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  1. I am in wisconsin which is right below canada.My zone is 4b I do believe and it gets to about -30 with windchill without winchill it can get to -15 or so.But usually it tend to be warmer than that on average right now is our coldest time (jan 15 to feb 15) and its averaging 10 to 15 degrees fahrenheit above zero most days.
  2. (nods) Soon enough I am setting up a hatchery so I'll have plenty of room.I'm looking at buying several aquaculture tanks around the 13,000 gallon size so it should be big enough... I hope lmao.I'll use one or two for pangasius most likely.The largest one on record is over 8 feet and reports of 9 feet were common in the 1930's.Of course this is nothing compared to the wels catfish over in europe.Growing up, I used to think our local catfish were big since they get up to 100 pounds at the biggest.But since then I've seen several species of giant catfish and its always an amazing sight. (nods) Yes some catfish can swallow things nearly their own size. It's sometimes surprising. While I found plenty of data on these Pangasius Sutchi I didnt find any mention of maximum and minimum temperatures they can handle.Do you happen to know this Kev?It would be a great help.
  3. I just bought 6 Pangasius Sutchi I have a secret penchant for catfishes,loaches and similar fish.Especially large ones.Later this year I plan to obtain several red tailed catfish. And yes I know they reach up to approx 39" in captivity.They get much bigger in the wild often times though.
  4. Most gouramis (except the osphronemous gourami) are good community fish. I would go with honey gouramis.They are quite peaceful although they claim territories during spawning.Honey gouramis only reach 2" as well. Remember though that anabantoids are air breathers and need easy acess to the surface. I wouldnt put kissing gouramis in your 21 gallon tank because they get to 12 inches. Moonlights reach 6 inches and the others reach 4 inches. I though you'd like toknow max sizes when deciding on a fish.
  5. Most white fish are culled due to the fact that in china and some other places as well...white means death.
  6. Sorry to butt in persay... but Leo are you hotlinking the icons in your sig? It appears so and it is a big no-no. Sign up for an imagehosting site like photobucket or whichever one you prefer instead of hot linking.
  7. Locally they cost me 1.59 an ounce. Online they tend to sell by the pound @ approx 24 or 25 dollars a pound.
  8. Goldfish Fever causes you to see odd things.
  9. lol Thanks. Yes P. Maculata is incredibly hard to find and some snails listed as P. Maculata aren't. However I've always been interested in oddities or unusual things and a 6" diameter snail says it all. I've always liked P. Maculata.I did today find a site a bit ago that claims to have P. Maculata but it's going to cost me 85 dollars to ship 6 in.Im going to try to match the ID key for P. Maculata to the pic they give to judge whether or not I think theyre really P. Maculata.lol Not bad price for P. Maculata but if theyre a diff species of apple snail theyre overpriced.
  10. I feed mine bits of flake food,freeze dried foods and some live foods personally and they seem to thrive quite well.Feeding them a variety of things will help to make saure they thrive.
  11. I just ordered some P. Canaliculata snails. YAY Now I just have to wait untilthey get here. Im hoping to be able to accomplish my project goal. Anyhow does anyone know where to find A. Gigas Now known as P. Maculata?
  12. ACF's are just always hungry and will eat until they look like their stomach's will explode often times. Also I've noticed personally that a lot of LFS's tend to feed their animals minimal amounts of food.If so that's likely a contributing factor.
  13. I find it quite interesting rather.Then again Im very much the scientist type.lol Rather its darwinism in full bloom. Our LFS's know better and they put the frogs into individual containers. I used to enjoy hand feed my ACF's.Although theyre quite aggressive so they try to eat my fingers every time I reached into the tank.
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