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  1. Finally got the water tested. Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 0 Ammonia: 0.4 pH: 8.6 (How do I get this down?)
  2. I let the water evaporate - I lack the containers for an actual water change. Right now, Harry is just lying on his side, slowly breathing, his tail fins clamped together. As for getting the water params, I am considering taking some water (and perhaps Harry Goldfish along with it) home to be tested. Also need to mention that Harry has a crooked back, which appears to have become more pronounced lately. Not sure if it is genetic or not. One more thing, on the day Harry first became ill, someone reported a strong ammonia smell. I will make ammonia testing a priority.
  3. One of the office fish, Harry Goldfish, seems to be stuck lying on the bottom. Yesterday is when he first did it. When fed, he would come up normally, then sink back down head first. Today, he seemed unable to move on his own much, as he was unable to feed himself, but he DID want to eat. When food was put in, he would become more active, and was clearly looking at it. Is something wrong with his swim bladder? There are two fish, Harry and Albus. The tank is 10 gallons An AquaClear 30 gallon filter is used. I can't give you any water params because: 1. I am at home right now. 2. I don't have a water testing kit at the office, as I do at home.
  4. I think the Moor is big enough to not get eaten, but is it big enough to get enough food? Perhaps you should add some gravel, the fish would probably like to have more then Mt. Wannahockaloogie. Perhaps the baby Moor could scrounge food out of the gravel.
  5. You need to get Pez a companion as soon as possible - goldfish do NOT like to be alone.
  6. Not sure they actually have flukes, now. I have seen no more scratching behavior, and that may have just been food demanding. (keep in mind that they live in a tank with gravel, but NO plants or any other scenery.) They don't really look any worse than when I last posted, but they don't look any better either. Their general behavior seems unchanged, and they appear to be otherwise healthy.
  7. Not easy to tell if they are sleeping - they don't have eyelids!
  8. I still see the fish rubbing against the side of the tank (but NOT when food is present). What kind of parasites might they have?
  9. Well, I don't really see anything, but it DOES appear that the fish might be rubbing themselves against the glass. Also, chasing only occurs when food is present. As for their size, the Comet is similar to this one, though a tad smaller: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-4J0Rq5WR8 The Shubunkin is quite a bit smaller.
  10. I only have the two goldfish. No koi, no suckers, and no snails. The fish are still small, but growing. The Comet is substantially larger than the Shubunkin. What should ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites actually be?
  11. The tank is 40 gallons. The filter is an AquaClear 300. pH: 8.0 Ammonia: 0.1 Nitrates: 0.0 Nitrites: 0.0 Also, the Comet is supposedly starting to become more aggresive.
  12. The Shubunkin seems to be missing much of it's tail. The bottom half of the Comet's tail is torn up, but the top half seems to be intact. Also there are a few holes in it's dorsal, and well as one vertical slice completely through the fin. They are known to chase each other away from food, but they don't nip. The Comet is quite a bit larger.
  13. Impossible - their voices are NOT in our hearing range.
  14. They won't! In fact, they will get it on with each other!
  15. I never said it was a girl! Both fins seem to be equal. The fish is mostly red on top, and silvery on the bottom. There are black areas as well. It kind of wiggles through the water, but seems healthy, and eats normally.
  16. for a London Shubunkin to have stunted fins? On mine, this is most noticeable with the front fins. It is calico-colored, though there is quite a bit of reddish-orange on top.
  17. Well, my late Commons would actively go for the eyes of the adults.
  18. You still have the option to try nerite snails or ramshorn snails. Apple snails are very poor algae eaters unfortunately otherwise compatibility is not an issue. I had Ramshorn Snails, and the fish absolutely WOULD NOT leave their eyes alone!
  19. Have you opened up Cowardly Lion yet, to see if he had any sort of internal problems?
  20. Celebrate Davis! is next Thursday, and we will be doing a "Fish Pong" game. We will be giving away Goldfish as a prize. I need to know how we should store them until then.
  21. Is there anything (beside snails, otos, or plecos) that I can put in the tank to get rid of the eyesore Brown Algae? Non-Goldfish don't survive too well in the office tank, and snails might get their eyes bitten off, anyway. I'm not sure I can get more light on the tank, but I can try. If this cannot be done, I will have to remove the fish so the tank can be throughly scrubbed, and that would be VERY stressful for them.
  22. That is what I think. Had that trouble with my fish a while back, as you might recall.
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