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  1. Great looking fish. I love two tone blue gravel, very pretty and makes the goldies stand out. Very nice tank-great job!
  2. I meant to attach pics to hte previous email but my son hit a key and sent it before I added them. Pay no attention to the yellow Lab. That's my 11 year of girl Gypsy. She's always right next to me so she ends up in photos all the time. http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q318/rw...ed/DSC05995.jpg
  3. In the past couple of weeks vmlola (Lorrie) and I have been talking about how we both want a Oceanic tank that vvvv has. I've been trying to save up for it and planned on getting it in a couple of months. But yesterday I got an email from her saying that the tanks may not be available anymore after vvvv sells their current stock. SO she said I should grab one is I see it. So I called my friend who is a manager for the store and it turns out she is right. Well I got all bent out of shape and told my husband about it. And like a the great hubby that he is he said "Well then you better start calling stores and find one to get". So today we drove 1 hour to Nashville to get one Their were also some really small chips and marks on it and I was able to get $50 off the total So the moral of the story is that she is a bad influence on my finances but as I set the tank up next to the 29 gallon it will be replacing their were tiny voices coming from the water. I believe I heard 3 small fish saying "Lorrie is god, we love Lorrie, thanks you so much Lorrie..." And after that the guilt of buying a tank I probably shouldn't have bought went away. So anyway the tank is a Oceanic 58 gallon with a beautiful off-white shaker stand. I like it because it looks like furniture. I have a Rena xp4 coming this week for it and I will add an extra Whisper that I have till I can buy an aquaclear or something. Yeah I have another new tank!!!! Just 3 1/2 months ago I had a 10 gallon for one Red/Blk oranda, Now I have a 46 bowfront and a 58 Oceanic. There should be a warning attached to this forum! PS my husband thinks I am a nut but is willing to support my problem and I agree
  4. Beautiful fish, good luck with him
  5. Oh it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would but still scary. He is too cute. I just love him. Good name too. I hope he recovers fast and I'm sure he will with you. All that TLC
  6. I saw the new one too but I like the face and colors on the one Lola got better. I think it had that 2 bubbles on the crown instead of one. Still adorable, maybe another member will get that one-
  7. Hey Lorrie, Love the pics especially the lionhead. can you post some pics of your Panda or Tricolor. I cant' remember which one you have but I haev seen a previos pic. I thought there would be more pics. I love the pic of the moor with his huge eyes. I love when mine looks straight at me-too cute!
  8. Those are great pics. She is such a bright little fish. Fav pic is the one with the duckweed.
  9. Hey Lorrie, I hope your fish are ok. They are just suffering from too much love and don't know how to handle it. Hopefully it's just an adjustment phase. Good luck with them.
  10. I just recently bought a Rena xp4 and I thought about the same thing as far as cost effective, but I don't have the space for 2 canisters vs 1 large one so that was my reason for the purchase. My 46 gallon only has space for 1 canister in the stand. I haev a Rena xp3 and so far ame very happy. Happy enough to buy another one.
  11. Wow this is so exciting. I hope you have some beauties like their parents.
  12. Oh oh am in love with the lionhead. I would love one too!! Is the lionhead considered a lemonhead?
  13. Another update. I hope nobody is sick of hearing. There are just a tiny bit of specks on the left side of Spanky. I am still treating his tanks with both meds. It has been 11 days now. I think in another 3-4 days all the fluff will be gone. I'm going to continue to feed the medi-gold at least 1 week after I stop the tank meds and I will add salt to the water instead. I am still surprised each day that he recovered for this. I was sure he would die at one point. I am so lucky that their are such experienced people that knew what to do. Thanks!
  14. I have my telecope that had a really bad columnaris infection. I don't know if you remember the thread. It was 10 days ago. I have been medicating his tank with Marycn 1+2 and feeding him medigold. My beloved 2 year old dumped the whole container of food on the floor so I ordered more. So far that protocol has worked wonders and their is only a tiny bit of the bacteria left on him. So I needed more medi-gold.
  15. QMG how cute, they look like little minnows. I can't wait to see them get bigger-good job!!!!
  16. Well stupid me ordered my medi-gold and jump start last weeks from goldfish connection. But when it came in I got metro meds instead of medi-gold. Then I realized duh I made the mistake, I ordered it by accident. So anyways they are sending me another order with the correct meds, but now I have this other food. It says it treats internal parasites, dropsy, hole in the head. I ws wondering if this is a good food to feed any new fish going through quarantine for the parasites. I'm just looking for some info on my NEW food. What have people used the food for. I am so mad that I messed up!
  17. Handsome big guys Erin. I still have to say Rabble is my favorite, he's got cool coloring!! What is the white fish in one of pics, she's gorgeous!
  18. I cannot get enough pics of that Tiny Tim in with thise big guys. I also love the Blk/Wt pics with the red. That's pretty cool looking! Great pics, never get tired of looking at them!
  19. I am sooo excited for you Lorrie!! I can't wait to see him. At least now we all get to watch him grow.
  20. What a nice group of fish-a little bit of everything. I love the calico telescope .
  21. OMG there is the most adorable goldfish on ebay. It's a red/wt Pearlscale Moor mix. It has the cutest face-I would kill fro this little guy. http://cgi.ebay.com/4-Rare-Cross-Moor-and-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  22. He's very sweet. I love his big wen. It doesn't look like he has any tankmates, maybe he needs some-
  23. Oh look the princess has a new bed. I almost swallowed my gum because I started laughing. I don't know why but it reminded me of the time when I came in and Arwen (big Weimaraner) was wearing a watch on her leg. I don't even know what to say. I guess congrats on your new baby, it's like she's saying more twizzlers mom- As for your fishies, I LOVE that telescope so much. It looks huge. I guess I still don't know all the fish you have. very cute Ranchu too, I like the fat cheeks. Boy you have some nice fish. This makes me want a new tank!
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