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  1. Hi I am moving out of state and cannot take all my goldfish with me. I have some really young ones ( a few weeks old) to ones that are 6 months old. I am sell for $1 to $4 each and some for free if you buy a few. I have telescope eyes, long fins, calico and maybe pearl scales - at least one of the parents was a pearl scale i know for sure. I am in milwaukee WI so if you are close - email me at hgiallella@yahoo.com. I will not ship. Thanks Heather
  2. Ummm... I have seen tiny white "worms" - maybe 1mm. But I have also seen 1/4 inch white worms. Both are real thin. There they both okay? I just had lck - totally my fault by moving and stressing my fish. Everyone is fine. But I have been staring at the water/tank so much, should I stress about the 1/4inch white worms? What about red worms that stick to the glass at one end? I have seen them in algae buckets in my yard as well. Are these blood worms? Thanks Heather
  3. Well it was looking good... But to export I need to buy from certified fish farm and package in their packing and ship. My host's said they would take me to a fish farm but I guess I will just be looking. oh well Heather
  4. I made some photo calls today. The airline said as long as they were checked baggage and I signed a waiver no problem. The USDA, fish & wildlife and everyone else was super nice and basically I need to submit for a permit and goldfish are okay to import. So it is sounding easy so far. Heather
  5. Hi In a few weeks I will be traveling to Beijing China. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions of where to see goldfish? Also does anyone know where i can get information on bring fish back to the USA? Heather
  6. I was reading another topic about a black moor changing to orange and the topic was closed but I wanted to add my experience. I have found that higher temperature will cause the black to change to gold. Dropping the temperature - 3 of 4 went back to velvet black - 1 stayed with a gold belly. I had a small fry from 2 beautiful black velvet moors - out of 14 fish 2 are chocolate or bronze colored. The others so far are the beautiful black. I got my moors at a goldfish & koi auction (killed a bunch of them) but I only saw one fish as beautiful as mine in a fish store. I'll have to try to get a photo. Heather
  7. She looks good - I seems to be healing very well. I am at a salt of .14 this morning. I raise it a little everyday - wait 24 hrs and add more. Heather
  8. I have about 12 fry that are 6 months old and they are funny at night. One seems to carry a lot of air and is always floating at the surface. I have i few that sleep in plants. They are totally funny - a few dive bomb the airstone i love to lay in my bed and watch them. Just too funny. Heather
  9. Water parmas are good; Nitrite = 0 Ammonia = .25 Nitrate = 0-5 ph = 7.5 in my area it is always 7-8 salt= .06% I am going to increase salt in the morning. Heather
  10. Hi My little girl black moor is still sideways. She has been this way for months. I feed her peas & medigold but no luck. the 10 gal tank is 1/2 full to try to keep the pressure down. I never stopped feeding her - should i try it now? Any other ideas/ But today I onced she is missed some scales. I am guessing she got burned on the heater. i will get mediflex(spelling) for the water. Any other ideas? It doesn't look to back - like too deep. Heather
  11. I had one get gravel stuck 1/2 in 1/2 out and by the time I got home from work he knocked it out. I also had my black moor get a crappy snail stuck in his mouth. He could not get it out. I tried with a tweezer for 2 days. He couldn't even puch it 1/2 out. I had to put my headlight flash light on so i could see good and i finally pulled it out. It was huge & still alive. So if i could do it so can you. Heather
  12. Hi, I have city water and need to condition it. I use a clhorine remover - either Prime or AquaNova. My question is do i still need to have the water sit 24 hrs or would 12 hrs be okay? Thanks Heather
  13. She is still on her side. eats like crazy. Parmas are good. Nitrites vary between 0 & .25. Ammonia is always 0, nitatres go between 0 & 2. i have her in a 10 gallon with 5 gallons of water to add in reduced water pressure. Heather
  14. This morning I saw 1mm white worm like things moving on the tank glass. I could see them with my nake eye, they slide on the glass like a snail. The fish seem fine. What are they? Heather
  15. I am still doing water changes Ammonia 0 Nitrite .25 Nitrate 5 I checked another one of my good tanks and it has nitrate at 5 with the other 2 parma at 0. Heather
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