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  1. I have a fairly large hollow ornament in my 26 gallon tank. I snake an airline tubing into it from the bottom and just let it bubble through the top (there are a couple of openings, one on top and one on the side). I have had this setup for over 4 years without a problem.
  2. I hand feed gel food by cutting a few strips that are easier to hold. I would start the meal by hand feeding, this way I know each fish has got a least a mouthful of food, then I just dump the rest of the food for them to gobble up.
  3. I also prefer a tank with gravel and never found it messy. The fish are kept occupied rummaging through the substrate.
  4. Just saw the pictures of your comets - what beautiful fish. How I wish I have the room to set up a tank outside and keep some big goldfish!
  5. Hope that beautiful fish pulls through. What an impressive deep body. I know you had been working hard on your broadtail line.
  6. I am afraid that if you try to scape an Amano style tank, your goldies will make short work of it. His tanks are extremely high maintenance and his tanks are set up to have only a few small fish (tetras, otos, rasboras, etc.) If you want a scaped goldfish tank, you may have more luck with a more 'natural' style tank where a few nibbles from your fish will be less noticeable. Although knowing our goldfish pets, it won't be nibbles, more like chunks of plants will be gobbled up!
  7. I add red peppers to the gel food I made and they actually make the gel food smell good!
  8. I also like female bettas a lot. I actually find them spunkier than the males. I have had 3 female bettas and each one of them is fearless and full of curiosity. When I do a WC, the females will swim about the gravel cleaner investigating and seem facinated by the gravel going up and down the tube. With the males on the other hand, the majority of them will hide until I am done. Only a few will stay out in the open and play around the gravel cleaner. Those little girls have the personality where they lack the magnificient finnage of the males.
  9. All goldfish belong to the same species any any breed of goldfish can breed with each other. The offsprings of different breeds are just goldfish, not hybrids, just like breeding different breed of dogs (e.g. laborador with poodle). By mixing breeds you can get characteristics from either parent or both.
  10. Jinyu_fan

    Baby Bottles?

    But how is feeding with a syringe or bottle more natural?
  11. I wouldn't worry about the pH since that is the way it comes from the tap. Just keep it stable and the fish should do fine. Fish are harmed more by a pH that swings up and down.
  12. Very pretty boy - Thor looks like a streak of gold in the sun. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Like Balashark, I have gravel in my tank. I have never had problems keeping my tank clean and I prefer the look of fine gravel over that of a bare bottom tank.
  14. Yes, females show stress stripes when conditions are not optimal. She was most probably stressed and adapting to her new environment. Both males and females will become pale when stressed or when ill. I am glad to hear that your new girl is doing well and has regained her coloring.
  15. You can put a piece of filter padding or a sponge where the water comes out of the filter to break up the strong current or to set up plants and decorations strategically to break up the current as some member have mentioned. I have 2 gallon Eclipse Explorer IIs and I run the filter continuouly with no problem.
  16. My setup and WC schedule are same as Sue's. Currently I have 5 bettas, all in 2 - 2.5 gallon tanks, each with a filter and heater. The only tank that doesn't need a heater is the Explorer II, the motor in the filter seems to keep the water warm enough without a heater, about 76 - 78oF. I do a weekly 50% WC on each tank. Bettas from LFS never seem to last very long for me, the longest I managed to keep one is 1.5 years. They seem to succumb to one disease or another after that. Although one of the owners at the LFS told me he had a betta for over 7 years! I don't have the extra money right now, but I would love to get a betta with good genes from a breeder eventually.
  17. Both your fish are beautiful. I love Pachinko's coloring, good find!
  18. When I feed Progold to the teeny fantail I just got (he is 1" not counting tail), I break up a pellet into small pieces for him. The big boys in the regular tank will just take it whatever they can chew.
  19. White Cloud Mountain Minnows prefers cool water and their coloration is best at cooler temperatures (18C - 22C) although they tolerate a wide range of temperatures. They can be kept in an unheated tank. They are fast swimmers and do best in group of 6 or more. I fear a 29 litre tank will not be big enough for them. Danios are also active swimmers and will need space. I think a group of small tetras or rasboras as NightAngel suggested will serve you better. I have a 20 litre (5 gallon) that is very similar to the one in your picture that is heavily planted tank with a colony of Red Cherry shrimp and a couple of otos. You can also have a small group (3-5) of fancy male guppies - they will provide lots of color.
  20. Quilt batting (I am presuming that you are referring to the polyester kind and not cotton) should not be used for filter media unless you know definitely that it does not contain any residue that will be harmful to your fish.
  21. I have never had mold growing inside the filter but have had mold inside gravel cleaner tubings. I just soak the gravel cleaner and tubing in a bucket of 1:20 bleach solution for a couple of hours and hang the cleaner up to air dry.
  22. What a coincidence - I also got a 40 breeder waiting to be set up and I am hoping to get a couple of fry from daryl. I really like the footprint of the 40G breeder and if I have room I would get another one for a planted tank (should get great perspective).
  23. My brother kept a couple of Bamboo shrimp (also known as Singapore Wood Shrimp) in his gf tank and they were fine. There shrimp are larger (~3") and are filter eaters. I have shrimp (red cherry shrimp) in a planted tank with one oto, and also in a planted tank with WCMMs, corys and a couple of Amano shrimp.
  24. I am sorry to hear about Eunice but I don't think its death has anything to do with water parameters since the cardinals are fine. I find cardinals and neons tend to be sensitive and usually react pretty rapidly to declining water conditions.
  25. I too keep an organic vegetable garden and I have earthworms galore but have not attempted to feed them th my fish. How do you clean them before you give them to the fish?
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