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  1. I have a ranchu that is missing both eyes, and so far he is doing great. I have him in a 40 gallon tank with 1 other laid-back goldie, and I just really watch at feeding time to make sure he gets enough. He was given to me with one-eye, and it broke my heart when a different tank mate I'm assuming plucked the other eye out. I was so mad, but I hadn't seen any agressive behavior from that fish so it really surprised me. Anyway, that fish got moved to a tank with some really active guys that won't take any crap, and now I'm left with the guy with no eyes. He does really well, gets all over the tank, and like I said I'm just careful at feeding time. Sharon
  2. I think a really nice fish with a single anal actually makes it a little more afordable for me! Show people don't want them, and sometimes it puts the auction fish more in my price range. So I love them!
  3. Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 10-15 Ph Level - 7.6 Brand of test kit :API drop Water temp: 74 Tank Size:55 gallons running 2 month with cycled filters Filter: penguin 350, aquaclear 70 Water changed 1X weed, 40-50 % Fish: 1 6" pearscale, 1 4" butterfly moor 1 3" butterfly moor Prime New fish? The pearlscale and 4" butterfly moor (about 2 weeks) Meds: .1 salt unusual findings: none unusual behavior: 4" butterfly moor constantly at top gulping air, appears weak, current can push it around pretty good, can swim down, but will pop right back to the top So the pearlscale and 4" butterfly moor are auction fish that I know were in good health when I recieved them. I also know the guy had the moor for awhile and had no problems with it. The fish seemed fine initially, I didn't notice anything off, and I was feeding them regular food (peas, progold, hikari lionhead, gel food), and then about a week ago, I noticed it really floaty. So I backed way off on the food, fed peas, next day nothing, then gel food, peas again, now 2 days of nothing. I have not seen it normal yet, and I'm afraid to feed anything. I'm not even sure if it is food related. This fish is now just almost constantly at the top of the tank gulping air, and can get blown around pretty good by the filter current, which tells me it's not especially strong. I have two airators in the tank, an aero 4, and a bubble wand that goes half the length of the tank. I would certainly think plenty of oxygen. I don't see any visible signs of anything wrong, I don't think the belly look distended, no redness, fins look good, I'm just really starting to get worried. As for poop, I haven't seen any, but I don't know if this is just because I have been feeding so lightly. The pearlscale is perfectly healthy, no problems what-so-ever. Any input would be appreciated! Sharon
  4. Thanks for the great answers. Also, it's good to be reminded that less is better. I'll practice that for a while, and then their faces, oh their faces, begging "feed me more! feed me more!"...Actually, I have a butterfly moor I received about two weeks ago that I guess I need to start a thread on in the disease/diagnoses area, really floaty, at the surface all the time, and weak appearing. Thanks again for the input. Sharon
  5. So I'm just wondering what type of feeding protocol you fish experts out there follow after receiving fish from auctions or whereever. I have started having a number of fish shipped to me, and I get the quarantine part, I don't feed them the first day, but then I'm wondering how you all handle it from there. Peas on the second day? Just go into regular feeding? (Pro gold, ect.) I have had a number of floaty fish that I know were shipped to me healthy, I know my water is good, good filtration, etc., so I just looking for further answers. Perhaps I'm starting these guys out incorrectly feeding-wise. I feed pro-gold, gel food, fruits, hikari lionhead, etc. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks, Sharon
  6. Just wanted to update today. This little guy looks great! All the red appears gone from his fins, and the little spot on top of his head is fading. He's really lively and I think he's gonna be ok! Thanks for your help! Sharon
  7. I'm going to say that the red is about the same, but he is definatley a lot livelier. Not really any bottom sitting, and still eating well. Just stick with the salt?
  8. yes, I'll wait until I hear from a mod!
  9. Yes, I would say they are a dark red. The fish is red/white, mostly red. I'll wait for a mod before I proceed.
  10. Yes, he is still eating and I do have medigold. I've upped the salt to .2 and will go to .3 in 12 hours. I'd really like to save this little one, cuz I think he's actually a good lookin' little guy, one eye and all! Thanks for your help! Oh, as for the poop, I'll pay more attention and see. Sharon
  11. Yes, he is in quarantine. It's a rubbermaid, so pictures would be really hard to get. I just looked at him really closely, and the red is in all of his fins, and even has some red up over his back toward his tail.
  12. Why do I always take on these things? So I was at a fish store the other day and I saw a one-eyed small ranchu. The guy said I could have him for free and he looked cute and healthy otherwise so I brought him home. Well, yesterday I saw the beginnings of ich on his tail, so began salting. I have the tank at .1 now, am going to do a partial water change and get it to .2. Now today, I see lots of red streaks in his tail and a red spot on his head. So I'm thinking I need more than salt. What do you suggest? I also have medigold and metromeds, and triple-sulfa. The area around the eye looks fine, and he is eating, but spends a lot of time bottom sitting. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 Ph Level: 7.4 Test kit: API Water temp 72 Tanks size: quarantine rubbermaid, approx 18 gallons, this is cycled 2 filter: penguin 150, and small whisper filter Water changed 2X week fish: 1 2 inch ranchu Water Conditioner: Prime He's been fed gel food 2X This is a new fish Tanks salted to .1 Findings: Looks to be ich starting, and red streaks from base of body into tail doing a lot of bottom sitting Thanks, Sharon
  13. Yes, pictures please! Orandas are my favorite!
  14. I think we're looking even better today! So it's another big water change later today, salt back up to .2, and the final dose of triple sulfa. I think I will then take Trinket's advice and go to .3 and prazi for awhile. Thanks!
  15. Lynda said it perfectly! It's true, it is such an addiction that I sometimes worry about myself, but then I read posts on here and think, ok, they are just like me!
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