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  1. Wow she looks like she has recovered well from her bad travels. I love her chubby face!
  2. Well I finished the Marycn 2 treatment. The edges look healed but the tail still has a cloudy white look. I'm not sure what that means. The pearscale only has a very small cloudy piece on her tail. I have cleaned the meds out of the tank and now they are just eating medi-gold. Tehy both are very active and have great appetites, it's just the white patches on the fins. As usual I tried to get pics but they are too fast and it's hard to get a pic of a white patch on a white tail. I am wondering also if a heater would help. It's the only tank that doesn't have a heater and the water is about 68 deg. Hoepfully they will recover 100%.
  3. That's a killer deal. Congrats to your new tank, how exciting!
  4. Beautiful fish, he looks alot like my Marbles. I love calico ryukins.
  5. I love the 3rd pic down what a cutie!
  6. What little hams for the camera. Beautiful fish!
  7. It looks like he's making faces in the mirror-how cute!
  8. Mine did fine over xmas vacation. We were gone 10 days and left big bunches of anacharis plants in the tanks. They ate almost all the pieces by the time we got back and looked just fine. Rach
  9. That is very cool. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the visual of the naked crab running around
  10. That looks great. It's crystal clear and looks very healthy for them. I like the colored rocks just enough color!
  11. Hey Devs, I just looked again at the fish and part of the back tail is now ripping off, it seems to get worse ever couple of hours. Do you think I should change some water and lesson the salt??
  12. 2 new Fish 3-4 in Pearlscale, 3-4 in Lionhead Nitrite-0 Nitrate-5.0 Ammonia-0 Ph-7.6 29 gallon QT tank Was emptied for one day and then set up Tues the day before the fish arrived. Emperor 400, this filter has been running since Jan, I just took it from another tank and put it on this tank to get the cycle going again. I've had them since Wed. I changed 75% water yesterday. They are in a .3% salt done over 3 days and prime. I've been feeding metro-meds since they got here. When the lionhead first came he had what looked like a small tear in his front left swim fin. Now that piece has torn off. His tail on both side has a white cloudy look and it is much more noticable today-worse today. One piece looks like it's going to split. I can't get good pics because he is jumping all around the tank. I think it''s finrot and don't know what is better Marycn 1 or 2. Its' not any kind of fuzz it's just a cloudy looking fin. The pearscale has one small cloudy patch on her tail. They are both eating good. Rach
  13. Ah my beautiful Rabble, always my fav with Radish right behind. Love the little lionhead too. Great pics!
  14. Wow that's an amazing looking fish. That is soem color-gorgeous !!
  15. I was hoping to hear someone else with a small fish with them. He really hasn't grown too much since I got him so I was thinking he is on the small side. I feel better.
  16. I have a 2 inch red/wt Oranda. Today I noticed what I swear are breeding stars on his gill plates. He has about 4-6 spots on both sides of his gill plates only. I know what ich looks like and I am sure it's not that. My question is can a young/small goldfish have them appear this early. He is also very attached to a little blue oranda I have and never leaves her side. They are like 2 peas in a pod. I tried to get pics but he is a fast bugger and there is no way I can get picks. The water quality is perfect I tested it today and it's only 3 2 inch fish in a 58 gallon with a Rena xp4 and Emperor 400 so they have great water quality just to rule that out. Rach
  17. rwersted

    Steven Tyler,

    I love the snails, hwo the heck do you get them to eat the peas. Mine barely come out and I'm not sure how to get them to eat. One of mine in the 29 gallon died already. I like the picks, he seems quite disgusted that he has to share his tank with "Bottom Feeders", being such a celebrity and all.
  18. I told Peter since you have so many tanks I should be able to get one more. He said there's no competition because I will never win.
  19. I think Seymour has grown a ton since his santa seymour pic. Man my fish need to go and spend some grow time at Auntie Lorrie's house. We'll trade for a while, how about some pearlscales
  20. I love the red lips, she needs a name like Sugar lips-ha
  21. Oh Happy Easter, how thoughtful of your fish.
  22. Oh boy it didn't look like that when I left. You are running out of space. The tanks are multiplying. I'm gonna show Peter so he'll think I'm not so bad. The kids must feel like they are at the El Paso Aquarium. I have to say Zack definalety pays more attention to the goldfish then the tropicals I had. I wonder why I want more tanks!!!
  23. They are adorable. I agree I love the orange eyes-too cute.
  24. I'm all for the natural look also. I think the goldfish stick out against the stone and plant colors. My hubby and I don't agree either with tank decor. I don't mind though because when we were dating he had the ugliest 65 gallon so I know it's him not me .
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