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    3 ranchu...and 4 wakins in the pond
  1. and thanks so much for the compliments on my pond! :-) I love to just sit out there next to it....but I do wish it was bigger.
  2. The black one is semi new...he came from pet central, and after quarantine, is good as new! Medigold and lots of clean water.....he is super duper cute.....I want to fatten him up a bit
  3. If you could see me, you would see that I am giving you a standing ovation. Great vid..... Loving that little Chu!
  4. Sunny day at the pond today! Tried to get some good pics of my little ranchu and friends.
  5. Have you tried Koi Clay? That is supposed to help the clarity and be VERY good for the fish. I got a big container pretty cheap from GU.
  6. I live in San Francisco, no freezes here. All fish stay outside.
  7. The ranchu do more than keep up with the wakin and shubunkin. They get along just great with them. I just be sure that when I feed, I stick around to be sure the rancu get their share, and I can add more food if necessary.
  8. I have ranchu in my pond, and they are looking FABULOUS!
  9. He Deff looks fatter....looking GOOD!
  10. A few more pics today. The sun was hitting it just right. But the fish are still too fast, and I take terrible pics. the first pic is my favorite little ranchu. He has the cutest face, if I could get a good pic! My other favorite little ranchu is in this last pic. He swims and keeps up with the wakin....most of the time!
  11. Sounds like too many fish added way too quickly...
  12. I would LOVE a pretty baby! I think when the weather is warm, they get frisky. It is really sunny here, and mine are all chasing....... I worry when one of my faves isn't coming right up for food, too.....but they always pop up later. How's the green water?
  13. I would take it, as long as he meets your conditions! Sounds fun.... I would just ask for free dinners a few times a month for your family, and he provides equipment you think is necessary. The water params seem extremely good for what is going on. How long has this pond been running? The smell is worrisome, though.
  14. BEAUTIFUL! I am SO JEALOUS of your watonai....I WANT ONE..... WHHHAAAAA........ and your Chu is my fave.....
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