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  1. I have had many to "Sex" .. But in the case of Thurston and Lovie unless they are gay and mimmicking spawning like crazy - there is no doubt - besides - she is much dainter than Thurston - never picking at plants - finishing her meal under the shade of a plant -unlike Thurston - who is like an untrained trucker in a China Store. He can spit as far as a trucker eith a tobacco spit - tune - only seems to have better aim when he wants to hit us.... no - I do not feed him chewing tobacco.....although......


  2. I did not send it to you for just the surgical part - the links go thru some new data on discoveries as to the cause and effects.

    Once I converted to mushing and customizing a "pattie" with greens and a variety of food types, and that I maintasin my temp over 76 degrees, with and ampicillin gell treatment every three months or so - I do not see the condition in any of my tanks. They definately take greater care than is generally notmal


  3. PS: Does anyone know why I can't post images into my post? I got an error msg that dynamic pages aren't allowed - what does that mean?

    This is a security and vulnerability issue - as well as an updated files issue. I do not know the platform you are using; for XP there is a specific "fixit" and security file that is inclusive in the update windows section when you bring things up to date.

    If your security settings, for the firewall, are to high, this will bring up that message; as well - if you are running Norton the programs nature to overtake and replace the windows firewall attributes have caused this issue. Microsoft programming departments have now classified Norton security as Adware - essentially placing that programming in the terrorist category.

    Sometimes; by going into your firewall settings and adding the site to the approved list of sites, not requiring securityh authorization, will bypass the problem.


  4. It sickens me to believe that they would simply not feed or take care of them - I give you great credit for saving them - how heartless for people not to understand that they took responsibility and then let it go; like it was paper to throwe away - goods show in the rescue. Thurston and Lovie approve as well. There is hope foir this world after all!!!


  5. When Lovie gets in a grumpy mood; Thurston turns into a limp dish rag - truly henpecked- sits with his fins all down low and nice and quiet next to her hardly moving - so they have very special feelings. I have no doubt that yours has special feelings as well and is so happy you are taking care of the needs - that is so super - such dedication- and they appreciate it we all know that.... keep it up/

  6. Mixit up a bit. I grind various dry foods with a pill grinder and mush the peas into the powder. add a few drops of vitimans and wala pea and protein burgers. this way they are always getting some peas with every meal. - besides it adds a little color to the food - like greens on a plate....olol

  7. Do you notice that toooo- always - My females will put upwith quite a bit - and then - they snap and show the males who is queen of their tanks - happens ewvery time.... and the males sneak in pretending to peck at algae like whistling - pretending to be unaware - and it starts all over agaion. lol

    There is a pearlscale here named Lovie that is just shouting for someone to make thurston jealous..... And would probably make the best handsome hollywood aquakids!!LOL

  8. Just to give some resistance parameters that have been claimed lately:

    Salt resistance has arisen in the following parasites:

    Flukes - 20% of cases are completely resistant to salt treatments at any level. Most cases are cleared at zero-point-nine-percent but less than thirty percent still clear off at the old zero-point- three-percent standby level.

    Trichodina - 20% of Trichodina cases do not clear at even zero-point-six-percent. There are rare cases where trichodina does not clear even at zero-point-nine-percent which is also stressful to the fish. Formalin or potassium permanganate are recommended.

    Chilodonella and Ich have never been recorded as being salt resistant in the least bit.

    Costia has shown some resistance and it is part of the reason for this article.

  9. Think about an alternative protein source- small grasshoppers - they are grown in special conditions - and they bring out the wild side in goldies - let the gh. scoot over the top of the water - your goldies will get the idea real fast - top notch protein source and gives them a chance to show oiff...

  10. Note that Vitiman C is one of the vitimans that can be short in Goldies - pick up some cantaloupe and sweet potatoes - romaine lettuce, and especially bannanas -- the canteloupe and the bannanas they go wild over

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