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  1. i think the electric bill is a lil much but, i got the 85 filled with water, just have to treat it & cycle. this store where my ryu came from is not that great but i guess sometimes they have good stuff. they eat a lot & their bellies keep gettin fatter.
  2. get a hose you can blow bubbles into the container @ rest stops. or call the LFS, they might put oxygen in a bag for you with your GF in it.
  3. My uncle got me the ryukins (55 gal), gold gourami (10 gal) & A sword tail & other gourami that died (I got the refund). I didn?t even ask for fish, he?s just a nice guy. I tried to raise fantails before, but they all died. The ryukins have nice fins, moderate price from p.co. I thought the white 1 would die cause it looked sick @ first. The clown loach eats but doesn?t put on much weight. I had 2 more but they all died. I have a 85 gal, that needs to be set up. The gold fish will go in that, & the trops will go in the 55. Thanks
  4. I got a new Cam & took some pics of my fish you might enjoy s238.photobucket.com/albums/ff315/judoman408/
  5. get some plastic bags or water jugs, the spring water 1's and put them in a cooler. if you're fish are dying, they shouldn't if its jus 2 hrs, blow some bubbles into the container with an airline.
  6. Get a thermometer for the tank. Sunlight increases the temp rapidly. it's easy to over-feed. I think it's better to underfeed. perhaps only feed 5x/week.
  7. Generally, you should only change 10-50% of the water weekly. I do about 20%. Never add chlorinated water to your fish. Get those plastic gal spring water jugs. Re-use them with tap water. Let them sit without the cap for a few days. I have a big bucket I put a few gals in, then add dechlorinator & let sit for a few hours. Then i add it to my tanks.
  8. The fry like flakes & pellets pre-soaked. The adult cories & gups go crazy over cooked egg whites. I feed all my fish varied diets. Sometimes fish on sale are sick but mine are still going strong.
  9. p.co is having a sale on fish. I picked up 4 albino cat cories for $1 ea (reg $3). & 4 guppies. They are doing great after 4 days. They're very active & 1 guppy already had a batch of fry, 11. I put them in a floating breeder/refugarium. Other fish on sale: - male guppies - tiger barbs - etc
  10. Put flake food in a plastic bag. Grind it to small bits. Put it in the water, stir the surface so the bits sink. I heard feed them 6x/day but i may be wrong.
  11. Looks like the carnival fish is to blame. The 10gal, look for a bigger tank. Sometimes they are low cost. I got my 70gal for $10
  12. Or you could mail them to your parents house. call the LFS for bags & oxygen Or have them travel on the plane in the Cargo hold's pet section
  13. Rubermaids are a temp solution. They bow - might crack/break - hard to see you fish
  14. wash out new stuff for 5-10mins with tap water. Wash used stuff with vinegar or rubbing alcohol.
  15. I rather wait & get the 20 instead of 10 gal. Ordering online can be frustrating. At your age, I suggest calling different stores. Sometimes you can get free stuff on craigs etc. That?s how I got my free 55gal acrylic - skimmer - hood & super glo lights - plants etc.
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