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  1. So, nobody who posted here ever got back to me. I was just wondering if any of you were still interested. I have a pretty free schedule right now.
  2. Absolutely, please pm me or email me at themary@gmail.com with your address if you want a shipping quote up front.
  3. Ok, I understand, maybe it is a little intimidating to ask about something with no idea what I charge. This is an approximate pricing for some standard canvas sizes. Oil painting takes a lot more work than acrylic so I price those higher. If someone wants something bigger or a different dimension, I think most of these are rectangular, please ask for a quote. Size acrylic oil 4" ? 5" $25 $40 5" ? 7" $30 $45 6" ? 8" $35 $50 6" ? 12" $40 $55 8" ? 10" $50 $70 9" ? 12" $60 $80 10" ? 14" $70 $90 10" ? 20" $80 $100 11" ? 14" $90 $110 12" ? 12" $100 $120 12" ? 16" $110 $140 14" ? 18" $120 $160 16" ? 20" $130 $180 18" ? 24" $140 $200 20" ? 20" $150 $210 20" ? 24" $160 $220 20" ? 30" $170 $230 22" ? 28" $180 $240 24" ? 30" $190 $250 24" ? 36" $200 $260 30" ? 36" $220 $275 30" ? 40" $240 $300
  4. Thank you, it belongs to a member here. I wish this member was me Would you be interested in something similar with your own fish?
  5. Thank you, it belongs to a member here.
  6. Hi I haven't been here in a while. I'm busy with my little one and haven't been keeping fish lately. I like to paint fish and other animals. I will also do portraits. Please contact me for a quote of what you want. Please be specific. More examples of my work.
  7. You should probably take their complete adult sizes into account and allow a tank length and width that will still allow them plenty of exercise at their full sizes. I think there is an equation for this, something like 6 times their body length for the tank length and at least 3 times their length for the width, but I'm just guessing here at the numbers. You probably want to research this. 10 gallons each wouldn't really allow the adult goldfish to move around at all.
  8. I know it's not goldfishy but since you asked, here's a portrait I did of my best friend, Jessica.
  9. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately we're just renting. I do hate the carpet they put in here though.
  10. I peeked under the carpeting to see if I could spot the nails and there's a hardwood floor under the carpet. Can anyone recommend a good but inexpensive studfinder?
  11. I know this may be sort of a stupid question, but who would I ask to have a look at it? Also do you think it would make a difference whether it's on the first or second floor?
  12. Thanks for the advice! I will see what I can find out about the floor there.
  13. Hello, I'm moving in mid-May to a different place. It's a 2 story house but there's another apartment in the basement. I have a 110 with two goldfish (shubunkin and common) as big as my hand in there. I have major doubts that the floor would be able to support this kind of weight and I'm not sure what to do about them. Is there anything smaller they would be comfortable in? I have my doubts about that but I'm really attached to my shubunkin as I've had him several years. I don't really care much about the common but I don't want to just give him away as he's unlikely to find a good home around here. I don't really know what to do.
  14. I suggest adding more of the zebra danios as they're schooling fish.
  15. Apple snails shells deteriorate in low hardness levels. They need a calcium supplement to build nice shells. I believe this can be added to the water or in their food. I also live in WV. When did they become illegal? I've seen them in local petstores still.
  16. Actually cories need to be in larger groups. Personally I'd go with 2 rams 7 harlequin rasboras (these are not tetras) I wouldn't put any cories in, since it's a small tank and the rams might beat them up if they get in their territory while they're spawning.
  17. Where do you live? Will this be kept from freezing over winter? There are often pieces of driftwood listed on aquabid.com that are very large in size. I believe AmazonMoosey sells them for Swampy.
  18. If you're sticking with just neons then 10 will be ok, but if you're adding another species I wouldn't recommend it in a 10g. Most tetras get much bigger than neons and produce a lot more waste. Besides there really isn't enough room in a 10g for a good school of most tetras.
  19. Sorry but the minimum for koi is 1000 gallons and in that you could put 3 koi and the 3 comets and that's it. And that is really the smallest you can go. If you just wanted some comets you could get away with just a few hundred gallons.
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