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  1. hello again:) i bought a test kit for ammonia and nitrtite.( titration kind) and my ammonia& nitrite tested 0 ppm. so the strips were faulty!well upon cleaning my filters out twice a month instead of once a month, they act normal, not stressed anymore. When i cleaned the filter floss, it was black, and its normal color was white.... :cry1 no wonder they felt like crap!( that wasnt keeping my water clean with all that dirt in it.) I was wondering what my water changes should be like? right now im changing 1/3 of the water once a week. I have 5 orandas in a 55 gallon tank, and they all are 6 inches including the tail. I feed them twice a day.

    Unlike our tanks that get a 90% change every day.


  2. Well first: I do not know anyone - especially me, who would think that was something funny to "make up". Why would you even consider the idea that I would wish to make something up about the death of a pet.

    To summarize what I had said; when I shift fish to the breeding tank and the female is already releasing small amounts of eggs; I have always carefully tested the female to assure that the release will go smoothly; as well the male. A vet friend ( the one that you used to see on the iams commercials with his afgans ) was part of my training long ago. When I had tested Thurston - itr was obvious that he was not releasing - my vet friend was away for the weekend. - and there is no other vets in the Chicago area that will take fish - By the time my friend returned 2 days later it was obvious that the pressure caused a ruptureand was causinbg bleeding. Of which he was put down so that he would not endure any more pain.

    My vet friend - confirmed what had happened. At that stage of activity 0- as seen in the spawning videos I placed on utube - he should have easily released with almost no pressure to the underbelly area.

    No it was not a joke.

  3. I am trying to figure out the excitement about using gel - I find the moisture residue from peas with garlic extract does a great job in - not only holding the little torpedos of mixed - variety ground food - but if it slips from my fingers - evil as Lovie likes to be sometimes - it does not fall apart when it drops -

    I guess I know I would be tempted to hold food longer in gell or frozen form - - whereas - breakfast made and fed - lunch is the rsidue - but nothing is hel;d over for the evening meal.

  4. Daryl - By the way -

    With the Lifeguard tube type filter systems the flow control valves are required anyway - without them - when you would take the lid off the intake line would siphon into the filter unit and out the top - One of the design features I am surprised they did not adjust for - and when I was mentioning flow adjustment - the 1200 quietone pumps are not causinbg such a great flow to have the valves in a substantial closed pposition - It does allow you to refine the flow rate - without harm to the system.


  5. Well ya caught me - normally by the time I am done detailing things I am on reply page 3 - I cut some corners - Three factors exist for all 7 tanks;

    1. A 3 basket Eheim pro wet dry filter is on each tank. The sort of public housing for the BB. One of the reasons that Eheim discourages pre-filters or filter padding in wet/dry is to allow a certain amount of waste particles to accumulate within the filter body - thus giving them a source on the dry days LOL-

    The chemical filtration Eheim - also on each tank - stands guard to protect against that ever pending spike that one day may occur - I was using Zeolite in the broader sense -0 recognizing that resins - and other absorption media are used.

    My rationale for the Lifeguard filter fulfills a number of issues and objectives-

    1. It is a heck of a lot easier to quickly unscrew and screw the lifeguard to pull the carbon bag out then to tear down the 3 basket canisters

    2. The 5-10 micron pad filtration assists my specialized feeding parameters - as described in past replies - my food is a daily - partial crush of variety - presoaked - resulkting in a paste - like material - allowing a multitude of sink- float foods to be used where - normally - would not be considered - as well garlic - soluble vitimans - etc - - I believe it has been a signifigant factor in reduction of bottoms - up - and internal bacterial problems - not to mention great control of the constipation. But as I am sure you are aware - golds - all of them - tend to sort, sift whatever - so there is a slight increase in the soluble particles after feeding - allowing the Lifeguard in the process cleans up this residue - of which - as you know - can be another sourceof breakdown toxins. As well; it signifigantly reduces the residue that - over time accumulated during the filtering process in the canisters - that being the Lifeguard filters are cleanable and reusable.

    3. By incorporating the Lifeguard into the line prior to the UV - it has virtually eliminated any accumulation of residue or algae deposits - yes even on the UV glass - that used to occur - resulting in less cleaning and breakdown time. The smartlite long tubular type - as mine is - is placed horizontal - as per manufacturer - but the horizontal position hives a signifigant area to let particles settle.

    You may see that this entire process - has been rationalized, disected, detailed, mapped, and tested - a cause and effect study every time we alter the setup LOL LOL --- it almost takes the fun out of it - untill the alternative comes to mind - then it is all worth it - Right?

    Of course - - my regiment is geared to - what I call - a zero tollerance to toxic factors. Every tank has a 90 percent change - pre adjusted for pH etc - and the change is - during refill - allowed to proceed slowly in consideration of stress potential. This is never missed. a standard addiotion - weekly - of Stability -0 3 level bacteria formulation - ios added to the tanks to supplement the wet/dry biological family condo living and a mineral additive on each change. Unlike most people - around it seems - Chicago's biggest problem seems to be that they, here, are incapable in stabalizing the pH factor - morning is 6.8 and by evening 7.9 - our change water is prepared 24 hours ahead of each change so that it settles in for testing before being added.

    That is why the commentary about the way Thurston died - and thank you for your comment - If I have an aquapuppy die - it is not from disease - of any conception - It is usually the result of an abnormallity such as what happened to him. Although - I admit this affected me more that has in the past in that I forsaw it, I knew what the problem was exactly, and I knew it would take two or three days to climax in death - but there was no way to locate anyone with the expertise to resolve the issue. And there is a point that you say to yourself - in that fleeting moment - that you may hurt him more than help him - if I were to ever think of trying to correct that tyhpe of problem ....

    As I have stated in the past - with saddened resolve - there are just some things that nature will find to show us not everything is fixable or open to correction (unlike how many of us try to live as in sterile environments, air conditioning - etc... ) - oh wellll....



  6. Yes, Eric, I saw that video. I am SO SORRY about Thurston! :cry1 I know how much you loved him! He was so sweet and attentive to Lovie. Bless his heart, may he rest in peace and happiness. Eric, my heart goes out to you and I know this must hurt you a lot. I only hope that you feel better soon and Lovie, too. I almost feel like I knew Thurston, as many pics and videos I have seen of him. :( I hope you have better luck with your new fish. Keep us posted...

    Thank you - Although I have 7 tanks ranging from 28 to 55 gallon - you always find - at least I do - the pair that you become attached to - especially these two - ever since they were places alone in a breeding tank -0 it was just such a remarkable union of the two -

    I do not love the others less - just their ability to interact and his restraint at not being overly aggressive - which has happened to other pairings in the past - made the union of these two a daily treat to witness -

    Thank you for your kind words....


  7. When Lovie and Thurston were spawning for - both of them - it was a first - I check for two things - especially if the fish have never done this before - you know - the sperm and egg process.

    1. I carefully check to see that the female is freely able to release her eggs and not experiencing any type of impaction or other problems.

    2. gently - and very briefly - check to determine the males ability to release when it comes his turn -

    I assume you saw the spawning video - in the breeding forum - that i added last week. I could not have asked for a better male - not overly stressing her out but - at the same time - knew exactly what to do and when - and when to rest beside her when she needed quiet time - it was facinating.

    Well - I discovered that - on Thurston's check - there was nothing releasing - This was rare and worrisome.

    The day she released Thurston was the best attending father - prodding her to keep moving so as to shake out all the release - and sitting over her like the protective prince - but he did not release.

    There is no vet in the area and I am not trained for that type of delicate procedure; attempt to clear the blockage - well - sure enough in two days he started to get bloaty - and withing 24 hours he encountered a rupture - and I had to make a decision to put him to rest.

    I have heard this happening but never experienced it.

    In the rare cases I loose an aquapuppy it is the result of the strangest events - no disease or like that - just unusual acts of nature.

    During his final hour - it was obvious that Lovie was upset - I do not believe I have ever seen her attentive to him like she was - It was always the opposite

    in him caring for her -

    I am preparing a quarantine tank and going to get a new aquapuppy- we shall see how she reacts to a new tank mate in 4 weeks or so.

    Right now she comes out to eat - then sticks herself back in the bushes - little or no movement - this has affected her....


  8. One of the basic failures in many systems, especially for newbies (obviously because of lack of experience) intended for diseasae control is the lack of prep work - the thinking process - before placing the order for equiptment.

    An example: at some point you are going to run into a disease problem. What is thye first thing most antibac. products- or fungus - tend to suggest you do? Take out the activated carbon. Two reasons primarily -

    Most products are cleaned out of the water by the activity of the carbon in the filter - The other - and almost never mentioned - is that some treatments actually replace the bound toxins in the carbon - releasing the toxins back into the water - this reaction does take place with some products. But say you have just cleaned your filter and now you have to open it up again and remove the carbon - AHHHHH! Especially those that still use mioxes of carbon and zeolite.

    Prethink and resolve the problem at the beginning - with some added benifits.

    For about $90-100 more in setup cost; obtain:

    1. Lifeguard - or similar - modular filter with media capability and replacable z style filter.

    2. One Quietone pump.

    3. intake and outlet line accessories

    Here is the rationale. If you ever need to remove the carbon in the system - you unplug the waterpump - unscrew the top of the modular filter - pull out the carbon bag - screw the top back on - plug the pump back in - The chemical canister filter contains the zeolite, resins, etc that - normally, do not need to be removed from the water path. There is almost no mess in this removal or place back in process.

    There is another side benifit. Most persons that buy UV inline lites fail to recognize an operation delimina - Many simply place their UV in the line with the canister filter and thats it. Well; in most instances - you have done nothing to benifit your fish or your wallet.

    Most canisters put out - on average - 200 - 250 gph. This is especially required for 28 gallon and above- generally speaking.

    At this very brief exposure - high flow rate - to the UV - most have little or no effect on anything but algae.

    My smartlite - $300 as it was - will not - basically - be at any steralization consequence unless the flow rate is around 70 gph. I like bug free water LOL

    You may say - God forbid - - well just turn down the flow on the canister - I pray you did not ask that question or make that statement on a 28 or 55 gallon tank.

    The lifeguard setup is perfect for lower flow outputs - dircected thru the UV filter - while getting the benifits of 5 micron paper filtration and the carbon activity. I use a Quietone 1200; and on the output, to the lifeguard module ,I engineered a plastic flow control valve to keep flow levels; allowing the exposure time for the UV filter to be in the "SEEK< KILL< DESTROY" flow rates required by the manufacturer. This valve allows opening of the canister with no water pouring out of the top.

    At the same time - your canisters flow rate - containing the important Zeolite absorption materials for the heavy toxins - is unaffected and stays at hiogh flow rates.

    For newbies - think of your design - draw it out - understand what flow rates mean and their importance in enabling the expensive toys we buy - for our aquaspuppies - to do the job as claimed....

    May you r aquapuppies have cleaner water than you get from your tap!!!!!

    In memory of Thurston.....


  9. #### has changed so much; their entire water refreshing system broke down and, when I walked into the store, all of the fish in all of the tanks were at the top gasping for air. The guy working the department said - " I'm new man- so- you know, its not my responsibility; ta know???

    So I poolitely said fine and found the manager. After telling her, very politely, about the problem - she says - "

    well I have 2 hours left on this shift - I am sure it can wait till the afternoon manager comes on board. Besides - I am not a fish person - I am a manager..."

    I will not step foot in #### again -

  10. Okay Ranchu is right, I spend quite a bit of time moving things that should be in other places. Example:

    Photos or Vids that show breeding: Breeding section

    Photos of your fish : goldfish photo section

    Photos of your tank/tanks: Photo tank section

    Photos or topics of types of fish or ? about a breed : Types of goldfish

    water problems, GW: Water quality section

    The reason behind this is that people looking for something will be able to go to that section see posts and maybe find there answer, if everything is in this part of the board well you would be doing searching all day since this part of the board has the most posts in it.


    That was why I suggested the keyword dropdown menu ; to choose to group the forum groups together - that would have allowed easy group location and dated order. Maybe I went into such detail - that the benefit was lost in the long description

  11. Jewels;

    You probably know enough about me by now; that I would not consider this issue closed (LOL). If there is one thing that I hate; it is people who complain about a process or issue - whereby - the next breath offers no resolution toward making everything easier. Obviously - The one who complains does not wish to do the work to resolve the issue - or is to scared that their resolution would draw complaints from other persons. Well hello - Aquanut is here. I sent this on to site management as well.

    If you have patience; I think the suggestions - here - to improve the operation will be worth the reading this - like reading "War and Peace". LOL

    In preface; this would not be expensive to site conform - i HAVE PARTICIPATED IN ADJUSTMENTS - SUCH AS THIS SUGGESTION - at little or no cost from the webmaster. Usually; if you are a good longstanding client - this is an alteration chalked up to good public relations maintinance.

    My observations;

    It is not just my insanity that makes this an ever - more aparent delemnia. Unfortunately; as more people come on - or as current subscribers become emboldened to add topics; this has already assured the site administrators of more than just headaches and commentary from dissatisfied topics wisked away during the night (LOL).

    No two people will have the same view concerning their topic placement. Even those of the best intentions.

    The problem is not the subscribers inattentiveness; it is the clarity of the Forum titles. The onset of error, like a computer, is built into the nature of the setup. Personal opinion, built into this process, generates a nightmare for all. As well; seperation seriously reduces discussion and interaction of other important topics placed but never seen. I am guilty of this as much as anyone; my main area has always been Goldfish Discussion - rarely venturing outside - maybe to breeding and tanks - but rarely. Besides; the new topic writer, under the current site, is not "forced" to take the time to determine the proper placement of the submission.


    Everything may be considered a "Goldfish Discussion" Other forums - such as breeding or tanks, are actually subcategories of the overall umbrella of "Discussion". The exception - to remain seperate - is the Disease submission forum - or others where subscribers cannot place commentary.

    The resolve?

    1. The webmaster can configure the site to activate based on the column's intent. As an example - Outlook email allows you to click on the word "Date" to place emails in acending or decending order. The sender, by ascending or decending order. Have the webmaster activate the coding for this capability in the Goldfish discussions.

    2. There are two ways to look at a simple resolution. Although slightly more cost - teh second one - B - is the preferred.:

    A. Cost saver - a decision by the website managers. Under normal circumstances the ability to alphabetize the title would be little more than useless - most are not long thought out scientific manuscript titles deriving key word benifits - and that is just fine. The only difference now would be the initial key word from a list preconcieved and maintained - on-site - by site management. For example; The title of my topic was Spawning Video. It falls under the category, title and content, under breeding. So; now the title, when the new topic is placed by the subscriber will be required to have predesignation by the subscriber - it builds in the requirement - whereas - the setup now - I am sure; has people placing the topic in the goldfish discussion area - thinking - "oh; let web management move it to where it needs to be placed. " I am sure some are thinking this. Not to the benifit for web managemet. I am sure that they are fustrated. In the new setup I would be required to choose my my title "keyword" in the looseist and cost efficient sense. - without web management having toi set up the HTML coding for a keyword system for this group. I would look at the words, on the list, I am to use as the first word. Lets say breeding is on the list. My title would be - "Breeding; Spawning Video".

    Remenmber - at this point the columns have been set up with user "clickability; Topic, date, author, etc. all able to be clicked in acending or decending order. By creating this keyword list - iot allows anyone to choose - if I wish to see everything in decending date posted order - thats just fine - all the subtopics are mixed in during each decending date - but doing it this way places all topics in front of mne to review by title. If I am a person more interested in breeding; then I would click the topic title header at the top of the column. This would place all the keywords in apphabetical order. Usually webmasters willl set it up so that -when the alphabetical order is generated - each subtopic will genberate their placement, within that same keyword listing in decending dated order. This would be great for - say- looking for breediing tolics. I scroll down to the breeding topics that are now grouped in decending dated order and choose. The site managers change the keyword if they do not agree; but are not required to move the whole topic. As well; all those extra links are not being generated.

    B. Dropdown Keyword Box:

    The Highest efficiency - and overall greatest productivity answer for all; If cost were not a factor (which is really not signiofigant to add this code)- it would be great to have included in the topic development page - a drop down keyword listing to choose from. It would show up as a seperate column to be clicked on when it would be desired to place them in alphabetical order. The cost effective way, listed in "A" above, is an initial introductory way that the system could be tested - and later move into the addition of a column - whatever. My cost effective way would leave room for human error or laziness.

    In this suggestion -The keyword dropdown box development would force the new topic developer to have to choose the classification before the topic would be submitted. The selected Keyword would show up in the topic title column. Again; clicking the column title would alphabetize the column.

    The point is that everything is accessible under the one main forum. It allows all submitted material to be view under the guideline discretion of the viewer. No longer would people be forced to click between forums back and forth. No longe rwound web managers need to move topics and create crosslinks.

    Best of all; the viewer gets to see the titles of all submissions. If the viewer places them in submission date (instead of say - last response or reply date)decending order; he gets to see the most recent titles first. The Keywording is considered secondary when dating is considered as priority by the viewer. With this system; If the web manager changes the Keyword, using the managers personal determination that might not be in agreement with tyhe new topic submitter, The viewer is given the ability to make up their own mind as to the topics relevance because they see the topic title.

    My topic is a perfect example. The spawning video - I initially droped into Goldfish discussions. The web management iniotially placed it into Photos. Having the new suggested system in place would have removed my concern that I did not necessarily agree with the web management. Why? the title would let the viewer determine the relevance to their needs. Under the old system; most likely the title would never have been seen by persons cruising thru Goldfish discussions. Especially if they have no need to go to the photos forum that day. Mangement was very nice in moving it to breeding in the end. Here was a lot of work to mover and cross link - so make no mistake I appreciate their consideration.

    My suggested process does something else for web management. It reduces the pressure required to scan-evaluate the content and intentions of the new topic. The critical placement issue is not so critical anymore. As well; it forces the new topic submitter to make a determination as to the keyword before the topic goes up for public review. The staff is no longer slave to constant review and move process. If they dont agree as to the keyword used by the writer; the staff simply changes the keyword used. Only staff has the final say; once the new topic writer submits the topic - they woiuld not have the ability to change the keyword back if they disagreed.

    As you can see; I take things that I think could be improved very seriously. As in my case; if I submitted a commentary on placement, as I did - and Jewels makes it a topic issue - then I consider it a process that has room for improvement. It would be careless of me not to put in the time to suggest a progressive resolution that would make everyone happier.

    Are you still awake??

  12. you can buy the food clips at vvvv...it is a shape of a clown fish..

    Those are cheap. Mine broke before I could even actually use it. I'm going to try a different style/brand next time. If you google it, you should be able to find one..although I'd order it during a large order of other things so you aren't paying triple for it due to shipping.

    Hey you guys - take a rubber band and a small stone - put the material between the rubberband and the stone - the rubber band does not hurt the fish = I use them for my plants

  13. Now that is a coincidence - Just as I have brought the content value of the post determining the move -= to the management of the site.

    Well; as I mentioned to them - it is extremely difficult to figure out how site management determines a serious topic that should fuel discussion - to be moved to the photos area because it has links to photos and videos - those links being used to support the topic discussion. Once the topic is yanked from the discussion forum - the value of the topic becomes nil because of the dramatic drop in viewers (sounds like a cable tv ratings pole LOL). My topic; I placed in discussions regarding spawning - in which I filmed highly typical behavior characteristics - uploaded videos of recent spawning of 2 of my puppies - for cross discussion with experienced people. By now I am sure you are aware of my tendency to be over-the - top regarding detail...LOL It was moved from discussions to photos - Which got as many viewers as attendees to a Bush party for his Friends to get together....as as few responses.

    I sent a message regarding the issue. It was very nice that site management moved it - then - to the breeding site. I appreciated the consideration and compromise regarding the topic.

  14. Take a look at Thurston - a fancy Goldie of mine - in this spawning video- Is it a similar spotting that you see on Thurston's scalp and one spot on his tail near the base?

    You can see it in the video - if it is similar than chances are it is a pigmentation issue. Just keep an eye on it - Thurston's scalp ones - at first = worried me - they are just slightly dep[ressed areas the size of the head of a pin. The one on the tail is rectangular toward the outside base of the tail. You will also see that he has an area where the pigmentation is white instead of orange.

    As Thurston gets older the ones on the scalp seem to be getting smaller. Now if the areas are fuzzy or dusty - a different surface than the surrounding texture - then that is a graver issue.

    So; chances are your goldie is not perfect - - but they are funa ll the same - and drive you crazy in the same way the model goldies do///LOL

  15. That tank is a 28 gallon. I have 4 28 gallon the other threee I use for spawning tanks or for emergencies - 4 55 gallon and a 75 gallon.

    Punch has his tank all to him self. We decided he lived to long without a tank partner and he enjoys his humnan friends - I will hold the line on breeding with a fish LOL - But the 28 gallon is perfect for him - reach in and out easily and large enough to plant and have fun with diffewrent looks - while giving him space...

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