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  1. You know.... I don't have any Orandas now that I think of it.... I may have to do something bout that.
  2. thanks Imo! Hunk is a beauty isn't he? He is bigger than he looks here, he is one of those fish you use 2 hands for. He is one of 3 fish that came into my favorite LFS. Hunny, Hubby I got first, and then Hunk followed soon after. I don't know if they were imports or anything, but he got them from a wholesaler. Sadly, Hunny died of what looked like costia. I scraped her gills after death and saw not only the very tiny costia but also flukes. Poor thing was just overloaded I guess. I treated all my tanks. I just scraped a couple of my fish and didn't find anything so I guess it worked. I should explain why I bought Tony back... the woman behind the counter was not the same woman I spoke to originally when I gave him up, so I just bought him to save myself the long explanation. He was only 2.99 and the woman sold him to me without even mentioning that he looked sick, and maybe I should choose a more lively fish. She just looked kinda sheepish. I guess she figured she was doing someone a favor unloading a sick fish on an unsuspecting customer. Some clean water, good tucker, and some meds soon put him back together. I can't apologize to him enough.
  3. I think they are all skinny and sad looking because they sometimes put them in with other fish. They can't compete with something like a fantail or an oranda, they would be lucky to get any food at all. they would even have trouble with a Moor. Piggy and Chumly are perfect for each other. Neither one of them can see all that well so it takes them forever to find the food, but they are evenly matched.
  4. Like Father like son or daughter as the case may be. Dickey moe and Taffy's baby Fat Tony. Tony was the last of their fry. I took him to the pet store with Egg and hoped they would get a good home. Egg might have but Tony did not. About 2 weeks after I gave him up, I visited there and found him on his side at the bottom of a tank with another fish pecking at him. His fins were all frayed and chewed up. I bought him on the spot and took him home where he is doing very well now Piggy and Chumly (on top) they appear to have found eachother.. and me (food? Food? are we eating now?) This is Hunk. I got him after Hunny died. they would have made lovely little fishies together but it was not to be. and just cuz i adore him... Loverboy
  5. Eastwood is a Papa! I was cleaning the tank and found little babies hiding in between the marbles! They will all have to wait for the sand now. I can't get them to go inside shells so I can put the sand in for them. there are well grown babies and some tiny newbies in the same spot, It seems Charlene is the most likely Mommie. Eastie has 3 girls: Charlene Sherry and Terry (I can't tell those 2 apart). 2 of the babies were seen near Sherry but she seems to dislike them, So I would say she is not the mom. Charlene hovers around them and Terry does not come near. Way to go Eastie! 'bout time buddy. I know I have let this thread go a bit, I don't have access to the internet at home so I don't get to do as much writing as I would like. I do have some film of the eggs that I want to get on photobucket, hopefully that will happen soon!
  6. So much has gone on since I last wrote. This post is all about mommies and babies. As you may remember I finally got my fish to the pet store, but still had about 15 in the tank, and Mumsy had just given me a whole shell full of young'uns, and Angelina had been hiding her own little secret in another shell- babies of her own! Well, that big spawn of Mumsy's seems to have disappeared almost completely . There are still a few little faces peeking out at me from various shells here and there. I don't know that these are all Mumsy's babies or Angie's. But they know their best bet for survival is to keep a low profile. They are rarely ever out in the open. I have only named 2 of them: Folly and Peril. They lived close to Mumsy in the same shell, and unfortunately, Mumsy wanted the shell for herself because the shell she usually inhabits is full of babies at the moment. Their little bodies turned up over the space of 3 days, and I found Mumsy in residence in their former shell. Little shellies should leave home as soon as possible! And now?.. Mimmie. This little girl has become a momma too! She lives close to Angelina, and I first noticed her when I saw her vigorously fanning in a shell and I got suspicious. Sure enough, she had been keeping secrets too. I adore Mimmie! She is a feisty little thing, and seems to be a good mother, even if she is a little inexperienced . I saw her fan so hard she actually ejected one of her babies out of the shell! Whoops. Then mysteriously, her little ones were gone, either eaten or moved on to a good hiding spot. I saw some in the crevices for a while, but now I see none. And as if that weren't enough?. Little Ginny too! Ginny still lives near Mumsy and Rickey and just had 2 shells with eggs in them. I assume they are hers and not Mumsy's. This time I had the pleasure of watching the eggs themselves! I have never seen the eggs before! But there they were in the mouth of the shell and they caught my eye because they were moving! Shellie eggs are white, and big enough for you to think a bigger fish laid them. And they are busy little eggs! They remind me very much of Mexican jumping beans. Without any external signs of the fish inside, these eggs wiggle and jump with enough strength to launch the egg in random directions. From what I can tell, the females do not round them up. The eggs are on their own. I don't know when the eggs were laid but within 2 days I could see the little fish emerging! The eyes are the first things you see. Then the tail makes an appearance. When that happens the little eggs really get moving, I just missed one on camera (ran out of space) I had been filming the little egg and at the end when my card said "full" it gave one mighty jerk and flew out of the shell and into a crevice I thought I caught it but no such luck. A couple of days later, a tiny newbie appeared from inside the crevice. The little acrobat survived the incident!!!! And sadly?has not been seen since. Angelina has had a second clutch at some point, there are two different sizes of baby in there. Another older fry was living in there and finally moved out. And there's more?..My little Jenny has had a go at motherhood too. It was a dismal failure, but hey! It was probably her first time so who can blame her if she dropped them all outside of the shell. When last seen there were 4 of them clinging to the outside of the shell. I don't think they got fertilized, I never saw them move and then one day they were gone. And??. Joanie who lives behind Jenny has 2 tiny babies In one of her shells. She and Ginny belong to Rickey. It is still not clear who Jenny belongs to. Oct 20th More to add? all of the babies have disappeared! Mumsy seems to still have a couple, but Ginny's and Jenny's are gone. Mimmie has lost her bunch but compensated by having another big clutch that seems to be thriving under her watchful eye. I counted to 12 easily and day after day they are still 12 or more. I feel they will survive very nicely. They have already grown and are showing well fed tummies. Mimmie is a ferocious little guardian. She patrols her shell area as if she is on a racetrack. She laces herself through the crevices below her babies and will attack anyone but Brad who comes near. Over and over she patrols the perimeter , it would make you dizzy to watch her. She is quite mad. Brad has become the peacekeeper in the tank. Whenever a fight breaks out amongst the juvies in his area, he goes right over and puts everyone back in line There is one Juvie that seems to annoy him more than the others and I am daring to say "boy" on that one. I doubt he would be so annoyed at potential harem member. Eastwood: He was by himself until recently. After the big tank crash, I left him alone for a while. He got weird. (ha ha) In the first place, the grow out tank has nothing but glass globs on the floor, no nice cozy sand to dig in and secondly I did not give him extra shells to use. He had only his big green shell and nothing else. I first noticed his odd behavior when I found him under the heater which is kept low in the tank (that way I don't have to shut it off when doing water changes) He seemed to be making a home for himself under there. I then noticed the odd "clearings". Bare spaces In the tank that seemed to surround the areas he was in. Then I heard the strange clicking sounds coming from the tank and realized they were tied to the weird circles in the tank, so I started spying and sure enough I caught him! Eastwood was moving the marbles in the tank! He could not pick them up and move them like a button, so he moved them by snapping at them. Each snap of his jaws moved them further away and produced the strange little "click" as the marbles collided together. He cracks me up! A fish who makes his own little Stonehenge. I felt bad for him though? So I picked out 3 likely-to-be-girls and put them and some nice roomy shells into his tank. I also bought some sand, but I haven't put it in yet. I bet I will see no babies until it goes in. This post has been written over a couple of months so the news is a bit old, and sadly I must update on the latest trajedy: Mimmie's babies are gone. she has stopped her mad dashing patrols and just hovers above the shells and only occasionally looks for the babies now. I am so sad to lose them. I must find out why this is happening. I am thinking that their diet might be lacking something. they are carnivores and maybe the flake food I feed them is not enough and they supplement it with the young'uns. I am going to step up the frequency of my feedings, and the amount of live or frozen food I give them and we will see if my babies will survive. They were eaten for sure (I'm looking at you Brad!). There were signs of Mimmie's shells being disturbed as if a larger fish was determined to get at them. Bad, Bad Brad!! Bad Fish! (I am shaking my finger at him) On a happy note...Eastie has everyone in line in his tank. The girls adore him.
  7. What kind of sand do you like to use? Is it playground sand, or is it from a pet shop? Have you continued to struggle with brown algae? Do you think it is possible that the sand broke your filter? I was planning to set up my first tank with sand but now I'm not so sure. I just read an article that said stuff in the sand called "silicates" encourages brown algae to grow. Anyway thanks for this thread I really enjoyed reading about the little shellies. I know this is a late reply but I would like to answer it anyway. When I said I "bumped" the filter, I did not mean it literally. I meant that I disturbed the biological filtration, probably by over cleaning. It then stopped working and the poor fish died from an ammonia spike. The algae is no longer brown but has turned a nice green. I don't have too much trouble with that anymore. The sand I use is marine sand. Beach sand really. It is very fine and perfect for my little landscapers. Shellies should not be given gravel or coarse sand. They like to burrow down with their whole bodies (It's comical to watch) and they could suffer injuries that would allow bacteria to enter through the wounds. Sand can be rough on the filters. Fortunately, once the little ones get everything to their liking, they just do small amounts of digging to maintain it. I use a piece of pre-filter cloth over the intake to help keep out the finest particles. I will have an update soon.....
  8. Or maybe Angelina will provide them! Angie is a MOM! I found a few teeny tiny fry peeking out of her shell!! That little cutie! Brad is a DAD! I have only counted about 5 or 6 but that is not unusual. Hooray! (I think I am happy)(or maybe not, considering how much trouble it was to get rid of the others) Do I really need 2 females breeding in there??? eep.
  9. Hooray!!! The fry are finally gone!! I got in touch with the lady from the fish store and she told me that the tank that she had for the fish had been taken by others, but she had a 30 gal. tank that they could go into. We set a date, and the fish were delivered in two buckets with battery powered bubblers. 30 gallons! I am so happy for them! They survived the hour long journey just fine and as far as I know she didn't lose any. All told, I delivered 42 fish to her. 20 from the big tank and the 22 from the grow-out tank. Even with all of them gone I still have another 15 or so which eluded capture. I must say she got some fine fishies there! So now I must make a fond farewell to : Duke Nanjan Selma Pattie Ten Bart and the rest of the nameless fry. Happily, I re-discovered Angelina (she never left her shell very close to Brad) SHe is still at home with me, as are Mumsy (of course) and Rickey. Eastwood is another story..a tragic one! As you may remember, Eastie beastie was in his own tank and had been given new roomates after the exile of Duke (used to be Daisy) and the sad death of Minnie. The new roomates were Frenchie, Snidely, Hotsy, Totsy, and Notsy. well.. after a big water change I noticed an ominous fog in the tank. I must have bumped the filter somehow and it stopped working, but I couldn't do much about it at the time because of my work schedule. THe best I could do was change the water and hope for the best. Sadly, it was not enough. when I looked into the tank next, I found bodies everywhere. All 5 of the roomies perished. Eastwood was nowhere in sight. This happened on the day after I took the fry to the store so I still had their tank running, and lucky for Eastie that I did! I saw movement through a hole in his shell and immediately evacuated him to safety in the grow out tank. Eastie is one tough little fish. This is his third brush with death. He now lives all alone in the tank. I am planning to get some new sand for him and set him up all nice and cozy again. I totally broke down the smaller tank that he was in , and all that was in it is being bleached and boiled to make it safe for re- use. Right now he has to camp out on the glass globs that I used to keep the shells stable in the water. He dosent seem to have suffered at all from his ordeal. I called the pet store and asked how the fish were doing, and although I did not talk to the same lady I delivered them to, I did speak to her roomate. They LOVE the fish. I think that more than a couple found a home with the employees. Eastwood will get new roomates by and by.. and Mumsy will provide them, I'm sure.
  10. My plans are falling apart! the lady at the petstore where I was to send my shellies, dosen't answer my emails anymore!! oh no!! these fish have got to go! It's like world war three in the grow out tank. Yikes!
  11. Hikari pellets, I think it is called biogold. He gets occasional flakes and bloodworms, also brine shrimp, but that is only once in a while. The pellets are a staple.
  12. My Betts "Krom" has been losing color in bands on his body. His fins look o.k., he is just turning grey in areas that look like belts around his body. I know it is probably water condtions, and I have done my best to be more vigilant aabout his changes, and he has much improved in disposition, but I can't get the paleness to go away. I tried antibiotics, saw no improvement and now he is in "Bettafix" a 7 day sort of blanket treatment for various problelms. I have seen no improvement yet. Can anyone suggest what to try next if he continues to show no progress? He is eating fine and appears strong, right now he is getting daily changes because of the medication. He is in a 2 and a half gallon tank with heater. He has no filter, he ususally gets water treated with Amquel plus to keep it safe.
  13. The tanks have settled down for now. Eastwood has stopped chasing and nipping his new little tankmates, and he is back to being the same mellow little fish he has always been. I think he was still thinking of Duke for a while when the little ones were dumped into his tank. He was still in attack mode. That was rude of me, I should have offered introductions :smile I do think it's a shame he gave up his castle to two of the little usurpers. He had a big algae covered shell all to himself, but when they moved in he was so appalled that he dissolved into a corner and barked at them from a distance. Frenchy and Snidely are living there together, and a different fry is now living in the corner where Frenchy originally was. I decided to name the two: Hotsy (lives at the bottom of the heater) and Totsy (a really small fry), and the fifth fry (who has not been seen lately and is about the size of Frenchy) will be called Notsy. I don't know where Notsy is. But since Eastie has calmed down, he is now checking on the fry probably just to remind himself where they are. I have been watching where he goes, I may not know where they all are but he will not fail to find them. I am glad things have settled down in there, this will be a good move for the little ones. They will not have to compete for food and there will be months of peace before Eastwood and I have to worry about boys growing up. Duke is still incarcerated, but he has adjusted. He is hovering above his shell as much as Shellies do, but I think it still freaks him out about how close he is to the surface. Shellies don't go to the surface much. I know that from my big tank: there may be food floating around up there but they will not go up to get it. They will wait for it to fall. Their comfort zone ends about 5 inches above their shells. Poor Duke has a built in instinct to go down and stay down, He knows he is not at the bottom of the tank and it must be stressing him a bit. I caught him peeking out of his plastic canvas cage. I use the plastic canvas with the small holes for my tanks, it keeps all but the smallest fry out, but it is kinda hard to see a fish in it from a distance, and Duke is sometimes hiding between the shell and the side of the basket. His camouflage is so good he looks like part of the shell. So I have to look for a short while before I can see him. Imagine my surprise when I saw him looking at me! I was looking all over and just when I thought he was inside the shell, I saw this little eye looking back at me through one of the holes in the canvas! It kind of reminded me of that scene in Jurassic Park when the T-Rex was looking through the window of the truck. Poor Duke, If he can see me, he can see the fish below him.
  14. Developments in the grow-out tank: All heck has broken loose. Duke has been terrorizing the juvies to the point where no one has any peace at all. I have dispossessed Young'uns all over the tank. One poor little mite decided to hide behind the heater, he has no where else to go. Duke chased all of the juvies away from his end of the tank and now they are all crowded and squabbling down in the front. It's sad to watch him trying to create his own space in there, and I cannot let him disturb the whole tank like that, so unfortunately?Duke has to go. He has been judged gillty of disturbing the peace and has been sentenced to a term of incarceration of indefinite length. It is unlikely that he will be getting out on good behavior, and parole is not possible. He could be pardoned by the governor later though, but he will have to accept exile as a condition of his release. In other words: I put him and his stolen shell in a plastic canvas basket and hung it up on the side of the tank. He has about 5 inches of space all to himself, and the water can flow through but he can't get out. It's not a great solution but I had to do something. He will have to stay there until it's time to go to the pet store. The little ones below are grateful for his absence and are quickly filling in the space that he tried to claim. Peace has returned (as much as it can in a tank full of cranky little fish) . Ooooooooh! This trip to the pet store has to happen soon!!!!!! I dread what will happen once the little fishy hormones really get revved up in the ones who are almost grown. This whole incident is a dire warning of the consequences of letting this continue much longer. They are at the age where territory is becoming very important to them and the sparring that they have always done is getting edgy. Poor Duke, he is safe and restrained but not at all happy. A strong healthy fish like him should have a big piece of tank real estate, a stable full of fine babes, and a gang of toadys to lord it over and do his bidding.
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