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  1. When I saw your fish I actually gasped. So adorable! One of the very cutest fish I've seen here
  2. Thanks for the compliments everyone. I actually paid 6 dollars for Beasley as someone turned her into the store as a donation. They couldn't keep their water quality good because they had her and a large ryukin in a 10 gallon together. Of course I bought her for cheap and just love her! Trinket, Chub Chub is my favorite too
  3. Most all of my new fish are out of QT and in the 180 and I decided to take pics of them tonight (and some that are still in QT) My tank cycled really fast, I guess I still had some bacteria left in my tank afterall. I am still watching the water closely of course but everyone is doing well - hope it stays that way Here's the pics! - Winslow, he's one of the few fish left from before I broke down the tank. When I first got him he was about half black, now just a few spots - Tootsie the pearlscale and Cakey the ryukin - currently nameless oranda - Orson! For some reason he's been growing really rapidly, faster than any fish I have/have had in the past. Same food, etc. Sorta weird - Thoreu, the oranda - Jellybeans! His eye looks damaged here but it is just the picture Chub Chub and clifford still in QT Chub Chub again Beasley still in her QT Beasley again Most of the guys and girls in the 180 Another shot.
  4. I had the same problem in my 180 gallon and had to remove my gold dojos. I have read elsewhere on the site that they will pester goldfish if their school is not large enough. I didn't want to risk having more loaches nibbling on my goldies and chasing them around so never tried increasing their numbers. Maybe worth a shot?
  5. Thanks for the responses everyone, I installed a second scarecrow but I haven't seen the heron in quite awhile! I guess maybe they migrate south for the winter? Anyway, I know it's a matter of time until the same one or a different one shows up again. I think I will invest in a net, unslightly as they can be (anyone have any ideas how to minimize the asthetic impact of it?) and Maceo interesting idea with a Halloween decoration, they always startle me,why not a heron? :-D Fish Man... I know that animals can be very frustrating but I don't condone the way you are treating that poor cat. Maybe try a spray deterent or something a little more humane ? I'm not a bleeding heart but one has to consider the cats' welfare.
  6. Oh he's just adorable! So fat and good wen!
  7. Glad you're taking them in! What a sad alternative. Post pictures when you get them, naturally!
  8. Hey, cool background! It looks very nice - If I tried to do that it would look horrible LoL! Your fish have great color, too. Must be fed well
  9. Aww, Elaine is so cute! I also have a fish who lays on his side and cannot swim at all (Bismark the gold Ranchu) He is a great fish- I pick him up , put flakes in the water, and move him around so he can eat them. He is not afraid or shy at all, he's probably the nicest fish I have. I am glad that Elaine has an owner who cares about her, and another goldfish friend
  10. Thanks again for the kind words everyone He continues to do well . I've liked quite a few of the suggested names but can't decide on one for sure! Soon I hope I can pick one. I am going to try to get more pictures of the fish, I'd like to get one of him swimming around to show how his fins splay out but I have a really hard time taking photos. Jen, I will PM you! I am actually pretty close to Seattle
  11. In my opinion nothing is better than a couple of Aquaclear 110's. I have 3 on my 180 gallon and love them
  12. Thank you kristi I feel lucky that his fins weren't damaged during shipping/from the stress.
  13. After seeing a thread that linked to this guy on the Dandy Oranda auction, my BF decided we had to have him and bought him immediately. He is doing very very well, eats like a little piggy and the reddening in his fins from shipping is going away nicely. I have never even seen a phoenix ranchu in real life before and I am very excited to have this fish! He is male, and I am having a hard time naming him. Suggestions are appreciated.
  14. Thanks very much everyone Oliver, Even though the tank has heavy filtration the gravel still traps a lot of waste. It never makes the water parameters bad but it is a lot to have to clean. A lot of people have bare bottom tanks with plants individually potted. I am sure someone will post with photos/info about them. I would think that it would be harder for the plants to get the nutrients they needed, but who knows? Nickie73, any info I find on choosing good UV sterilizers I will share with you! Here is an interesting site I found about choosing a good wattage, for killing algae/bacteria and for killing parasites. http://www.liveaquaria.com/general/general...eral_pagesid=21 It is a saltwater website but from what I can tell it's all pretty standard.
  15. What a kind thing for you to do I am glad they have a home now where they will be properly cared for.
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