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  1. Ill send updated pics soon, took Ferdinand about three days to wipe out the plants lol.....we knew it was coming but it was already planted because it was gonna be a huge planted tropical tank at first lol
  2. Ok, for the big guy we are going with Ferdinand .......Ferdinand the bull Now trying to decide the other hes about a 3.5 incher
  3. undecided for names right now leading towards Ferdinand the Bull
  4. love cynthia, just got ranchus from her
  5. Hey am, pleased to meet ya
  6. this isnt where she keeps them, this is a for sale cam, she has three for sale tanks all with cams so you can watch them and fall in love with the one or ones u want......its an amazing experience, if you go to her site you can see how incredibly well these guys are taken care of, I will never buy another oranda or ranchu from anywhere else.....and koko...........IM BACK IN BUSINESS AND IT FEELS GOOD
  7. yeah ill post photos of the other two tomorrow, waiting for everything to settle and calm.....we let them have their fun tearing through the live plants lol. We got three, a jumbo, a medium and a baby. The jumbo is a six inch sakura ranchu. The medium is a three and half inch sakura calico(well the calico is coming in) and the baby im not sure yet but cute as hell. Ill post photos of all three of them tomorrow...Oh, we got them all from East Coast Ranchus. I cannot recommend the owner Cynthia enough, everything was painless and these fish are so high quality and so well taken care of....she truly cares about each one of her fish from the moment they hatch to the moment she knows they are acclimating well in their new homes. Look her up on you tube, she does a live stream of her babies on sale every day.
  8. Got my three Ranchu’s in today, will post pics of all later but here’s my big guy, I am drawing a blank for a name...anyone have any ideas?
  9. Im doing well.....you have a seven year old little girl? WOW.....thats amazing!! with me well......gosh, I guess my prime here was right around 2000-2003 with a few comeback along the way. My son was about two years old when I had all my fish, hes now 18! Hes grown up to be a great young man. One of the best high school basketball players in our state, will be going to college for it after his senior year. I have a daughter now, she just turned 12. Shes a handful lol. I havent really kept fish in that timeframe, I made an attempt about ten years ago, but some unfortunate water conditions for our town happened and I lost all of them and gave it up. Im engaged to just about the most wonderful human being on the planet. Wanna hear something funny? Her and I both manage two Petco stores. I know thats usually frowned upon but we do good with our stores and we make sure people are trained properly on how to care for and instruct proper goldfish care. So I guess even though I havent had tanks really since I was in my prime here, I have been at petco 11 years so technically I have had TON of tanks lol. Anyway, thats my story for now, we got a huge frameless tank and have cycled it properly. We are waiting for our ranchu from china to arrive late next week and it feels like we are getting a new family member. Hes a beaut, will post pics when its time. Ill be around again, I promise Tony
  10. LOL yeah....it is an old thread, brought back memories........i would love to see those old photos again just for the memories.....god those times were great
  11. Koko, are there any members left from that period? I remember us, faye, j, moochie, and then a few more
  12. Alright will definitely pick it up: I’m doing alright, not allowed to work during this mess because of having crohns and the meds I’m on for it. So looks like I’m back in the hobby! How have you been? Can you believe it’s been so long? It feels like last year when you, me and a few others would answer questions here and then go play sims online lol. It’s good to be back
  13. Old school here, founder actually. Family wanted a Ranchu tank and I said wait I know just where to go. I hope you are well Koko and I hope there are some old timers like me still around. The site looks great and cant wait to get back in the groove. Ill write more if there are any replies. Man its great to see this site still going Tony.............Tonytank
  14. replying to an ancient post to see if you guys are still around. Just got a tank for our family and they wanna do ranchus and I said to them "I know a site" I hope you guys are all doing well, as well as Koko and the other people that have been around forever
  15. Hey all, Old timer to the forum, was a member like 17 years ago now, lol. Hope everyone is well. My children and I are doing a ranchu tank, got everything cycled and waiting on the fish. What do you guys recommend for good food. Back in the day it was called PRO GOLD I think, it was mail order from a site, I am just checking if theres anything like that these days. Well HI KOKO!!!! Hope you are doing alright and hope to talk to you all. Please let me know about the fish
  16. hey guys, sorry I might have mistyped something, the other fish in his tank are no bigger than two to three inches.....small pearlscale, redcap oranda, and comet, and thats head to tail..... Im just baffled....... I think im gonna do the 75 percent water change that was suggested, I have some healthy bacteria built up as well as biospira to make sure it doesnt recycle......and then do at least 25 percent per week...... I have very shallow gravel.... Im usually right at 8ppm nitrates I dunno.....just dont wanna lose him really....kids love him.....my 2 yr old keeps saying hes seeping!!!
  17. This is why im so baffled, he eats pro gold, doesnt gulp water at all when he eats it really, but he is definitely flipped over on the bottom......like i said, i have had orandas, ryunkins, and moores with swimbladder.....and none of them have ever had this kind of control, they would always just float, as the problem got worse, ended up getting sores from the floating and dying.......well this has been going on for four months at least, first head down in the corner, then upside down in the corner, and when anyone comes close, you dont have to be right at the tank, just walk by it, he immediately flips over and zooms to the top looking for food
  18. Ok, well as far as water parameters, they are perfect across the board for goldfish, been doing this for over ten years.....i will post them if you need be, but they are perfect, three other thriving goldfish in the aquarium........for your other questions.... I change 25 percent every other week....... 55 gallon, three other goldfish all about three inches long other than him i use prime no new fish, no medications no unusual findings and I think I posted the unusual behavior.....but im sure you posted a just a premade script
  19. Hey Guys,.....need thoughts and opinions Old schooler who has had goldfish many years.... Ok, About six months ago I bought a calico telescope ryunkin(gorgeous fish, about eight enchs long now and beautiful body) well, about a month in, we noticed he would just at times, plant himself head first into the gravel, a total headstand, but when we would get close to the tank, he would correct himself and swim up to meet us, eat fine, poops fine, etc..... well now about four months later....its gotten worse....in the last month we have notice, now he will go to the bottom corner of the tank, sometimes do his headstand, and then other times becoming more commonplace now, he will even go belly up, not float to the surface like swimbladder, but just stay in the bottom corner of the tank at the bottom, totally upside down, and once again, we get close, he rights himself and swims happily until we feed him or a while after we walk away, he goes right back into it........this has been going on for months....but he seems perfectly fine up close, water perimeters are very perfect across the board, anyone got any ideas or suggestions........just weirded me out as I have had fish loss due to swimbladder at the top of the water, but never anything like this, its almost like hes bored or sleep deprived, lol.... Any help will be appreciated
  20. Ok, got photobucket set up by how to i link the photos to my posts here, im so confused
  21. wow, a marylander!!!!! or someone near maryland at least......rare to find on this board, well it was when I was a reg a while ago. what part of maryland are you from, I am eastern shore, near ocean city as far as the goldfish stores go.......its sad to say but in my area the only two options we have are vvvv, and a local pet store.......that is mostly for buying puppies(dont even get me started on that) there have been two excellent fish stores around in the last five years, but they just couldnt keep "above water" in this rural community of people that would rather just buy a fish from a super nnnnnn as they do their groceries for the week. Luckily my local vvvv is really good with goldfish, good selection of healthy goldfish, and sometimes even get nice rares......like pandas etc.........
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