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  1. Yesterday, Harry G. was just sitting on the bottom most of the time, unusual for him. Luna Lovegold was still swimming around normally. But later when Shelly was leaving, she found him lying on his side. Come today, he seemed to be perfectly normal, even sniffing at Luna's anus! I have no idea what was wrong with him yesterday, or if Luna harassing him (she chases him around a LOT more then he would prefer) had anything to do with it. Tank - 10 gallons Filter - AquaClear - filter bag was replaced last week. Will talk to my father about bringing the water test kit to the office tomorrow (these are the office fish)
  2. I'm going to have to put a spell on you for that. Spirits of Mist, And Creatures of Bog, Change now Lynda Von G, Into the shape of a Frog! My opening up fish is NOT about blame, it is simply about seeing if there was anything noticeably wrong inside. While nitrates had gone back up a little, they were still far from where they were before, when the Giant Girl died. and if Broken Jaw was still alive, I would have my father do a large water change this weekend. It is likely that a bacterial infection was what happened, so I will not be getting any other fish, as there might still be deadly stuff in there, even with the tank drained.
  3. Broken Jaw is dead now. Didn't seem to be anything wrong with her. She actually had little fat, but a TON of eggs in her ovaries. pH = 8 Nitrate = 20 Nitrite = .10 Ammonia = .10
  4. Oh, yes. One more thing about the Giant Girl: there had been a lump on her side for years, but only in recent months, did it become a full fledged "tumor".
  5. Back when I had a couple of large Ramshorn Snails, my fish would actively go at their eye stalks, and they may have even eaten some of the smaller snails, too.
  6. I say open him up anyway, and then post pictures for the experts here to look at.
  7. But the fish may pose a risk to the snails.
  8. Oh, yes. Nitrates are now around 5. As for Broken Jaw, she is more active now, but is also a bit more skittish, too. So, I guess the Giant Girl had a bacterial infection that spread to her intestine.
  9. nimajneb, please open him up. The problem would seem to be internal.
  10. Sorry for the quadruple post, but since I can't edit my other posts... My father has done a 21 gallon water change, and the nitrates are now at 20.
  11. The Giant Girl is dead now. What was likely her intestine was heavily swollen. Also, the tumor did not connect internally, which suggests that she had skin cancer which then spread to her intestine.
  12. The Giant Girl has been moved into a bucket, though it is a bit small for her.
  13. I am working on it. Also, the Giant Girl's scales are in fact sticking up just a tiny bit.
  14. We DO let the water sit out. Oh, and Broken Jaw is much active now. Can't say the same for the Giant Girl, though, nor is she looking that good. Her "tumor" is large and flat (not to mention beige and ugly), her sides are bulging (though she does NOT have dropsy), and the top of her head is swollen.
  15. 20 gallon water change done with tap water. pH: 7.5 Nitrates: 20
  16. The tank is 40 gallons with two large fish, one white and one orange.
  17. My father has done a 17 gallon water change.
  18. I have been talking to my father about a large water change, but he is VERY reluctant to do it, because he says it would really stress the fish.
  19. I will have my father do the water change once the pH is back up, but not before then, as putting our alkaline tap water in the currently acidic tank water, would really stress the fish, and could send them into shock. (For the record, the water my father had been putting in recently was on the acidic side, so as not to stress the goldfish)
  20. Yes, my father has put in a pH upper, but I will ask him about a water change. Also, what is the best solution for the Nitrates? I think they may have poisoned that fish.
  21. pH: 6 Nitrates: 80 Ammonia: .25 Nitrites: 0
  22. The last full water change was six weeks ago. A small water change was two weeks ago.
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