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  1. I just have a scattering of gravel in my goldy tank. I think it looks better than barebottom cause it hides the poop. I have seen my gf suck it up and spit it out but no choking in all the years I've had them. I have sand in my trop tank cause the cory cats love it and it's more natural for them. My betta tank just has flat bottomed glass marbles. That would also be an option for the goldfish as they couldn't fit that in their mouths at all!
  2. Agreed--just one betta is best. But even then you should watch the one for aggression against other fish. Some will get along fine but some bettas will chase all fish and nip at them or worse. It really does just depend on their individual personality.
  3. You know most bettas don't get along with each other right?? So if you want 7 they should all be females and have loads of plants, caves, etc. for them to mark out their territories. Also the rtbs are quite territorial so all these fish could end up fighting quite a bit and harming each other. I wouldn't recommend it at all--even in a 42 gal.
  4. Bettas really don't need a filter at all. Since they don't like the current anyway it's best not to even have one. I keep my betta in a five gal tank with no filter and clean every couple weeks or so. My last one lived over 3 yrs that way until I accidentally sucked her up the siphon. She lived a few weeks after that but just wasn't herself. Also, I keep the tank at room temp--about 73-75F, so they don't have to be 80F. I do have a heater in the tank just in case the furnace goes out however. Mine love to eat Betta Bites and freeze dried brine shrimp. For substrate I use glass marbles that are flat on one side. They don't harm fins that way and look pretty. I like silk plants and so do the bettas who rest on them.
  5. He is soooo pretty--wow. I never heard of bee shrimp but I like! What a wonderful story with a happy ending.
  6. I got a 40 gal breeder tank at that sale a few years ago and I love it!! By saving so much money I was able to afford a glass top to go with it too. It was only the tanks on sale and not the stands or anything. But I don't know about this new sale--maybe different now?? Anyway it is a good deal!
  7. Oh wow, I like your trop tank! Looks very realistic with the grass and rocks. Lots of cute fish too--I love the cories! Nicely done and Merry Christmas to you also.
  8. His eyes look huge--what a little doll! Sure hope he does ok for you.
  9. Your story sounds all too familiar. I lost a number of goldies and could never seem to keep them longer than a year--usually less. And other than a couple fantails they were all comets/commons and I still had them pass too soon! So I gave up on them for awhile and concentrated on my tropicals. The trops are fun and rewarding but my fishy life just didn't feel complete until I finally got another gf. Again I went for a cheap feeder as I hate to invest in something that won't last. But to my total surpise he thrived in his 30 gal hexagon tank that others had died in. Even when I didn't do regular water changes and even though all I fed him was flake food!! I don't recommend that of course but that is what happened at the time. And I not only have passed the year mark but have now had him for 4 years and he has grown and changed into a stunning white comet with a gorgeous long, flowing tail. He now resides in a 40 gal breeder with 3 tankmates that I've had for 3 years. Lots of water changes is always a must but it's working out. So my gf keeping has totally turned around and is going great. I am not sure why but even my tropical losses have become almost nonexistant with most dying of old age now instead of some illness or unexplained event. I wish I knew what the secret was so I could share it but all I know is don't give up. Odds are you will end up with stronger fish sooner or later and they will do well for you too.
  10. Wow!! I had no idea they got so large. In really looking again at my guy I'd say he is closer to almost 4 in. including the tail. But I guess they like living in ponds much better! Do you have any pix?? That would be cool.
  11. Thanks all! Actually they are egg layers-- http://www.fishpondinfo.com/rosy2.htm#breed I never had a rosy live this long so maybe that's why he is so large. But my pink rosy is much smaller so maybe it's a female?? Anyway, I really love them and will probably get more when these two pass on.
  12. I've had this guy for over 3 years now and he is much larger than any other rosy I ever saw. I only have him and one other pink rosy left. I have pix of both for comparison and also one with him by my bronze cory. I'm guessing his length would be about 2 1/2-3 in. long but ?? And yes he is missing one pectoral fin but it doesn't slow him down at all!
  13. Here is a list of some colorful freshwater fish that might work for you. http://voices.yahoo.com/ten-most-colorful-tropical-freshwater-fish-475105.html?cat=53
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