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  1. very nice pond ... pics of your goldfish please
  2. Hi Ranchugirl, thanks for your comments. The clear rubbermaid is the filter. I already put small lava rocks in there to filter. Those water hyacinths have reproduce a lot and their roots are enough to filter the entire pond. The water of my pond currently is very clear. I can see the bottom of it.
  3. I put water lettuces, water lilies, and water hycinths. Water hycinths reproduce very fast.
  4. I will move them inside in the winter. I currently does not have any things to cover my pond. However, it seems fine in my area. I haven't seen any predators around here. Small birds would not bother the fancy goldfish.
  5. some pics of my entire pond is here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=69917
  6. do you add ammonia everyday to your tank? You should keep the ammomia level at ~ 5ppm until the nitrite shows up. When the nitrite shows up, you have to keep the ammonia level ~ 2ppm. The nitrite level will get to ~5ppm and later will drop down.
  7. Hi all, I forgot to say that I bought 3/8 of an inch rebar and use 1/2" inch auger bit to drill. If you use 3/8" auger bit, it will be very hard to put through. My pond is six timbers high. You guys need a big and heavy hammer to put those rebar thru the ground.
  8. nice job and nice pond ... congratulation
  9. yes, I paid $1.95 a piece at a local hardware store(Menards).
  10. thanks everyone! *dmartins* - I only put my fancy goldfish outside in the summer time. I will move them inside in the winter. It is also cold here in Illinois. the approx. water volume is 400 gallons.
  11. Hi all, the pictures below are my pond. I used 24 landscape timbers to build this pond. It is 5 feet wide, 8 feet long and approximately 18 inches deep. 20 mil (12' x 12') pondliner - $45 before tax 24 treated landscape timbers ($1.95 each) 16 redbar (3') - I bought 10-foot rebar and cut it into three (3-foot long each). You can buy 4' long rebar at Lowes. I also bought 3 (1 x 8) 10-foot long on top for people to seat or for flower pots You can make it for less than $200. Tools: - a saw - 16-inch or 18-inch auger bit to drill through those timbers Materials: - rebar - lanscape timbers - pondliner - 1x8 standard boards for the top - screws to nail the top parts - 3 (4' x 8') styroforms (I put the styroform inside before I put the liner) thanks for looking!
  12. I vote for this one also
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