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  1. I'll mention again that the pH in the main tank is 6.9
  2. Can't get better quality. The area around the base of the tail is turning red. There are no water additives. The water was last changed Saturday or Sunday. The fish are fed Tetrafin. The new fish were not treated for flukes. The filter is 60 gallons, I believe. The water temperature is room temperature, 70 degrees.
  3. The tank has been running for many years. The fish are fairly medium-small, with the Comet being medium, easily the largest in the tank. The fish are fed floating food. Five gallons are changed. The Comet is now a 10-gallon tank which is half-full. Their is currently no filter, but one will be added later. The new fish were not actually treated, just allowed to be in a seperate tank. Wish I had treated them, though! Here are some photos and a video I took with the 3DS:
  4. My Comet needs help. She has started sitting on the bottom, and is eating little to none. (May have gone back from none to little). She seems to like putting her mouth near the glass, at least before she was moved to the QT tank. Also, red streaks have appeared on her tail. Also, her dorsal was clamped, but raised once she was put in the quarantine tank, and medicated. She has been medicated with Lifeguard All-In-One Treatment. http://www.petsmart....ductId=11147150 http://reviews.petsm...ews/reviews.htm Ammonia: .10 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: around 0 pH: 6.9 40 gallon tank AquaClear filter Water is changed about 1-2 weeks. not sure of the exact amount. Fish are fed twice a day. Testing kit is Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Lives with 3 other fish. Two of these, both Commons, were recently added after a week in a QT tank, where the Comet now is. They both seem healthy, as does Nubtail. However, their gender is unknown.
  5. Martha, there aren't currently any fish in the tank, so that wouldn't be an issue.
  6. BTW, how would I get the pH down? Keep in mind that the water in my area is very alkaline.
  7. There wasn't anything squirming, and as I said, he HAD been eating his last few days.
  8. We have dissected him. He had NO fat, and the cranial lobe of his swim bladder appeared to be swollen and was quite red.
  9. I change about 1/4 the water. The filter doesn't really cause any surface agitation.
  10. Since I don't have a readily available test kit at the office (I had to bring the one from home), I do not know how long the pH has been that high. What I CAN tell you, is that last Friday, when I had my ISP, Albus seemed perfectly healthy. Also, there is some Brown Algae that I just can't get rid of. The water is fairly hard, too. When (and if) I am ready to get more fish, I will see about getting a test kit for the office.
  11. Tay, that ammonia level really wasn't abnormal, and there may well have been less than I mentioned (possibly around 0.1 to 0.2), it was hard to tell what the test reading actually was. Also, I'd say that the tank IS cycled, as I almost always do a water change once a week. (Didn't happen two weeks ago, as the prepared water mysteriously disappeared from the bucket. Only took out water, and the next week, only put in water. Did a normal water change today after the tests were complete.)
  12. He's dead. pH = 8.8 Could the heat have made it go up? Nitrites = 0 Nitrates = 0 Ammonia = Approx. 0.5
  13. Well, as you know, I used to have a Harry Goldfish. But he died many months ago from an intestinal infection that left him unable to digest. This presumably isn't what's happening to Albus, though. He is still eating normally, Harry wasn't as he was getting very weak.
  14. I won't be seeing Albus until tomorrow as he is at the office. Also, I will be doing a water change anyway. What I CAN tell you, is that we had some extreme heat (above 100) last Sunday, and the air conditioner wasn't on in the office.
  15. Albus Dumblegold has recently been spending a good amount of time on the bottom. Monday: Wouldn't eat at first but eventually would eat off the bottom, and later, at the surface Tuesday-Wednesday: Seemed a bit sluggish, but otherwise normal. Thursday: Pretty much sat on bottom, but perked up pretty quick when food was put in. Seemed normal afterwards. 10 Gallon Tank Just one fish AquaClear filter An automatic feeder is attached, but currently nothing is in it. Medium water change once a week. Will try to get params when I go to the office tomorrow (need to ask my dad for a testing kit to bring in). I don't recall if his fins were clamped, but they seemed normal when he was moving around.
  16. Ramshorn Snails (Planorbis) are asexual.
  17. How do I apply the vinegar, and how long will it have to set?
  18. There is a somewhat rust-colored substance near the top of the tank Albus lives in. I have been unable to get it off with a brush (as I can Brown Algae and grunge), and I would like to know what could get rid of it.
  19. So then why do males go into a frenzy over each other when there are no females?
  20. I wonder if someone put SOMETHING in, for her to have changed color THAT quickly!
  21. I thought you said it was twitching as well as hiding? Anyway, the other members will NOT be happy if you needlessly put your other fish at risk of parasites.
  22. I have always used TetraFin flakes for Albus (and Harry, when he was still alive), and NEVER had problems with it being messy.
  23. Some of the fish I used to have at home had twisted mouths. Didn't seem to affect them, though. (BTW, Albus has been getting weekly water changes since last month)
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