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  1. I FINALLY got a nice 55 gallon tank set up about 1 month ago for some goldfish, 2 orandas and a fantail. My mom was against me setting up the 55 gallon i got last year for goldfish, so at first I dropped the idea. However, I managed to use the science fair to my advantage...So I'm doing an expiriment to test the memory of goldfish, and what factors they remember best. This friday, we have on outline stateing facts and scientific terms for the expiriment, to prove the hypothesis. Since this site is my best(and favorite) source out of my 5 sources, and the books i got are completely usless, I decided to ask here. So, does anyone know anything about goldfish brains,senses,etc, that would support my hypothesis that goldfish do not have 3 second memories.

    It is probably to late for your needs- but iof you are looking for some memory info and research stuff still let me know- I have a special relationship with my "Punch" as well, and some interesting facts on memory have come about- a very so=-- so clip- will show the attachment we have-



  2. i am going to try daphina :bingo:

    here is a pic


    eew daphnia is so disgusting looking. luckily in real life its teeny so you cant see it in that much detail!!! my fish dont seem put off by it though!!

    The problem with the product is that I have never found the pure stuff Daphnia- in a sinking form - and you have to put tehm on the surface and the fish go into air -water suction mode- playing the part of a protein surface skinner- not good for Goldie-


  3. Rowan is in the 29 all by herself. She doesn't seem to like all the open space and I don't want to buy another goldie.

    What I was thinking was making it something like a habitat-looking thing. Like you see in a zoo where you can see the land and under the water through the glass. Anyway, I want to try and make a waterfall on the side that the filter is on and I can make an extension for the intake. There really wouldn't be much "land" space -just enough for a waterfall and a little stream.

    It won't be a rough current -it'll flow from the filter, down the fall, through the stream and gently into the water. The tank would also be a little more than half full.

    The minnows and possibly the snail will stay in the tank. Rowan has always been healthy, no deformities and is MAX 2.25 inches long.

    Would the waterfall affect Rowan any?

    Be careful she does not get into the spawning mood and decide to swim upstreap like salmon.. LOL


  4. ok so i was just wondering if it matters what you feed your goldifsh in what order?

    I like to give 2 or more small feedings per day, and i have a variety of food. But does it matter what food you feed at what time?

    For example, say you do three feedings a day, and you have two types of pellet, homemade gel food, and a few other treats (peas, other veggies, tetraDelica...etc) does it matter what order you feed it all?

    Is it better to feed peas, pellets, or gel in the morning/afternoon/evening???? is it best just to change what you feed and when every time?

    Basically if you do more than one feed, what do you feed, what time of day, and why??

    The person listing food products before this reply is right down my same alley- the only difference is that I feed 3 - 4 times a day - that includes late evening just before bed with a very small treat like freeze dried blood worms- - reason for the freeze dried has to do with little or no disease problems and storage problems. I never make one meal the same as the other - and presoak everything- Hikari mostly comes in floating types- so to make them presoak for sinking take a pill crusher and use it just enough to break the pellets in half or so- once they are broken they presoak well and drop with little problem- get the fish into the habit of feeding down under- so that it will not be in the habit of sucking half of the tank surface and air above intop themselves like they usually do because of their sight problem- as one of the reasons for this

    " oh- I just think I will stick my mouth on thge surface and start the sucking motor- everything will come to me sooner or later"; is what they seem to say.. And do not be affraid to buy Chichlid pellets- medium break well and are good alternative and variety to viti. and nutrients Goldies seem to crave. and a couple of halves of peas mid day or so is great for the regulation of their intestines with some spirulina (spelling) try to give the peas away from the meals in that the peas tend to push things thru their system rapidly and the Goldie cannot reap all of the nutrient benifits of the food that you gove them.- not that they can sometimes be like a garbage truck and send it out half used as it is.


  5. I'm in desperate need of a 20 gallon temporary container for my fish until I can afford a new tank. Everyone's going on about Rubbermaid containers but I can't find them anywhere. Ideally, I want to order it online and get it delivered, but I've searched and searched and can't find them anywhere. :help:

    My tank is cramped. I've got 2 Comets which need 20 gals each, in a 10 gal tank :badidea

    and as well be careful with the use of plastic containers for fish. The plastic actually imbeds with whatever you have in the water- try PH testing your water and then- say take a little diosh detergent and wash the plastic clean- clean as you can- trhen put the same water that you ph tested into the container and test after a couple of minutes- you will see why uncoated plastic containers are avoided- this is true for bacteria and not being able to get rid of some disease problems in that type of material.


  6. Dickey opened his mouth once and a fog of chewed up food spewed out! It scared the heck out of me and I fasted him for a day.

    Do Fish barf? it sure looked like it!

    Actuallyu I find mine will do the same thing with certain foods- and many times go back after the pieces- it is like they are seperating the stuff in side them to send iot on for further digestion and things are noit working as they planned so they disgard a portion of the meal to rethink the process- How much are you feeding him and are you pre-soaking food?? especially with food that expands- as in their stomach as many fish foods do- it can give them real digestion problems-


  7. I fed all my fry goldfish flakes from Tetra, Wardley and/or Tropical. It's only this fish who is fat... she have been fastin 3 days but still fat, looks like constipation now... I will give her peas tonight.

  8. I fed all my fry goldfish flakes from Tetra, Wardley and/or Tropical. It's only this fish who is fat... she have been fastin 3 days but still fat, looks like constipation now... I will give her peas tonight.

    By the way- some of the worst junk is found in the Tetra min products- a simple rule of thumb is- if they list any type of "meal" as the first listing (highest percentage) don't waste your time with the product- Omega and Hikari seem to be at the top of good fish food- really look at the labels and also, be careful of the high Fat contents.


  9. I fed all my fry goldfish flakes from Tetra, Wardley and/or Tropical. It's only this fish who is fat... she have been fastin 3 days but still fat, looks like constipation now... I will give her peas tonight.

    Constipation is usually to be caught early - in that the fish actys wierd at the onset- if he does not poop do not wait- add some epsom salts- I believe 1/2 teaspoon per 5 gallon was the recommendation and take a 1/2 pea - make a slit on the inside, and take one- one crystal of medium size and place in the slit - allow the crystal to melt in the half pea for a couple of minutes after you push the incision closed- - if you can feed directly- do this once in the morning and in the evening- but I doubt you will have to wait by the evenming for something to come out- - then have him on a primary of peas and veggie chips- with some tubliflex worms- the veggies push things thru the system pretty fast and they will need some protein on the way to recovery.


  10. i have the same problem.. he is such a fatty. he sits in the food dish blocking it off rom the othes... while chewing and giving the stink eye to the other fish.

    so how do i stop him from eating it all

    i have started to put the food in more than one dish so the others get food now but how do i keep fatty from eating so much... he is just so big and dominating.. then after he eats he starts to float a little... and tilt. so i am soaking my food longer and putting it in more places.. is that all i can do?

    I just put the food in different locations of tank. So everybody can get their share easily. (not in the dish though)

    Actually - why do you place it in a dish? one of the great things about Goldies- is that they are serious rooters. In my case the bottom of my tank has stone just larger than his mouth - I have heard to many horror stories about stuck stones- the suction they can develop is amazing. - but where I feed them in the front of the tank the area is no deeper than one stone in depth then they reach glass- that way - the dominant one is rooting like the rest of them- and cannot be in more than one place at one time- - and by rooting they get exercise and keep the tank clean- and it makes an area easy to vacuum quickly when needed- Kind of a party time for each dinner- or Easter egg hunt- - and of course to presoften is the best- in case you may have some good food but it floats- I find if you give it a once grind in a pill crusher it breaks the pellets in two- and exposes the inner part- for some reason the outer surfaces of most of the floating pellets- when it is broken - soak fast and become sinkers. It is a great was to increase the variety of fod you offer and find some lower fat content food.


  11. Everytime that I do water changes (bucket method), all of my fish come rushing out to play in the "waterfall." This includes my normally shy Siamese Algae Eater. The fish hang and romp in the current and bubbles.

    I normally put water in a few degrees cooler than the tank temperature, but not enough to change the temperature. So is it the cooler water, high oxygen level, water movement, cleaner water, or just the party atmosphere that they like? I wonder, and is there a message here?

    Do your fish to this? What do you think?


    Mine do this every time. They also like to swim against the current of the filter outlets for some reason. I guess it's good exercise for them..

    AHHHH the specialities of owning the Gold. Yes they love the freshness- in fact - since punch was young- I actually fed him in the waterrfall- a small one where the food was forced down - enough for him to learn to catch it before it got to the bottom- even with their limited eyesight- he prefers to be fed there- I believe the bubbles and water movememt feels good on their skin - take a look at my video - where light touch to the undersurface of the chin and belly area gives them great satisfaction. These creatures have more sensitivity than we give them credit for.


  12. Hi,

    I just purchased 2 new Orandas (2 inches) and i noticed that they have lost some scales. One of them i could not find one morning until i lifter my driftwood. It seems that he got stuck somewhere under it at night. That was last morning. This morning, the other oranda was missing some scales also. You can bet that i changed a lot of stuff in my aquarium this morning. But now, i was wondering if i should put some Melafix in the aquarium to help the scales grow back or should i just leave it as it is and hope it heals ok.

    I have 3 other goldies in the tank and they are all doing fine, including the 2 orandas.

    My water is very good Amonia 0, nitrite 0 and nitrates 10. I will be doing water chages as soon as i detect a bit more nitrates.

    I have some Pimafix and some melafix. Should i use it ? Would it bother my cycle ?


    ONe note - The nitrate levekl is not the issue here- that is the wrong indicator to go by in that it is one of the safer- toins- if you have 0 indicator for nitrates that could always suggest the possibility that the Ammonia is not being broken down properly by the bacteria inside the tank. Use the Nitrate level as an indicator of how well your "bio" filter is working. a little Nitrate is good for your tank- and at low concentrations will not harm your pet. I find the best gauge sor my tank is a little rock in my tank that always is the first place alge turns upo- the alge start growth at different levels of nitrate - I find it best to always see a little alge on that rock- as long as the snails have not gotten to it LOL. in fact - changing the water to often- depending on how you are changing it - the process- can shock a fish and send him on the spiral downward.


  13. Eric has a Guard Goldfish!

    LOL an attack goldfish..Grrrr....Beware :rofl

    LOL Yes! especially - if you watch the video- he sets himself up in my hand - swimming up against the inside of my hand awaiting his massage- if I ignore him all22 breaks loose. I found out where the teeth in a goldfish are LOL


  14. I don't know what their emotions might be, but animals are aware of each other. I had 2 fishes in my 30 gallon tank to begin with, and one was under the larger one, swimming with it all the time. I removed the big one to a pond, and the smaller fish(Guinevere) started to mope in the corner of the tank, only coming out to eat. When I introduced another fish, Guinevere perked up considerably and began swimming vigorously about. I introduced a third fish, my Oranda, but she got sick, and was pointing toward the corner of the tank in the back, fins drooping. I noticed that Guinevere went to the corner when it was dinner time and nudged the Oranda to get it to rouse. They both went out to eat after that. Very interesting... :D

    I know that they get very attached to each other. I nearly lost my part oranda Buddy, when I lost my fullbred oranda Patches a few months ago. I had just introduced two new fish into the tank, Amigo a blue oranda, and Bubbles a black moore. Bubbles and Amigo didn't seem as sad, and they seemed like they were trying to comfort Buddy. They stayed right by him, and very nearly under his front fins almost all the time until he started eating normally again.

    after submitting a "research " piece and the enclosed video

    I have no doubt that they have the basic senses like you and I and, in their own way like elephants who are now known to grieve for a lost fellow, I am sure that these feelings are deeper than we can imagine, simply on a seperate plane of communication

  15. I would keep an eye on the little one.As long as she is happy I wouldn't worry.Balloon Belly isn't a defect fish she's just a special fish :exactly

    I concur- a special fish- besides some of the best new breeds were mistakes- although it was not mentioned- speaking of getting fat- a real wake up call can be heard after looking at some of the food ingredients- - by the way are you feeding her high fat food? I was really suprised at some of the junk that they try to pass for fish food.

  16. Thanks a lot for the info. I guess i just needed some reasuring. So scared of hurting the little ones.

    I'll wait and see how they do in the next few days.

    Thanks again.

    It is totally impossible to kid proof the environment- now I know how a parent feels- scales take a22 of a long time to grow back. My "Punch" is up bright and early every morning to catch the reeflection just right to battle the dark Orlando Knight ( his reflection) so that he may save us as well as the world. So intense as he is- uintil the reflection subsides he will not even stop to eat - now that is serious fighting- He gives me that look like " cant you see I am protecting our home?"


  17. ya, i have them in a 110 gallon stock tank, which is just a big tub.

    you should watch out about that much contact, you can rub off the protective slime coat pretty quickly like that and the fish will can get parasites and whatnot alot faster and easier.

    That is an important point that I keep myself aware of. fortunately; his coat is actuially ratrher thick and i keep odff the pressure, especially when running my finger down the sensory nodes on the sides. . I was also actually planniong on getting a uv light for the hands and such- because he is always battling the other fish (reflection) to save the world and always gets some sort of battle damage no matter how much kid proof you do. He is pretty fearless for being his size lol

  18. This is a link to a video of an advancement into the area of communication and intelligence - feeling pain and pleasure, and their ability to communicate across fish to man, This area- for fish- is grey at best. the link is

    The fish is "Punch".

    What you will see is not trick photography or illusion by computer mastery. Since we first aquired Punch; I have made every attempt not to scare, accidentially hit - or startle. In working on Punche's tank one day Punch came right up against my hand and starts an intermittant high speed vibration similar to the vibration from electric hair clippers. Contact was made. Since then ; I have come to some fundamental understanding that fish, in fact, "feel"; both as pleasure and of pain, and that of actual affection and their ability to show a sense of common-bonding with a animal unlike itself.

    The trust is so real that - often- in positioning him to- say- scratch his chin- which he loves- I need to flip him around end for end- which he simply goes into a mode of total relaxation and allows my efforts. If you look close when I am holding him and scratching his chin; you will see that my thumb is not touching the body. It is long past that he has learned that a few simple movements of his tail gives him instant release. Now; the flicks of the tail,. I have found, are not for escapoing, but for repositioning himself. In fact; as he is being "massaged, he actually allows part of his red crown to move up and cover most of his eye, as if in signifying his trust and confidence that no harm will come of him.

    When swimming around my hand- especially the back of the hand, he comes up against my hand and gives spitts of vibrations. I am confident these are a form of affection and acceptance. I have tested how far I may go with his trust. While in a "sleep coma" I inserted my hand into the tank and gently placed my hand around his body. Normal reactions for most fish would be a dart for the other side of the tank. However; he simply stays in my hand as he comes out of the coma without regard to danger of any kind. So he is aware of the surroundings during sleep and ios clearly able to control his natural instinct to "flee" and escape. This was important to me in that it is a clearer understanding that they can control, if they desire, their natural reactions to certain situations, and have a sense of being.

    This experience, over time, gives me serious belief that fish have feeling and, in their own standards, have a unique intelligence which, as in my case, they are capable of communicating their desires and "feelings" as well, and are able to "bond" with fish, of course, but humans as well; that has yet to be explored.

    Understand; what you see in the video is just a small part of the play time. I assure you; I tire out before he wishes to finish or shows any sign of being over the contact and communication. This needs to be better understood.


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  19. Also,do they become more responsive with age?I've heard so many stories about goldfish going nuts at the appearence of their owner,begging for food,but mine don't seem to notice if I walk by. Is it because theyre still young?

    i know some of my fish use to do stuff like play in the bubbles from my bubble disk... so i think they do play.

    but to answer your other question, i guess it depends on how you feed them. some people interact with their goldfish more than others. we have quite a few members here who can handfeed their goldies. i however am usually in so much of a rush, that after presoaking, i just feed them and watch them for a little bit then have to scamper off to finish work. but one thing i tend to do is i talk to my goldies when i feed them, and i also feed them pro-gold (which happens to be in a silver baggie) so i think they recognize the silver baggie and perhaps my voice. they usually know when the tank lid is being opened it's feeding time. i'm not sure if they necessarily know that it's me. :)

    it takes time for them to get to know you though, just like it takes time to get to know the personality of your goldie. :heart

    YES so true about the bubbles - and YES they know you - they know you by sight- Mine will only play with me and not my other half- hoiwever our play is a little more advanced - you may enjoy seeing it


  20. my goldfish never ever played with the airstone bubbles, none of them. i used to have 2 fake plants in the tub, and i dont think the fish really cared much about them. took them out though since we got 2 bubble eyes(one of the bubble eyes sacks popped. not sure how because we took the plants out before putting them in, but now the wound is black. i'm guessing thats really really bad) and so the tank has nothing in it except a home made filter. no rocks, no pebbles, nothing. maybe i should put something in there, though i dont really want the bubble eyes to hurt themselves, though i guess they have each other to play with, theres 5 fish in the tub.

    You have them in a tub???

  21. After learning so much about how you can train goldfish with food rewards, and accosiating tricks with food, I've been wondering...do goldfish sometimes just roll stuff around the tank or swim through hoops just for fun? Or do they just do it if there is a food reward at stake?

    You have asked a loaded question- they will go far beyond that- all they need is the assurance that you will never harm them and they will do amazing things. this is my video location of my Oranda "playing" with me;

    I kid you not- and this can go on for hours- this was never forced- it simply happened one day whgen he started to come up against my hand in the tank and proceeded to do high intensity viobrations- now seen as some form of affection and acceptance. He is Punch.


  22. My Nigel passed away last night. I really don't know what happened. He did not seem sick and the tank was cycled. Then again, I have no idea how old he was. If you guys remember, he was the fish with one eye and a broken dorsal fin that had been at my LFS forever. He was such a character. Always greeted me in the morning for breakfast. I really, really miss him. I just cleaned out his tank and I have this huge lump in my throat and I just wanna sit down and cry. I thought I would post here since you guys understand and my family of course does not.


    No one can imagine the personallity that evolves from fish such as these- your family- nor my friends understand the unique character s these enolve into - Mine is "Punch" always greeting me, and crazier still, always wants me to make contact and pet him and caress him under the chin- he lays in my hand and closes his eyes- so I fear I would be all that you are now in feelings and memories- as I well up in tyears witrh the thought, and at the same time understand your feelings that are only genuine to another purest form of life- I am sorry your fish passed away and hope you retian all the good memories of good times.


  23. you are absolutely correct in saying "lovely personality, very greedy (aren't they all?! :rolleyes: ) but very inquisitive and great fun too." Great Pics. yes - just be careful not to spoil them as I have done "Punch". This fish desires constant human attention and refuses to allow me to manipulate plants or anything without being massaged- so I distract him while my other half does the maint. You have never seen an Oranda angry at being ignored when trying to fix thjings in the tank. They splash quite a lot . Hope they come out of quarintine well- remember the "pea a day to keep an Oranda happy " - no kidding.

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