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  1. I can't believe you Lorrie, you are hysterical. I have lost track of how many fish you have, and I don't feel so bad about buying the one in NY now. Have fun at jury duty. I'm sure the kids will miss you.
  2. That is a beautiful red oranda. But my fav pic is the one of your littel Red Ear Slider (I think). He's adorable. I had baby turtles for a while. They are so much fun when you get the babeis. . Your's is so handsome!!
  3. I hope your ordeal is finally over. I'm so sorry for the fish that you have lost.
  4. I love the blue orandas. They are gorgeous when they get bigger. Good luck growing the little nuggets up!
  5. Oh my god, that is just awesome to be able to get all the fishies. I'm jealous!! I can't wait to see pics. Have you even gotten a chance to decide who will go with who and where-how exciting, congrats-
  6. Thank you for checking up on him. I promise I will post when I get back regarding his condition.
  7. I'm still in NY till New Years. My husband is on fish duty in KYand he said that he is eating good and that he can barely see the patch. He tested the ammonia in both tanks and said that they were both 0. I am hoping if all goes well to put him back in the big tank when I get back. I'm not sure if that is enough time in the hosp tank. It will be about 3 weeks.
  8. I can't give you any advice because I myself am new but I have been using the medigold on a blk moor of mine the past 10 days and his poop looked normal after about 4 days of the food. I am keeping him on it for another two weeks but I think it did the trick. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you don't lose any more, this just sounds like a nightmare for you. I sincerely hope things improve.
  9. I can't seem to get enough of goldfish pics. Great shots,awesome tank!! Thanks for sharing.
  10. I just bought a Whisper 40 2 weeks ago and mine does it also. I also bought a Whisper 20 that had been used two years and it seems like it's dying. I am geting dissapointed with Whispers. I am going to try a different filter on my next tank. Rach
  11. Ok well husband came home and dumped the water. He thought I had left it out. Unfortunatley I am in NY now for vacation so I had to leave the fish in his care. I will say that the patch is almost totally gone. At this point I have changed the water enough that the meds are gone but I am feeding him medi-gold. I can't remember if I wrote this or not but when I got him he had totally white long poop. Since starting the medi-gold he has nice short brown poop. (I can't believe I am posting about poop, you know you love your fish if you stare at it's poop) He looks almost 100% and actually looks fatter and healthier now then when I got him. I do think my bad water quality had a lot to do with it. I have been really good about checking the water daily and treating appropriately. I agree that that little guy shows everything with his color and I wonder if the other fish had this if I even noticed. I have leaned a lot regarding how inportant the water quality is to these guys. I apoligize for not getting the little test done before I left but I will do it and post the results when I get back to KY. I think also now that I haev switched to the prime conditioner the water is better. Thanks Lorrie for that one. I did decrease the feeding amount also and I think that will help with my ammonia problem. I hoep to post new pics when I get back of a nice healthy Moor. Thanks you for your advice! Rach
  12. I just got one at vvvv. They are about 40.00 and you can get hose extensions if you want it longer. I love it, it's well worth the money. Water changes are so easy and take no time at all. I've had fish tanks for about 15 years and never wanted to spend the money. Now I can't believe I didn't buy one sooner.
  13. I saw a website about a breeder of these guys but of course cannot find it again. It will be interesting to see if there is someone out there willing to pay the money.
  14. I love this pic Lorrie, especially the calico Oranda, I want one-don't worry, maybe when I get another tank.
  15. I am definatley not added anything to the water to adjust the ph. The GH is 12. As for the feeding I feed twice a day but it is always possible that I am overfeeding. I will go to 1 time a day till things get under control. Ok well I cleaned the sink out with hot water and made sure their was no soap or cleaners around it. When I tested the ph again it came out 7.4 which makes sense. I think maybe cleaning chemicals are around my sink and I have to be better about rinsing out the soap. Rach
  16. I know the ph thing is weird. But I did it twice to make sure. I just figured the chemical additives can change tyhe ph. I have considered the test solution has gone bad so I might get a new one today. Just for kicks I tested the water in the bathroom and the ph is 7.0. I have been using the kitchen sink. I wonder if I am getting some dish soap residue on the tube. I'm just guessing now. I just tested the ammonia and there is none out of the tap. Today he look s a little better and the patch is lighter, still there but lighter. I did a partial water change and added the filter carbon back since he had quick cure in his tank. I am hoping that tomorrow the patch will be even lighter. I am still addressing the ammonia issue in the 29 gallon. Every other day the ammonia shows at 0.25 and I do a partial water change to get rid of it. Oh and I am using Prime water conditioner but I originally used Stress Coat up until about 3 days ago. I was told Prime is better. Thank you for your reply Laurie, Rachel
  17. I haven't recieved any advice, I'm hoping that someone out there can give me a little help with my fish. Thank you, Rachel
  18. Yes I agree I messed up with establishing the tank. I know that is going to complicate things. I'm sorry I wrote the ph wrong, it is 6.4 out of tap. I way trying to type fast since I have been meaning to get this out but haven't. The ph changes to 7.8 when I add the water conditioner. I don't do anything special. The moors eyes look clear. The salt I added per directions, 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons. I just added it to the tank. I replace it when I change the water. Right now the Moor is in a hosp tank that was set up prior to my big tank with no ammonia. Do you think I should change the water since it has medication in it. There are no other fish that tank. Thank you, Rachel
  19. Hello, I am new here. I have a Small Black Moor that has a white patch on the left side of his back. I have had him 12 days and I thought I noticed it 3 days ago. It was more noticable 1 day ago and I was thinking maybe velvet. I just noticed a small white patch on the other side of his back also. Water quality: Ammonia- 0.25 but since today 0 Nitrite-0 Nitrate-5.0 PH-7.6 PH out of tap-6.0 GH-12 29 gallon running for 2 weeks Whisper 40 and Whisper 20, bubble disk with whisper 40 pump I've been changing the water daily right now to get the ammonia to 0 All fish are new and added 1-2 days apart, 3 Fish, 1 sm Black Moor, 1 sm Ryukin, 1 med Oranda, since yesterday the moor is isolated in a 5 gallon eclipse (hosp tank 0 ammonia/nitrite 5.0 nitrate) Other fish show no symptoms. I was using stress coat and stress zyme, but switched yesterday to prime, aquarium salt I added quick cure to hosp tank that he is in. They eat pro-gold and I have medi-gold on hand, all fish are eating well 1 time a day( for now till I get the ammonia under control) and I don't notice any strange behavior. I'm new to goldfish so I don't exactly know normal behavior. He seems to be swimming around. I don't think he is as active as he was in the bigger tank but he swims around. I took pics of him but don't know how to attach them. Any advice would be appreciated, I dont' want to lose him, Rachel
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