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  1. Punch hooked me - and making me realize these are truly intelligent feeling wonderful animals with personalities. It is an aquapuppy disease; not good for the faint of heart and a thin bill fold LOL I am sure Social security will list this as a disability in ther future You say - you even cried - Why say "even" - feelings and careing may be in a tailspin in our society - be proud that you can say that and show genuine feeling for a special animal.... There are people out there who could use just a portion of the emotion and feeling you showed for your pet - I applaud you -
  2. "BTW its gross feeling! (LOL).. " I am glad Punch cannot read!!!!LOL Think of it as a meadow of pussywillows - LOL
  3. Jewels -You have no idea how happy I am that you are given this opportunity to experience a Punch event.... I am so very happy for you - You have no idea how that made my day!!!!! Well you remember the saga of Punch; and They have feeling in the Wen - and right under the chin as well - REALLY!! What is great about this - for you- if something like a problem on the skin or scales occurs - it makes it a heck of a lot easier to inspect the fish in closer detail - ya know??? Be careful, clean hands (I actually had an untraviolet wand set upfor my hands before I petted him) ; and at the same time you can botrh enjoy a real mystery of nature - What is great is you will feel the slime coat and know the days he is healthy - and the days when he does not feel so great and the coat is thin - those are the times you hold off on the interaction; You will know how well Slime coat - API product - really works!!!! ENJOY YOUR LITTLE FRIEND - that is the way Punch started with me. Then he started burrowing into the gravel when I was putting plants in - to get petted - very unreal!!!
  4. Many tell me that if I wish truly beautiful tanks and lush plants that a substratre is necessary - Yeah and so is a psychiatgric hospital for the person that tries to keep a goldie clean environment. I am sure that it is great for barbs, tetras and alike - they do not put out more waste than food that they take in. I have become quite comfortable with stone - that which is large enopugh not to get stuck in the mouth of your favorite goldie - I have experienced this. Although these video links are to a spawning (used only for that purpose) 28 gallon tank of mine -(the 55 and 75's have a similar bottom of stone) thus is why the video was made - it shows how stone works very well - and is very easy to move about and vacuum. It also allows a change of scenery - mounded front this week - slopes the next week. As well; there are plenty of hardy plants tyhat will survive without substrate - Water Wysteria is a great example- And I have a great way to keep plants down without the use of lead weights if you have interest.... Use the K.I.S.S. method when it comes to goldies; unless, of course, you have great insurance for a mental hospital. Oh and as for the fish - they seem to have little problem getting between the stones for every morsel and/or move the stones and make a racket of noise late at night in doing so - very bad manners my fish have....
  5. Stores like vvvv and mmm carry the bloodworms - it is worth the search for it - Drs foster smith carry it as well.... If you use the Krill - be aware of the fat content - it is great for treat but not daily feeding - Depending on the type of Krill - you will actually find a disparagy of fat content. Hikari's freeze dried are in the lower fat content range. and they have Daphnia as well - however - for those that do not make their own mush - it is hard to feed goldies in it's very powdery foirm LOL. The Bloodworms are very short and are easy to feed - and have a very high protein content....
  6. I think he is to busy chewing out Lovie for doing the acrobatics!
  7. It sure brings out the aggressive nature and the wild side
  8. Hikari has a new process that freeze dries and makes the food bacteria free - unlike tubliflex - raised in sewer watrer. - just a suggestion - if you are going for protein - try Krill - they come dried by Hikario as well - The problem with the frozen stuff is that it can go bad - and you do not know if someone left the packeges out for a while and they thawed - only to refreeze them again. The new processing used by Hikari is great and can stay on the shelf for a couple of months - unlike some freeze dried foods for fish.... And here is a twist; vvvv carries certified disease free live crickets. I sometimes get the realsmall ones and dump them right onto the surface of the water. I have seen the real wild nature come out of some of my aquapuppies when they go after something live like that - and that is high in protein as well and not frozen or dried. They master, really quickly, how to get the crickets to get under the surface tension of the water by blowing water on topof them - then its meal time. If the cantaloupe is in very small pieces they usually will take it right in - no nibbling - I assume you are taking the soft heart of the cantaloupe. If you like to add variety - very small pieces of bannana hit Thuirstons hunger vein - baked sweet and white potato (not hot) - all in small morsels that they just dont bite at but suck right in and chew.
  9. I was looking in your profile and thought I would get a glance at what Jaws looks like. in Goldfish discussion - a title that I put up the other day - "Moved: Spawning Video" shows a female that. for a period of time early in the first 6 months, started to develop the bottoms up problem. Since using her as an example - I have seriously reduced the problem Pearlscale bellies up syndrome in my other 6 females. - 1. Out of my 7 tanks; I paired and seperated the pearls with a mate. - using 3 additional 28 gallon tanks. 1 pair to each 28 gallon - and left the 55s with the rest of the aquapuppies. I found that temperatures at 76 degrees or less the problem - in many cases - begins to show up. This may be because there metabolism is slower and digestion process, That would allow accumulation and compaction of food matter in the stomach. I allow a 3 degree variable from 76 to 79 degrees in their tanks. 2. I break down the food with a pill crusher, not to dust - and incorporate peas in the wet mush that I make up for the day. It is moist, easier to assimmilate in their system, - always including daphnia, and various veggie products like spiro., etc, I have cut way back on the proteins and high fat products - but not eradicated them. There is always some soluble amino acid drops added as a water soluble food supplement. In the title "Moved: Spawning Video" a link is to a video that shows Lovie. I have found that keeping her weight in check seems to reduce the pressure on the swim bladder organs. It was clear - when shge was heavier than she is now in the video - weight was a contributing factor. I find cantaloupe is a great vitiman c food source that they love- and keeps them regular. 3. The feeding were extended to 4 very smallmeals a day. 4 Once every other month; I have made a habit of placing the pearls onm a short 3-4 day regiment of anti para and anti bacterial - both internal medicines added to the food when I make it up. I believe some of the bottoms up problem can be traced to bacterial internal infections that find a home in impacted food internally - causing and creating trapped gas and instability. 5. Once every month; I have made a habit of placing the pearls on a short inclusion of epson salt crystals added to their food to give them a little flush of their system. In this way I am directlky treating them and not the tank as a whole... I hope that this may give you a few ideas to try.
  10. You are fortunate; understood about the water conditions - but in the case of pearlscales and alike - part of the problem is the way that their body is contoured. For the females - especially; when they are birthing. Impaction of eggs in ther body can kill a female very fast. One of mine - not as unique and pretty as your baby, went thru some egglaying - and in the process I always pretest their ability to free - flow the eggs. Unfortunately- the bodys are bred for show and not for efficiency. This is one of the issues regarding swim bladder disease/ Even not so contoured pearlscales can develop physical probklems because of their body dimensions. in goldfish discussions - the title - "Moved: Spawning Video" even that shape needs a watchful eye of digestive and intestinal impaction, etc. He looks great - keep up the good work,.
  11. In goldfish discussions - a title - "Moved: Spawning Video" was placed the other day - you may wish to look at how much a female will tollerate. If you watch closely; Thurston is being gentle - but for many owners this may not be the case. within hours of this video - she laid a large amount. It is important, however - you will see in the video - that they have plants and structures to hide in when they want to get away from their partner. Before going to the video - I placed a preeamble. Note - as well - size does not alweays indicate pregnancy.
  12. "All appliances used in water systems - esapecially heaters, need to be on a G.F.C.I. circuit" You have probably seen them at some time. They have a button to push and reset the circuit - for exampla - when I rewired my condo the kitchen, bathrooms, and areas where the fish tanks are were wired with a ground fault circuit plug. If, by chance, you have a hairdryer in the tub and you drop it in the water - (in simplest of terms) the plug senses tyhe change in the flow of the voltage and kicks out the power flow to the plug. - the button will kick out and the circuit is disengaged so that there is no flow of current to the plug. This is great for heaters. If they crack - when the water hits the current flow within the heater; the change kicks out the flow of current. This way - you are not suprised when, one day, you stick your hand in the tank. The ground wire that I was recommending bleeds off static electrricity that tends to build in the tank. As well; it will assist in warding off electrocution - The static, in some research papers, has been blamed for some types of fish problems and contributing to some types of diseases. This is a critical necessity for tank owners; but is rarely spoken of; G.F.C.I. circuitry. It is inexpensive to install and, in the process of ionstallation, forces the installer to make sure there is adequate ground. People have died from tank electrocutions.
  13. Many newbies have not seen the act of spawning. I have seen many questions concerning this activity. It was time to get out the hand held camera. So; please excuse the movement and reflections in the video. At the bottom is the link to this video for Koko's subscribers and guests to see. Yesterday Lovie started acting wierd; hiding away from Thurston in the bushes, darting and becomming quite hungry and - well - not her usual petite queemly self. I decided to move Thurston and her into a spawning tank. Basically; it is a 28 gallon with lots of plants for her to hide and lay eggs in; and places to get away from Thurston. The activity of the water and its circulation is reduced. The water changes smaller but more volume overall per day changed. As well; I tend to leave it with some green algae on the glass, etc. Why?? Well - just as I have seen happen a lot of times; my Pearlscales develop a real craving for plant leaves and algae on glass and plants just before birthing - almost like a human woman does with pickles and stuff like that. Well today that happened. As well; Thurston became veryh aggressive. Not enough to hurt her; but definately giving great attention like picking and nudging her. You will see this in the video. To confirm my suspicions; I did a pre-birthing test by giving slight pressure under the anal opening. Do not do this if you do not know how!!! I wanted to make sure there was no impaction of the eggs in front of the opening. Eggs easily started popping out. Although; before I did this I could clearly see that it was very wide and that a portion of the top of the cavity was very red. Important note;l size does not always indicate pregnancy. As you can see Lovie is not overly large. Her low fat diet helps a lot to keep her swim bladder problems - possibilities of - under control. Now; as many of you know from my Punch videos; and (there are others you will see when you get to the sites) most of my fish are used to being handled. I do this, especially, with the Calicos and Pearlscales so that they are used to me inspecting them for disease, woulds, etc. Again; this handling must be done with care; Newbies. I discourage it until you have developed an understanding of the makeup of your fish and their habitation. I have 7 Tanks and have done this over 7 years. Their skin makes it very hard to catch fungus and bacteria in early stages unkless you inspect them and they are cooperative. I have learned to partially cover the tank with a towel when this process is occuring - I find if I do not do this they will try to find the most secluded spot in the plants to get away from everything. I do not wish this because it is wise to keep an eye on the progress. Anyway; I made a short video showing, what I believe, is a very attentive and properly caring Thurston; Tenderly doing all thge things the male is supposed to do during this process. Hopefully Daryl and some of the others will chime in on this video here under this topic - rather than me do a play by play. I attempted to do numerous closeups soas for newbies to see physical changes in Lovie and to see how tender Thurston goes at her. The tags are the words: Punch Goldfish The name is: spawning habits As soon as it gives me an address - I will put up the direct link: great it gave it to me during editing - this is the direct link----------: -The tags should take you to the video when it is completed processing on the utube site. It is processed by now. The main address is http://www.youtube.com for those not familiar with utube. Enjoy the video and awe at the nature we do not control but should always appreciate. If youi get a moment take the time to observe Gary (yes Gary) the snail ;
  14. Your lucky it is not all the time - Thurston does it so much to Lovie she has to hide in the plants! Just look at the suprise on her face when you double click the photo -
  15. Have you found any problems like constipation or egg impaction with these???
  16. 1. All appliances used in water systems - esapecially heaters, need to be on a G.F.C.I. circuit 2. All tankjs - no matter what or how it is set up - should have a ground wire connection to the water of the tank and a good ground. In fact - some attribute hole in the head disease to no grounding. 3. INline heaters - in the flow line - instead of in-tank heaters - have always worked well for me and my fish. No direct exposure to heating elements and so on. I have found that tempreatures below 76 degrees tend to aggrivate bottoms up conditions for my pearlscales - and I am one that believes that a natural evening dropoif a couple of degrees tends to make their color and growth better. Some maintain that it strresses them - the chiller tops the tank at 79 and bottoms at 75 - except in the case of the pearlscale tanks.
  17. (Thurstons reaction) "OK OK - what does it take to be the lone spotlite DIVA around here? Must I find a way to get pregnant (I am a male) by some unknown star and then make myself mysterious enough (behind every rock and plant) so that the cameras will have so much interest they will follow behind me everywhere??? I may even have to go to Bermuda like - whats her name- the problem is that I do not take drugs - nor do I have a family member - like whats her name's son to die for me !!! Well; I refuse to do flips for food and bellyup for attention!! Besides; this blue oranda is to pretty - and she has not even treid to contact me for some spawning fun!!! Obviously from the other side of the tracks!!" My disclaimer: I do not concur with the sentiments of Thurston. But I do know she would just love Punch! (maybe I could start matchmaking fish.com) LOL. Punch's matchmaking videos are at :
  18. Many cities, Like Chicago, are beginning to switch back to the preferred method of disinfectant, chloramine, a chlorine/ ammonia blend, with ammonium sulfate. This is not good. But as the water becomes more polluted there are few alternatives. Thoughout the U.S. municipal water systems have been switching from the exclusive use of chlorine added to tap water to a combination of chlorine and ammonia, but now the discovery has been made -- as a result of water main breaks-- that this new combination is even deadlier to fish in the wild than the old formula. Ammonia tends to block oxygen transfer from the gills to the blood and can cause both immediate and long term gill damage. The mucous producing membranes can be destroyed, reducing both the external slime coat and damaging the internal intestinal surfaces. Fish suffering from ammonia poisoning usually appear sluggish, often at the surface as if gasping for air. The ammonia takes on a more deadly form when in > >higher ph water. In systems where the level of chlorine is at the highest acceptable level but need still more disinfection, the utility will then add a chlorine/ammonia compound. Chloramine is represented as totally safe but with the Disclaimer to not give chloramine-treated water to your animals There are several ways to purify tap water to make it suitable for aquaria, and the best method for achieving this is likely the combination of reverse osmosis and deionization (RO/DI) purification. There are some ways to getting around ammonia problems in tap weater:Summary: Kent freashwater ammonia sponge Ammonia Adsorber Type:Freshwater Filtration Medium Available In: 200, 400, 800, 1600 grams, 1 gallon & 50lb sack For tap water ammonia removal, run tap water slowly through the material and measure ammonia with an ammonia test kit, replace when the material becomes exhausted, indicated by ammonia presence in the water. For tap water ammonia removal, run tap water slowly through the material and measure ammonia with an ammonia test kit, replace when the material becomes exhausted, indicated by ammonia presence in the water. Kent Ammonia Detox product for ammonia removal for tap or aquarium water. Some competing products contain toxic formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is more toxic than ammonia, and if too much is used, the results can be disastrous. Ammonia Detox is safe, even when overdosed! It neutralizes ammonia, chlorine and chloramine, instantly preparing tap water for immediate addition to the aquarium. Unlike some similar products, Ammonia Detox is even safe for sensitive hard and soft corals, anemones and other invertebrates, as well as freshwater and marine fish and plants. Alternatively, the ammonia can removed by filtering the water through zeolite or carbon before adding it to your tank. Another complicated way for more severe conditions:age the water while simultaneously performing biological filtration. For example, get an appropriately-sized (plastic) garbage can, fill it with tap water, dechlorinate it with sodium thiosulfate, and then connect an established biological filter to it. Just as in your tank, the bio filter will convert the ammonia to nitrate, after which it can safely be added to your tank. in the US, have the water company - thru a phone call, send you a copy of the periodic water report they are required to generate for the EPA. It contains a detailed listing of exactly what your water contains and in what concentrations (e.g., iron, nitrates, phosphates, etc.). By law, the report is available for public inspection. here is a sample link to the Portland water qualitry report. http://www.pwd.org/environment/tapwater/quality_analysis.php
  19. ""DH is so gonna want to kill me when he gets home. Not only did I get the little guy that stole my heart last night, I got TWO"" If you get KILT; Lovie wants to know if any of your handsome aquaDUDES are single and in the mood to make whoopy - seeing that you may be in the dog house for a while: Lovie is just playing the field in her youth LOL - Lovie is getting tired of the same old partner and needs to spice up her life a bit....
  20. I know that your condition is quite advanced; but have you attempted any fungal (like relatively safe Velvet green) or bacterial treatments - or purged her with a epson salt treatment? You probably did these things and I just missed the whole part -
  21. Sorry, I didn't mean to scare Thurston! LOL I named her (thought it was a him) after a charactor in a Bugs Bunny movie my son watched a million times when he was younger. I think it would actually be "Fat Friar". I later changed it to "Fat Fryer" because she would fit into a fry pan . I know, I am sort of sick ! Same with Fat Fryer, she has a marvelous tail. She is a bit plump too. My Grandma would have said; "she's a good eater!" Now let me get this straight; You believed your explaination - and the comment "I later changed it to "Fat Fryer" because she would fit into a fry pan" would actually ease thurstons scare???!!!!LOL Look at him now - he is in complete shock and disbelief - probably thinking I am fattening him up to become "a good eater". Watch; Now he will probably run away from home - a long stick with a cloth bag at the end slung over his shoulder- SEE The picture - hios mouth still hangs open in utter disbelief - he is probably mentally scarred for life - fish therapy next stop LOL
  22. I think what I am going to do is put a utube video up of what I do. But I will try to compress here: My refrigirator has about 13 different types of food - hikari and omega- pellets wafers, freeze dries krill, daphnia, etc. Most of them floating types. Doing my method allows you to use anything yummy. The amount of tanks and fish that I have leaves little to waste. However; if you have a couple of fish - do not be concerned with wasting a little each time. Those jars and sizes they sell are so big you will want to replace it in 7-9 months anyway- even refrigirated the vitimans and nutrient value goes out of the product. Simply dumpit. Always date the packages when you get them. If possible, the little silicate dry packs you find in other productrs are great to keep your foods dry inside their containers. Cooked or uncooked peas. Well cooked are easier to mash but have lost some of the nutrient value - I do nuke them for two minutes. I deshell - usually 4 peas for every 2 fish - again do not worry about a little waste. I take a screw down pill crusher and crush the two choices of food in the morning. Variety, especially for the pearlscales, I believe assista in prevention of the flip disease - or SB - I add a couple of drops of vitachem on the morning feedings - sprinkle some Hikari Daphnia into it (I still have no idea how they expect anyone to feed Daphnia in the condition that they sell it for goldfish!!) soluble vitiman produce supoplement - Here is where you would add any gel antibiotic - etc - if that is in the game plan. Then - like Lucy in I love Lucy during here dance in the squishing the grapes episode;, I use my fingers to mush the peas into the ground powder. The moisture from the peas ghets things sticking it takes about 20 seconds - mushing enough to break upo the peas. The consistency should be slightly on the dry side - use a little drop or so of tank water - if you want wetter. The point is - it should hold together when In a ball. A little on the dry side allows me to pull off pieces and hold under the water. It does not fall apart right away - and if I miss - it will stay together to the bottom of the tank - and I assure you they will find it - no ned to go running after it. My pearelscales have that wierd shaped mouth like a long tunnel - and usually they do their flipp-over dance at the surface a couple of times - when they settle down - I take a small piece and make it into a small miniature hot-dog like shape. It seems it is easier for them to intake thru that wierd mouth structure. Once you get the process down; you will be getting all sorts of variety of foods - I will also - in the afternoon feeding add some garlic extract to the mush - The habit of a couple of peas pushed into the mix every time - I believe - has saved a lot of heart ache. When using antiobac. or anti par. foods like Jungle offers; They recommend that you spread it on the top of the water surface and feed nothing else for a couple of days. Great; you have a sick fish - now depriving the aquapuppy its essential; nutrient source. I contacted them to see if this was a internal food issue. They said - No - just that the product tastes so bad to fish if you give them anything else they will not touch the stuff. That is true. They Oked my prep idea. When using my mush pattie system grind the jungle product in with the food and the garlic extract. Unlike feeding as soon as you have made the mush - make the mush and let it sit for 30minutes or so and then rework the little mush ball - then tear your pieces off. Why? If you feed to quiickly - you will see the jungle product being selectively sorted right out thru the gills. Punch has done this - The degenerate - he is smarter than a dog knowing that there is a pill in a little meat pattie. Soooo; the trick is to allow the garlic extract and pea juices to soak into the ground particles - trying to outsmart your aqua-puppy.... I feed 3 small servings per day - and amounts that associate wioth the fish size. I get a clear sense that they knoiw when I am grinding the food - they all at once go into begging mode - somehow they know this signals the food is comming. I never do the same combionation back to back - Trust me - this procedure - when you get it down - is fast and makes happier fish - and their poop affirms that. Usually I do not save any residual over to the next feeding - I disgard it and make fresh every time.... Happy feeding Click on image for full size
  23. Just for your note to, maybe, have on hand for the future.... A product called bio bandage is in pet stores. I have used it to cover injurys ... it holds an antibiotic and protects the iunjury from fungus - it will keepit covered for a few days and in time wear off. safe and effective just in case there are any opportunistic diseases lurking around your tank. A tip from thurston - who seems to find anything nopt child proofed.
  24. I hope Daryl chimes in on this one - but - the way you describe it - the red spots sound like a bacterial infection. The white tufts sound like a secondary fungal infection arrising from the open sores. It would be best if you attacked the bacterial problem from the inside and the fungal problem from the outside. If I am correct - chances are correcting the bacterial problem will resolve the secondary fungal infection
  25. Does it not look like Thurston is saying to Lovie - "OK - cutes; enough of the accrobatics!!!!" Click on the photo to get a better view of his mouth movement.
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