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  1. You know.... I don't have any Orandas now that I think of it.... I may have to do something bout that.
  2. thanks Imo! Hunk is a beauty isn't he? He is bigger than he looks here, he is one of those fish you use 2 hands for. He is one of 3 fish that came into my favorite LFS. Hunny, Hubby I got first, and then Hunk followed soon after. I don't know if they were imports or anything, but he got them from a wholesaler. Sadly, Hunny died of what looked like costia. I scraped her gills after death and saw not only the very tiny costia but also flukes. Poor thing was just overloaded I guess. I treated all my tanks. I just scraped a couple of my fish and didn't find anything so I guess it worked. I should explain why I bought Tony back... the woman behind the counter was not the same woman I spoke to originally when I gave him up, so I just bought him to save myself the long explanation. He was only 2.99 and the woman sold him to me without even mentioning that he looked sick, and maybe I should choose a more lively fish. She just looked kinda sheepish. I guess she figured she was doing someone a favor unloading a sick fish on an unsuspecting customer. Some clean water, good tucker, and some meds soon put him back together. I can't apologize to him enough.
  3. I think they are all skinny and sad looking because they sometimes put them in with other fish. They can't compete with something like a fantail or an oranda, they would be lucky to get any food at all. they would even have trouble with a Moor. Piggy and Chumly are perfect for each other. Neither one of them can see all that well so it takes them forever to find the food, but they are evenly matched.
  4. Like Father like son or daughter as the case may be. Dickey moe and Taffy's baby Fat Tony. Tony was the last of their fry. I took him to the pet store with Egg and hoped they would get a good home. Egg might have but Tony did not. About 2 weeks after I gave him up, I visited there and found him on his side at the bottom of a tank with another fish pecking at him. His fins were all frayed and chewed up. I bought him on the spot and took him home where he is doing very well now Piggy and Chumly (on top) they appear to have found eachother.. and me (food? Food? are we eating now?) This is Hunk. I got him after Hunny died. they would have made lovely little fishies together but it was not to be. and just cuz i adore him... Loverboy
  5. Goodbye my little fat bottomed girl. I'm so sorry I didn't treat you sooner. Hunny died from costia, her gills were loaded with it. All my tanks had to be treated. I only had her for a short time, but I will miss her forever.
  6. There once was a fish named Matilda, She ate too much an it killed 'er, When hunger beckoned, She went back for seconds, Until eating it all over-filled 'er.
  7. A sad goodbye to my little Cheeto who had a serious swimbladder problem that lately became much worse. He could no longer swim down in the tank and ended up bobbing at the surface and getting sores etc..Not a good life for a goldie. I humanely ended his suffering. He was the tankmate to my celestial Piggy, and they were close pals. Piggy did not get much of a chance to miss him since I placed my bubble eye Bluto in the tank with him. They keep bumping into each other, it's cute. Still I will miss my little chubby cheeked Cheeto. Goodbye little one.
  8. OMG! I just saw this!!! I love it!
  9. Fish Heaven! a great big tank and one tiny fish! he's a keeper!
  10. As usual, your babies are gorgeous!!!
  11. They are so cute! I love the captions, the last photo is priceless.
  12. getting on my fish-napping clothes...... When did you say he was coming? Gorgeous! I'm glad you got him!!!!
  13. I love loove looooooove baby pearlies! all black button eyes make them that much cuter!!!
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