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  1. Mustloveoranda, you should complain to the principal. If that doesn't work, sue the teacher for animal cruelty.
  2. Sue your neigbor claiming animal abuse.
  3. I would keep the tank in the event of a sick fish, or simply for prepping new fish.
  4. Opened up the fish, couldn't find anything except that the Common was a boy, and the Shubunkin was a girl.
  5. It and the first Shubunkin are in the fridge, awaiting dissection.
  6. The Common is dead. For a while it seemed to be doing better (more active, breathing normal), but when I checked on it later it was dead. The Comet and the other Shubunkin are still doing fine.
  7. pH: 8.3 Ammonia: 0.1 Nitrates: 0 Nitrites: 0 This was a recently restarted tank - the tank was emptied after all the previous fish died from a bacterial infection.
  8. I recently got two Shubunkins, a Comet, and a Common. But now, one of the Shubunkins is dead, and the Common is just sitting on the bottom, not eating anything. It was lethargic since it was put in the tank. The tank is 40 gallons with one AquaClear filter. I do not know the exact nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia, but they are all quite low. As for pH, it is around 8.0, I would prefer it to be around 7.0 to 7.5. I have not been able to get it lower. Might the fish have alkaline posioning from the pH being so high?
  9. I really like it too, but I must point out that what she had before was technically wild-coloring, not baby-coloring. www2.dpi.qld.gov.au/images/7922.jpg
  10. saix88, I would do exactly the same as you, even if it meant getting into a fight with a fellow employee over it.
  11. The second could mean that she is exhausted because Sushi has been chasing her. The first could possibly be a mating dance. Be on the lookout for eggs.
  12. If it was dropsy, I would expect all the scales to be sticking out. That was the case with my fish that got it (and died from it). It could just not be full blown yet, though.
  13. Would it be possible to have the fish hibernate during the ice storm? That way, they wouldn't be eating, and wouldn't use much oxygen.
  14. I think we already determined the Harry is actually Ginny because of the "button" in her anus.
  15. But if Harry is actually Ginny (and for that matter Luna is actually Albus), then how come I see her sniffing at Albus' anus? I thought only boys did that. (I actually saw her doing it earlier today, as well as Albus showing interest in Ginny, as he often does.)
  16. So, what gender do my fish sound like?
  17. Took another close look at the anuses. Harry - Mostly white with a little bit of red, a "button" appears to be present. Luna - Mostly appears to be red.
  18. Wanted to ask, can goldfish be tomboys? I looked at Harry's anus, and I am pretty sure I saw a "button", yet I have seen him sniffing at Luna's anus.
  19. That's my thought, too! Have another question to ask - can goldfish be tomboys? I looked at Harry's anus, and I am pretty sure I saw a "button", yet I have seen him sniffing at Luna's anus.
  20. It DID seem a little cool in there, that may have been causing them to shut down in preparation for hibernating. Seemed warmer when I came in and found them rooting in the gravel.
  21. When I came in to the office on Monday, Harry & Luna were sitting around on the bottom, moving around a little, and wouldn't eat. When I checked on them later, they were rooting in the gravel. When I came in on Tuesday, they were behaving normally again, demanding to be fed.
  22. What store was it, and did you complain about the treatment of the fish?
  23. I need to get one - see if I can use it to direct Luna away from Harry so she won't harass him.
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