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  1. Yes, I wipe down the glass. As for changing the carbon, I am just following the instructions that came with the filter.
  2. I don't do water changes at the office(unlike at home), but I clean the tank every Tuesday.
  3. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I have returned to the office and have checked on the fish. The bump seems to be a little bit bigger now, but no other difference. The water is a lot clearer now that the filter has been changed.
  4. I am starting to see brown algae again. The tank is 10 Gallons. No new fish have been added. The filter is an AquaClear Also, the lump doesn't seem to bother him, and he is currently looking for food in the gravel.
  5. There is a strange bump on the back of one of the front fins of the larger fish at CES. It is round, about 3 times the size of an egg, and is whitish-orange. I can't give tank conditions, but they aren't as good as they could be, however, now that I finally have the last part of the filter(the carbon)changed, it should get better.
  6. It looks like a bruise, albeit a very nasty one.
  7. Tank is 40 Gallons, water is changed once a week. The area on Fatty's lip is a dull red, and there is no sign of infection.
  8. Sorry, can't. I have no way to test the ammonia, nitrates and nitrites, but since the water is perfectly clear, and I have 2 filters, I imagine that they are all quite low. The low PH isn't the problem, these fish coudn't care less! All 4 fish are Commons.
  9. 4 large fish total, PH is about 6. Water is perfectly clear, and there seem to be a LOT fewer snails in the air pipes. 2 filters. If it IS Mouth Rot, than what's the treatment?
  10. I am wondering if Fatty is going to be alright with his lip coming open. I first noticed it bruised a couple weeks ago. For a while it seemed to be getting better, but right after Halloween the skin started peeling off. He still looks for food in the gravel, but he seems uncomfortable. The tank conditions are no different than last time I was here, except that the pump seems to be dying.
  11. Looks like a flatworm to me, could be a fluke.
  12. Hope she doesn't join my fish who went belly-up after her kidneys became heavily swollen(I still don't know why)and were pressing on her swimbladder.
  13. So, can goldfish get kidney stones?
  14. Looking at the anatomy chart on Jo Ann Burke's site, it may have actually been swollen kidneys. What I saw was two obviously swollen reddish sacks, one on each side of the fish.
  15. The fish is dead now. I have opened her up and found that her intestines were heavily swollen, and pushing against her swimbladder. I would like to know why this would be?
  16. I don't HAVE any way to test the nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia it turns out, but the ph is at 6. A bit low, but these fish couldn't care less! As for Fattina, she is lying upside-down now. She doesn't seem to be weak at all, and will move around if bothered. Forgot to mention, I have 2 large AquaClear filters(not sure what size, though)so the water quality is quite good, considering that Davis water is quite hard. One more thing, there is salt in the Quarantine tank.
  17. I don't know the params yet, but I have seen the fish swim on her side in the bucket.
  18. Also, her abdomen seems to be a tad swollen. You can sort of see skin between the scales.(but it isn't dropsy, her scales are NOT sticking up)
  19. I have no way to find out at this moment, but I CAN say that the fish is now in a quarantine bucket. I did watch her yesterday, and she did try to get up, but sank back down.
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