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  1. I moved 20 minutes about 2 months ago. All I did was put each of the fish in a ziploc bag and put them all in a rubbermaid. I drained both tanks (58 and 46 gallon) including siphoning gravel. Then I just set the tanks back up in the new house with all new water-no problems. I did not clean any of my filters or change cartridges. They seemed 100% stress free when I put them in their tanks. I think the whole thing upset me more then them. Good luck with the move.

  2. Wow do the fish look great. I am love with your ranchus and lionheads. I see my lemon lionhead is doing good-lol I can't wait to get my pond. I am so happy that your fish are doing so well. I hope it all works out for me as well Tell me again what you have in there for filters. I need to buy them in the next couple of weeks. Anyways more fishy pics. The water is so clear you can get really good shots. How did the fern stuff on top do it looks like they are eating it, but that would be good right. Well I hope you post a couple more pics-very nice.

    I see doggie pics. Does Ally actually have a neck or am I seeing a different pug. I don't even know that dog who is that slim looking pug-lol


  3. I have bought fish from Roland and they came very healthy but shipping is hard on them and I seem to get fin rot after a couple of days. I have also bought fish from Tommy and the same thing happened after shipping so I think I may have an issue with my water since they were from 2 different importers. I think the stress doesn't help either but after treatment/quarantine the fish have all recovered and I am pleased with what I have. Maybe there is something different in my water that's causing it but who knows because my parms are perfect. Both people were very honest in their sales and I believe sent me healthy fish but I think the shipping stress has a lot to do with my problems. I have not lost any fish to date-knock on wood

  4. I saw the Rena Smart filter at the store and opened it up to have a look. I was not impressed by the design or the GPH for the price. The replacement cartridges looked a bit over priced and there seemed to be a poor use of media and space. There are huge spaces in each cartridge that could have media in it. I thought it looked neat but that was it.

  5. I just ordered a current satellite 30" 2 65 W hood from Big Al's. It's a 24 hour lighting system that we got for a planted tank. It has a lunar light with 2 lamps and a daylight with 2 lamps. I have 2 questions:

    1) To me the fan is loud and I can hear it from the family room to the bedroom and I have to shut the bdm door at night so I dont' hear it. Does anybody else have that problem?

    2) Only one of the 2 lunar lights lights up blue. They are dual actinic 420nm/460nm. My husband thinks maybe the other one is a UV or something special. I think it's blown-any thoughts.

    I'm feeling dissapointed in the brand and for 125.00 I might return it and get something else. Any opinions would be appreciated.


  6. I just got a reply from Tommy and he agrees 100% it's an injury from shipping. He sent me pics of the fish from the auction and it definately wasn't there. He recommended upping the salt to .35-.4% and for the best results adding a baytril inj. It does all of a sudden look more inflammed so I'll get some inj tomorrow at work. He's been very nice and I feel better after he emailed. At least I know I am only dealing with a wound.

  7. One of my new fish that I just received has wound of sorts on her back. She has had it since I got her on Wed. Her and the lionhead are in a QT tank. They are both eating well and very active.

    QT tank-22 gallon tub, bubble disk, temp~74





    2 Whisper 20 filters

    50 water change Fri, and 100% water change today because the little monkeys sprayed eggs everywhere, you can see some in teh bucket I put them in.

    2 Fish, 4 in ranchu and 4.5 in lionhead

    Prime, 0.1% salt

    I used 1 dose parasite clear Thurs

    They had peas till Fri then Medi-gold because of wound.

    The pics are very accurrate, it looks like a red ring with a black line in it. Any advice would be apprecciated.




  8. No names yet, I'm open to suggestions. I'm sure by this weekend I will have names for them. I'm still exhausted from work and haven't had much time to look at them. Have I said how much I LOVE THEM. I want a whole tank of lionheads, that would be adorable!

  9. :newfish Well I finally decided to buy some of the goldies that I have been drooling over. I just got my 2 new babies from Tommy at goldfishnet.com. They just got here so the pics aren't the best because they are in their QT tub. One is a Calico Ranchu, my first Ranchu. What a sweet face she has, and a lot more of a curved back then I expected. I think she's a beauty. And my fav, a little Orange/White Lionhead :heart with a touch of black on his fins and a yellow head. I am truly in love and his face is more then I expected, he is all cheeks!!!!! I just want to pinch them. They are very slow right now and resting. I am hoping to see them perk up tomorrow after some rest.





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