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  1. That looks like a beautiful chocolate to me, boy thats a cute face. Considering what she has gone through she is looking pretty good-I hope she makes it!
  2. That is a very pretty pond. Great looking with the plants and grass growing around it. Good work!
  3. I can never get enough of pearlie pics-they are all so beautiful
  4. Awww that is a sad story. I hope the oranda makes it so we can have a happy ending. It's just terrible to do something like that.
  5. Thanks guys they are real sweeties. They aren't big eaters like my other fish but I'm sure they are still adjusting. I love watching the lionhead swim it's so comical.
  6. Those are beautiful pearlies. Where did you get the new one, she's so nice looking. How lucky you are!
  7. Naughty fish, he is really unique looking. Too funny that you had eggs. If you ever had babies hatch you would never be able to get rid of any. You would become the crazy woman with a path through her house and the other space would be tanks. Like a cat hoarder-sorry it's too funny to me . Does this happen every year at this time where the fish spawn? Well I hope Billy has learned his lesson in time- out but probably not. Hope he is better behaved in his new tank.
  8. I love Captain Rhubarb-too cute. Well it certianly is your gain that someone deemed him worthless-their loss your gain. Your panda has a beautiful face. Love those colors-congrats!
  9. They had such a bad first day that I was afraid to post them till I knew they would be ok, I am so rpoud of them, like a new parent
  10. I love the head on pics, especially of the moor-what a cutie. They all look very happy!
  11. She's cutie, I have to say I love the name Poppy, I'll have to remember that one!
  12. rwersted

    The Tiki Hut

    I love the house, I saw it too and thought about getting it. Great tank!
  13. Well I have finally bought some goldfish on ebay . There are no lionhead or pearscales here and I fell in love with the little lionhead. The pearlscale was added as an extra from the seller and was very inexpensive so she not the best quality but has an adorable face. She seems to be missing the fat pealie body but has the crown. I've had them for 2 days so far and they had a rough first day and didn't move at all in the tank. They seem to be much better today and are eating pretty good. They are always togther and seem to be attached so I will keep them together when they are out of QT. I am now a HUGE fan of lionheads and I can't wait to get another one. I them. I have never seen such a nice fish at any LFS. I kept talking myself out of it because of shipping cost but I decided to do it anyways-no regrets I think I will call the lionhead Jax but I don't have a name for the pearlie yet I am leaning towards Lily. They are currently in the empty-ha not anymore-29 gallon for QT. I can't wait to put them in the 58gal, they will be much happier. I am so proud of my new babies
  14. They are so beautiful. I could just squeeze those fat cheeks.
  15. I think it's a great tank, very pretty. I too started with alot of gravel in my 29 gallon because that's how I've always done it. But I found out too that I never could get enough of the stuff in the gravel when I was vacuuming. Now I have just enough to cover the bottom and I mean barely. I agree I hate looking at the bubble wand too and I'm still trying to figure out how to hide it. As for the plant bases I bought a bag of really nice river rocks and put a couple on each plant base to hide the plastic base.
  16. Awww, i love him. I just got my first lionhead from ebay and I am in love with them. I would love a white one-so cute!
  17. I love the fry pics!!!! It's funny because when they are that small they look like nothing. It so exciitng to know that they will get so colorful.
  18. I have only good things to say about them and my food is always here fast.
  19. Those are gorgeous fish. They must be very pretty to watchswim around with that long flowing tail. Could your tank be any cleaner, there is not one speck of debris or algea in there. I have not seen many of your fish so send more pics for us newer people!
  20. Well things were going well and all the spots had disappeared and I stopped the meds in the water. It's been maybe 4 days since I saw anything on his body. Then I looked today and he has the little tell tale threads again. Thank god I now know what I am looking at because they are so small at first. He has never left the QT tank so I have just started up the Marycn 1+2 again. I guess I will try another 10 days of meds and continue medicated food. Any thoughts. I really thought things were going well and so I am a bit discouraged. I hope this is not going to be an on and off thing. Are there any other meds I should try. Maybe the bacteria is getting resistant to the tank meds or medicated food or something.
  21. I am very happy with my purchase and glad that you called because it is an AWESOME tank. I would have been sad if I couldn't find one later. I got my Rena today and I just dont' know where to start. It's not like I had been planning on getting a new tank so I'm not sure how to decorate it. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed just because I am starting a new job tomorrow and new daycare. Then this big empty tank is staring at me saying do something! Yes I know now the tanks are talking to me. I think I'm going to get it running and worry about decorating later. Another funny thing is now I will have an empty 29 gallon set-up. My husband asked what I was going to do with it and I said put it in storage of course. Really in the back of my head I'm thinking-emergency tank if there is a fish I simply MUST have That does not qualify as lying because right now I am going to put it in storage. Well I think I need to visit the LFS today!
  22. Yeah he really is good about the fish. He's a fish person also so he also helps me to major cleaning and any moving around of tanks. While he'll say he is not into the goldfish he constantly walks over to one tank and says how awesome one of the fish is. She was a panda oranda that changed to a tri-color. He also doesn't mind going to the petstore in Nashville just to look at fish either. We have a 75 gallon for him to set up for a tropical tank when we are able to buy a house and it kind gets him upset that all the tanks are goldie tanks but he knows it has made me happy, and it's only a matter of time till he gets to set up a tank. We just don't have any space to put the big tank up yet. Then he'll be the one always wanting to go to the store.
  23. Yea I spend a lot of time on the computer but if you really pay attention to my emails I am a horrible speller and sometimes forget to proof, so I'm a sloppy fast typer
  24. I use photobucket. It's free and you can load pics them attach them here. It's very easy.
  25. Yes I am a member but the therapy seems to have come too late or is just not working. What's even worse is that I called her from Nashville, TN to El Paso, TX as soon as they loaded it in the truck. That way some one else is sharing my excitement. I seem to keep saying ok that's it but at this point who knows. However I don't think there will be any new tanks for a while-I'm broke now
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