well,the previous owner had added extra silicone around the bottom,inside.I only noticed after I got it as it was full of gravel.I cleaned it all out & discovered the caulking.I emailed her and asked if the tank leaked.She said no,that she did the extra silicone caulking because she had alot of rock in it and was afraid of the weight.So I filled the tank,no leaks...good.Bought Splotchie.Well,he has not been right for a few days.All water tests are perfect,water changes regularly.I have had a nagging feeling about the caulk.I suspect it was NOT aquarium silicone.It is hazy,most clear aquarium silicone dries clear.I researched and found that some caulking is TOXIC!!Yikes!I took Splotchie out & put him in the 25 with Lily & Silver.Overstocked now,but he seems better already,and I will add the filter from the 20 to the 25,so filtration will be approx.600gph.So now I have a useless tank.I think I will make it into a terrarium.
  8. Oops...I forgot to say......you should use your Prime anyway,it lessens stress of water changes and can't hurt.
  9. I would guess that if there are no numbers for Chlorine & Chloramine,then there probably isn't any added as it is well/spring fed water supply it probably doesn't need chlorine.I checked your numbers against my local water report but it is hard to compare because we use milligrams per litre(ml/litre).We have chlorine because our water reservoir is a lake,so needs to be treated.
  10. Nice fish The blue/chocolate one is adorable!
  11. Beautiful fish!Your oranda is so pretty.I love the long tail
  12. Lily Lily & Silver Splotchy....he has grown fast! And got fatter(and he's my favorite...shhh)
  13. An oranda has a dorsal (back) fin,a lionhead does not,an oranda's wen is on top of it's head,a lionhead's wen is on top and sides like a lions' mane.A ranchu is similar also,but with a tight tail tuck(curve down).If you are properly set up for an oranda (which should be in at least a 20 gallon) and it is a lionhead it should be fine.We love pictures here too,so don't be shy to post one or a hundred Welcome to Koko's!
  14. I have no advice here.I just wanted to say I am sorry you are going through this.It is always hard to see someone you love sick.
  15. Meh....there are as many unwell fish at my local petstore.And I know for a fact that they & my local Mart of Wal get their fish from the same place.Our Mart of Wal takes 100% better care of the fish when they get them though!
  16. or you could just pack him up & mail to Canada......just kidding He's gorgeous!
  17. I don't know why anyone would pay for an "ebook" when so much info is FREE online.And you can get beautiful hardcopy books for the same price.This baffles me.
  18. Yes,at the top of the driftwood. Good,I am not seeing things...
  19. Poor fish But 2 goldfish in a 20 liter (= 4 gallons) is not very good either I hope you upgrade soon.Sorry to be rude.I could survive in a 4'x4' room,but I would quickly lose my spirit & will to live.........same for ANY living creature.
  20. Beautiful tank! I love that piece of driftwood. Is it just me on does anyone else notice a face in the second picture? lol
  21. Such a cutie.Not your fault,you lose all reason when faced with such a cute fish!
  22. 6 months? I will never use my 2 pound bag in 6 months! I only have 4 GF.I guess I should order the smaller size next time.
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