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  1. we had this problem with our 40gal... and actually, if the leak is in any seam of the tank, it is repairable... you just need some patience, and caulk! you can usually find this silicone caulk in small tubes at the chain pet stores, but if you need more, then i'd suggest looking at the lfs for the huge tubes (think home construction tube size ). the small tube should be fine, because we bought the "industrial" size, and we still have over half the tube left... and we caulked the entire 40 gal tank too! if you feel lucky, you can try a hardware store to see if they carry aquarium sealant made by Dap. but do not, under any circumstances, buy anything that does not specifically say "for aquarium use"! many sealants/caulks contain chemicals that are LETHALLY TOXIC to fish! to locate the leak, i prefer using paper towels, since the aren't as absorbent as a regular towel. and i can see/feel the water much quicker at the leak point. fill up your tank, and run the paper towel along the seams of the outside. once you find it, mark it somehow on the outside. after you've found the leak(s), you need to CLEAN the area(s). the silicone won't adhere properly if there is gunk on the glass. after you clean it, you need to take a razor blade and scrape off the old sealant. make sure you get as much as possible. after the old sealant is gone, make sure you clean the area again. once everything is dry, you can begin applying the caulk. they say not to let it touch your skin, but it's actually better to apply the caulk and then smooth it into the seam with your finger. you'll be ok if you wash your hands thoroughly after the smoothing. after all, we've still got all 10 digits, and we did the entire 40gal! let it stand for at least 48 hours before getting it wet... and after that, just give the tank another wash/rinse, and you'll be back in business! and BEWARE... the aquarium sealant stinks!!! it's a really sharp, pungent smell! blah! i hope this helps, and that i didn't forget anything...
  2. i'm so sorry to hear that... r.i.p.
  3. ok, i guess i spoke too soon about bugsy... after a day of swimming around, he is now sprawled out at the bottom of the tank again. is he tired? his gills are a nice, healthy, pinkish-red, and his breathing seems fine... i mean i LOVE seeing his butterfly tail spread out, but i prefer seeing it while he's swimming around!
  4. wow! they are so big! how old are they now?
  5. gotta love hat macro setting, eh? i've got mine turned on all the time! well, except for self-portraits...
  6. EEEP! the nitrates out of the tap read 0! that means that our tanks was teeming with it before our water change!!! ok, i'm prepping water for another change now. thanks for all your help!!! sometimes i worry about myself... if i'm this nutty about our fish, i can't even begin to imagine how nutty i'll be with kids!
  7. thanks for your help! see answers below... *note: not "yelling" at you, just using CAPS to differentiate yours and mine*
  8. SLR! i've seen the quality of those pix, and they are awesome! it's a shame you don't have that anymore... but for an arm and a leg, you can get a digital slr...
  9. omg!!! youo're gonna have to upgrade from that 10gal in like... TOMORROW! woohoo!!
  10. hi! normally, since fish can move pretty fast, you should set your shutter speed as high as your camera can handle! that means that your shutter snaps the pic at a higher speed, cutting down on the blurriness. next, try to turn off the flash. it causes a bright reflection off the tank. and if it's too dark, then increase the exposure so that your camera picks up more surrounding light. what you might want to try is also turning on the "macro" on your camera. it allows you to take close-up pix with better details. sometimes you can play with the focus too. you can select the distance (i.e. 1 meter, .5 meter, 5 meter, etc.), or you can select the area (i.e. center, spot, multi). play around with your camera for best results! i'm a sony gal, so my experience is limited to my sony digital cameras. i play with canons often too, which are also pretty nice! i hope this helped a little bit, and i hope some of our experts jump in to guide you too! they've got some pretty snazzy pix, as you can see!
  11. i was wondering if giving medicated food to a seemingly-healthy fish would harm them, or even stress them out? i don't know why moose's tail and fins are all of a sudden very pink (from veins). within a matter of 15 minutes of feeding! the only thing i just did was add melafix and feed medicated food to them because bugsy and sparky had odd, white poop. moose has just been hanging out at the top of the tank, so i thought i'd give her some too, just in case she may have caught anything from the other two... so in light of this sudden appearance, i added a new gallon of fresh water and a dose of stress coat... we just did our weekly 1/3 water change yesterday, and all the parameters are well within normal ranges (according to the test kit). there are 3 fish in the 33 gallon, with a whisper 60 filter. we use tetra aquasafe to condition the water. i've noticed that sparky and bugsy have both been sprawled out on the bottom the past two days, and only being their normal selves when i come around, and when it's feeding time. i only feed them small portions of omega one pellets twice a day. moose is always the first one to attack the food. today was the first time i fed them the medicated food (jungle anti-bacteria). what did i did i do wrong? p.s. bugsy and sparky have been lively since i fed them... they haven't rested once on the bottom since. but moose's fins and tail are still flushed! this is scary since moose is a white fish, but suddenly all her finnage is pink!
  12. btw, off topic, but how the weather out there? i heard that NY got pretty much the same as what we got here... maybe even worse! hope all is well over there! better start learning how to knit! you got alot of baby fish blankies and booties to make to keep them warm!
  13. plaaaaah... we've been so unbelievably busy that i haven't had any time to post pix! it's amazing what babies, painting, re-organizing, more new babies, and snow can do to you!! i will try to do my best to post pix asap... *where is that darn usb cable?* but we finally transferred the poop machines into the 10-gal, and so far, so good! we're going to start setting up the new rubbermaids sometime next week... so this should be interesting... sooooo sleepy... and i'm still here at the office taking care of our lil boogers... and we're supposed to get another 4in of snow later!
  14. eeek! they are so cute i wanna tickle their tubby lil bellies!!!
  15. congrats on the new babies! we just hatched a bunch too during the snow storm! sheesh, it must be something in the chicago water...
  16. awwww... i'm so glad that he recovered beautifully!!!
  17. go babies! go babies! *doing cabbage patch*
  18. actually, you can undo the paint... it's just a pain in the patooty! we had to de-paint 3 sides of our 40-gal, and let me tell you... it was hey, if you want leftover love juice, i can send some of bugsy's!
  19. awww... our little poop machines are starting to show colors, i think... some are darker, and some are lighter! i'll post pix in a little bit!
  20. sparky still hasn't laid eggs... so we just put her and bugsy back into the big tank... oh well... better luck next time!
  21. from what i've gathered, thin, white poop is usually a sign of a bacterial infection... one of our fish had the same poop issue, and we fed them Jungle Anti-Bacteria food for a week. it cleared up his problem, but i'd still hold off until i hear from the experts on Koko's...
  22. woohoo!!! this is so awesome!!! how many not-so-lil-anymore guys are there?
  23. thanks! ok, i will not attempt to hand spawn... honestly, i don't want to because i never know my own strength, and i would DIE if i ever hurt my poor lil sparky! but if worse somes to worse, then i'd have to give it a go... in the meantime, i'll just keep an eye on her, and hope that she drops those eggs like they're hot!
  24. no kidding! i can't keep up with these buggers! oh well, 'tis the life of a goldfish lover...
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