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  1. My telescope just developed a ton of black calico markings since he has been in a different tank. I attributed it to differnt lighting.
  2. OMG that's a ton of money. I work at a vet and because it's such a small amount to them they are letting me get it no charge. I am using insulin needles since they are so small and they are cheap. Thanks for the support. I thought there would be a lot of negative feedback. I was wrong I just want my fish well again.
  3. I'll be honest, I am not a Ranchu person but Fred these guys are stunning. I love them. I love the calico, what a sweetie. They are so big and healthy looking-happy fish indeed!
  4. That is a grogous pond. Wow!! Could you get some better video or pics of how the entire pond looks. It's hard to get a good visual of the whole thing and it's just so pretty. I love hearing the birds in the bacjkground. I just can't say enough good things!
  5. Well this is an update on my beloved Sapnky. He is my telescope that had the nasty columnaris inf. He is finally better . It has been at least 6 weeks and well into $100 dollars for meds. There was a point when I just couldn't get the disease to stop form coming back and the last couple of weeks have been a pain. On top of things the meds wipe out your cycle so I have been changing water daily for what seems like forever. I think what did it is I ended up giving him Baytril inj. He received 3 total over the period of one week. He has been doing great and his missing chunk of fin is almost totally grown in. He is on no medicated food, just jump start. He has also gotten a ton of beautiful black markings. I just him. I kept saying one more week and if this doesn't work.... but he never stopped eating and that was why I kept going. He is the most personable fish and I always turn his light on first in the morning . http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q318/rw...ed/DSC06175.jpg On another note I am giving my lionhead inj also since his fin rot was getting much worse again. It is definatley improved. I know there are going to be members that don't necessarily agree with the treatment I've chosen but it is working and while the inj is working the water quality stays perfect. It is also much cheaper for me to give the inj then medicate a 29 gallon. I was getting home from work and by the time I would get to the tanks it would be 9-10pm then I would be testing and changing water because of the tank meds . I am well aware that the injectables have their own set of side effects but the previous treatment was not working and his fins looked terrible. So I am hoping that he will be 100% by the end of next week, and knock on wood no more sick fish for a while. This last 2 weeks has been so stressful between the sick fish and having to start a new job, I think things are finally looking up ! Rach
  6. Well let me call the 2 stores and see what they say. I'm certainly not saying that it will be accurrate but let me find out how they are advertised. I am tempted to buy one and then we will find out. They look like Blk Moors but with very short compact bodies and rounded short fins. I haven't really starred at them but I will definately get a chance to go on Tues.
  7. No the ones I keep seeing are jet black, not albino. I have many blonde moments but I know the difference between black and albino-lol Maybe they are the same as the siamese but black.
  8. Has anybody heard of a Baby Doll Black Moor. They are supposed to be a dwarf type moor. Well that's what the lady at the LFS said. She said thsy stay small and and they were maybe 3/4 inch at the petstore-just tiny little guys. I have seen them pop up at several stores. Just curious if they really do stay small-they are adorable. Rach
  9. That's crazy fast. Is this the fish that has already changed colors a couple of times?
  10. I feed, progold and medigold for the sick ones. Sometimes spirulina soft pellets. I just started soaking the food after trying to search around and get some info on this. I feed twice a day and they are pigs. But I didn't think I was overfeeding. I probably give 2, 3-4 inch fish 10 pellets total twice daily-too much?
  11. I swear that I have a bunch of females but that's just a hunch. Once in a while I see white poop but then it will be normal poop the next day. Maybe some peas for a couple of days I don't think I could fast them, they would get mad. Thanks I was waiting to at least hear one opinion before going to bed.
  12. Beautiful tank-you did your homework and it certainly shows. I like the stow away duckweed.
  13. The new pics are great. Pumpkin is going for the gothic look with the black lipstick!
  14. That's pretty cool, I hoep you have healthy babies!!
  15. My little bro has them. They are totally freshwater and we got them at vvvv too. I know many of the puffer fish are brakish but these are freshwater. He hasn't had any problems and has had his 3 months. He says they eat anything but once a week he goes to the LPS and buy 50 little snails. They are really nice and sell them for .01 each. He doesn't add any salt and actually has them in a tank with angels, sharks and tetras. In time he may have problems but they stay so small and hang out around the bottom right now. Rach
  16. They're awesome looking. I like killifish, I had some in my tropical tank but not that kind. Your have nice colors.
  17. Ok what does it mean when you see normal looking poop with air bubbles in it. I have seen it coming from the fish and floating at the top. I've seen it in at least one fish in each tank except for the 2 new fish in QT. Please tell me it's not something bad I am already dealing with my lionhead with finrot and my telescope with who knows what. Rach
  18. Your Moor has the biggest eyes I have seen-too cute. Thanks for sharing.
  19. I absolutely love Angelfish and have managed to kill every one I have ever own. I think they are awesome and hope to have a tank with some of the Koi colored. You have beautiful fish!!!
  20. It definately looks like the black is disappearing on her fins. I'll have to add another pick in a couple of months. What about Panda Telescopes, don't many of them keep their black coloration?
  21. I really think she was stunning when she was a Panda so part of me is sad that she changed. I didn't notice till I posted the pics that her eye color changed. She has a cat like eye now-pretty cool. She has changed so much I didn't even see it.
  22. I got this pretty girl in Nov 06 and I just couldn't pass up a beautiful Panda Oranda. This was way before I knew that they rarely keep their color. When I came back from a little over 3 weeks away on Xmas vacation she was a totally differnt looking fish and I swore that my husband didn't take care of my fish. Then I found out this is a common occurance-so much for a panda Now I think she is more beautiful then she was originally. I love her colors and I think the fins may still lose most of the black. She has grown a bunch also and is the big girl in her tank. Her name is China and she is my husbands favorite fish
  23. I love these types of pics of fish growing and changing-great shots!
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