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  1. Cute little one. He looks very healthy and happy-congrats.
  2. OMG if that last pic doesn't make you laugh!! I like the black tips on his fins. Maybe he's mad because he thought he would be any only child and then realized he was wrong. His name should be Ebenezer Scrooge
  3. That's the perfect space effective set-up. The tanks look great and so clear-very nice. I like how all the goldies are grouped right next to you-too funny. Thanks for sharing.
  4. They are adorable. The 3 Musketeers!! Good luck I hope you win them!
  5. Great pic, what a handsome fish.
  6. What a handsome guy. He looks like he settled in fine already. I'm jealous, I want my new fish!
  7. Those are great pics. I can't wait to see how Rem will look in a year or so.
  8. I think I'm going to do the pond thing too after my fish get here too. I need to get a sponge filter!
  9. OMG are they adorable. I love the pond and the water looks crystal clear!! They look good in there. That white one is stunning. I'm jealous!
  10. What a sweet face. Congrats on Spanky!
  11. I love your calico telescopes. The little white guy is adorable in there. I don't know why but they look huge in that pic.
  12. I love those eyes. Can't wait till you get a face shot. It's funny, I swear they are saying that they want to come live with Auntie Rachel. You should just send them my way!
  13. That is a great way of adding a pond. Thanks for sharing, it's always nice to get inew deas.
  14. Those are really clear pics. I love the second one. They look like they love each other.
  15. I love the tank size and I can't stop starring at the sparkles in the background. Loev the tank!
  16. I look forward to pics!
  17. OMG that face is too much. I love the chunky face. She's a beauty-congrats!
  18. Ahh how cute, I dont' have any opinion on what he is but I like the butt shot
  19. I never get sick of seeing new fry pics-love it!
  20. My understanding has always been that Runnynose tetras are delicate and I have always had a hard time keeping them. So I think your doing great with the ones that are left. Best of Luck!
  21. I think the shape is just beautiful for a pond. That would be an awesome pond!!!!
  22. They look great! I hoep they keep growing strong.
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