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  1. I have 5 nice Oranda's living happily in a 60 gallon tank. The params are great. They are healthy. BUT they are pale and anemic looking. All the fish that had black on them no longer do. All the red and bright oranges have faded to a pale dull creepy color. Even my Red Cap who used to have a vibrant red Wen, has had it fade to nearly orangey white. I bought some TetraColor that is supposed to help. But I don't see any ingredient except maybe the spirulina that may help. How do you keep your fish colors bright?
  2. I was not sure where to post this question. If it should be in the food forum, or the disease forum or where. So I'll put it here and the mods can move it to the appropriate place if necessary. I have 6 very healthy Oranda. They live happily in a 60 gallon tank with perfect parameters. I feed them soaked Omega One pellets in the morning and Gel food that I prepared a few months ago and have kept frozen until ready to use. My Gel consists of pellet, spinach, freeze dried shrimp and blood worms. For the last several weeks, my black and white oranda has been spending several hours in the evening floating belly up at the top of the tank. In the morning he is fine. The other fish do NOT do this. So I checked out the Nitrates and they are only at 10ppm Ammonia is zero and Nitrites zero. PH 7.6 Then on a fluke I decided to hold the Gel food for 4 days. Guess what! No floating Oranda. Well tonight was my big experiment. When I got home from work I fed them the Gel. Floatie fish ate it happily. In 30 minutes he was floating! He is floating now as I type this. Now I'm confused. I thought Gel stopped all worries of floating! It doesn't bother the other 5 fish. Have you ever heard of an individual fish that cannot tolerate Gel? I don't know what else it can be. It would be too much of a coincidence after this latest experiment to not be the Gel. Ideas?
  3. My 2 newest goldies had a color change. I knew this was possible so it didn't shock me. However the speed at which it happened amazed me. I thought it would be more gradual. I went away for Memorial Weekend. I saw the fish on Friday evening before I left. I saw them again Monday afternoon when I got home. Shitakki a red and black Oranda went from having a black and chocolate wen and black and red fins on Friday to having a bright orange wen and fins on Monday Wonton had a black and tan colored wen and black and white fins on Friday and he went to a white and very lite tan wen to pure white fins on Monday! They are both healthy and behaving normal. I'm just shocked at how fast it happened. I couldn't believe my eyes!
  4. I am soaking my pellets in tank water, but I got to thinking that is there something better to use to add more nutrition and variety? Can you soak them in say, Apple juice or orange juice? Wouldn't that add more vitamins and additional nutrients? Just a thought. Or silly?
  5. Dino, short for Sardino, named that because he is a long skinny Oranda, looking more like a red Sardine with a cap on his head, seems to have what it takes in the fish world. Three of my Oranda's seem to think Dino it the hottest fishie in town. What they do is swim around with Dino sandwiched between two of them while Spangles follows with his nose up Dino's um.... tail. My other two Orandas pay no attention to the antics. So I'm assuminging I have 3 girls.... Dino being one of them. But why are the boys not going after the other females? Is Dino dropping eggs and they are being eaten by Spangles? I haven't seen anything remotely resembling something I would think a GF egg looks like. Anyway. Just curious, not concerned. Dino seems to take it in stride and appears to like the attention.
  6. After MONTHS of the troubles. (by troubles I mean sick fish, dead fish, floating fish, spotted and dotted fish, and fish with little white worms hanging on them (anchor) LOL!!! I think I have reached a point that I can enjoy my fish! (that sound you hear is me knocking on wood) I have a 60 gallon tank.... six healthy growing Orandas.... all eating great, pooping fine, swimming fine. AMAZING. I have been tearing my hair out trying to get here. I can lay on the sofa across from my tank and watch them. It is so relaxing. Just tested my params and all is gooooooood!! YEY!! Now how do I keep it this way?
  7. 60 gallon, rena-2 AC10, 6 GF. ammonia 0, Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10 PH 7.8 All fish acting fine and healthy. Only my red Oranda developed bright red streaking on his 2 ventral fins that radiated toward the tips like sunbursts. He is acting just fine. Swimming energeticly and chasing after food. This morning the red streaks are fading. I think it is perhaps an injury? My fish get pretty rought with each other, particularly in the morning when they all seem to be involved in a game of "twister". Who knows what that's about. Anyway, has anyone ever seen this? PS Devs.... I didn't run to the store for meds! I'm getting better I think!
  8. Yes. Many documented cases of humans contracting fish TB. please read. There have been cases of people needing their fingers or hands amputated. But from my understanding the most danger is from the Salt water micobacterium. http://www.flippersandfins.net/FishTankGranuloma.htm
  9. I work in a large hospital So many people from different countries work there. I just ask them... Doctors, nurses etc. The guy that told me JingYee is a doctor from Mainland China. He was amused and happy to tell me. I think he was even a little flattered that I had the interest.
  10. I can only speak from my experience. Red streaks in tails have always been an ominous sign. The times I have seen them, the fish became seriously ill very soon. However, since your red streaks are now gone following a water change, I'm sure it was the water quality causing it. For me, it always meant septicemia and the only thing I found that helped was a course of treatment with Maracyn-2 and MediGold food.
  11. I agree with 4-6 weeks also. I say this because I just had 2 fish in quarantine. After 2 weeks I began seeing little white sticks sticking out of them! Anchor Worms! The life cycle of the Anchor worm is 14 to 30 days depending on the temperature of the water. So I needed to treat the worms with Dimilin for 2 weeks before I was sure they were gone. I aso did water changes every 1-2 days, but mine were in only a 12 gallon tank with an AC70 filter. So the great filtration helped.
  12. I can really relate to your post. Long before I found koko's I kept 2 little bubble eyes in a 2 gallon vase on my dresser with a Peace Lilly on the top. They were really just a decoration. I fed them flakes and never tested the water but changed it when it became grundgy. They lived for 2 years until my son brought over a sick fish and he killed my little bubble eyes. Then I got a 12 gallon and had 5 Oranda's in it. I found Koko's at this time and learned how wrong this was. So I saved and bought a 60 gallon with 2 great filters and all the bells and whistles. I learned how to make gel food, how to test the water parameters and tried to do everything right. I had 6 fish when Mr.Big fell ill to a mysterious illness and I ended up haveing to euthanize him. Then I got a ravaging case of fin rot/ septicemia in the big tank and lost another 2 fish. Inspite of perfect parameters. Then I bought two new fish and made sure they were kept in quarantine. They developed Anchor worms and fish lice along with who knows what. I treated for that and now just this past weekend felt safe enough to introduce them to my big tank. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my toes too! I just hope I can get a stable tank of healthy fish so I can relax for a while.
  13. well I found out the Chinese Mandarin word for Goldfish. It's JingYee. So different from the Cantonese Gumyu. And KingYo is Japanese.
  14. so if I understand you right, you remove water from the tank and use that water to rinse out the sponges in the filter. In addition, I should only clean one filter at a time, right? See, how would anyone ever know that unless they asked here. This is a great place. I never would have figured that little piece of the puzzle out!
  15. I did a major tank cleaning this weekend. I have a 60 gallon tank with a Rena-2 and an AC110. It has been cycled since February. I have done regular water changes, but this was going to be a real cleaning. I put in new charchol, and I got new tubing for the Rena, which was looking pretty gross. I am going to clean the old tubes really good and switch off when the new ones get grundgy. Anyway.. I took the water all the way down to about 2 inches, making sure to vacuum the gravel really good. For the Rena, I left the Biostars alone, but I replaced the Charchol and the very top microfilters. I rinsed out the cannister, and the sponges were really slimy. I assumed that was "good" stuff, but I rinsed out the sponges to get out the solid waste. I did NOT bleach anything. I was afraid to destroy my cycle. But I rinsed things. I don't know how far to clean things. Did I do too much? Too little?
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