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  1. Okay first Draw it picked me So I had to do it again Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! We have a Winner and her Name is @Arctic Mama WOOOT!!! I will PM you once I get it weighed and Shipped. It should only be about $5 at most to ship. Would you like a signature on the back or on the front bottom. If you do it on the back you can hang it anyway you want.
  2. Oh he's looking quite cute in his new outfit. I like it. I wonder if he will keep some of the orange.
  3. Oh man you got your hands full. First leaky pond, then mice and now frogs. I thought my crazy robin was a problem. I shall not complain as much. lol
  4. Well I guess so, but the sun it coming up earlier and earlier So guess what time we woke up this morning? Hubby put a piece of plastic up in the bedroom window. It was working great, until this morning. It feel off the window and she came back to tell us to get up. I bet hun. Those tanks look like the best of the best of the best with honors and everything.
  5. It looks to me that the fish has either a burn going on or something else happened. But in the end it looks like he is covered in fungus and its eating away at the flesh. I want you do get that Medication out of there. Its not really helping much. I know that @Arctic Mama is the best on here to help with medications. She will see this and help you as soon as she can. In my experience with Fungus, I would have on had is Methane Blue as my first go to. Arctic Mama might have other advices but thats my first one. Right now I would test your QT tank and make sure that water is clean water. You might even need to do water changes every day to help. Salt is another thing you can use. I would change all the water out of his qt and use API PRIME to condition the water. Then I would do a .1% Aquarium salt. Great instruction on how to use Salt.
  6. Oh the pink toe kitties. Mookie had those too. Well my robin is still here after 5 days. She woke us all up at 7am this morning. How nice of her.
  7. That is the one reason I don't like the canisters much. The 2 that I have had always leaked from the top eventually. Its like the inside seal gives out over time and I understand that. My issue was for at least one of them, was I couldn't open it up to replace that seal. The other one it was just to expensive at the time to replace it. I think Sumps are easier to service and maintain. The only problem with the Sump is the size of them. I guess that's why I like the HOB's so much.
  8. Dang I just read about these guys. WOW! We must make sure we dont get any of them in our tanks.
  9. Hum... you said in your post above you use...API Ammonia Test Kit/Tetra 5 in 1 Easy strips. Can you take a photo shot of your ammonia test the next time you do it? Also those 5 in 1 test strips are awful. They really dont read right at all. You should see some kind of change by now. Water temp I would worry about. Goldfish can live in a wide array of temps.
  10. I have to agree Sumps are much better than any of the filter systems. IMO
  11. On his selling page for food. It's the only thing I can see that is active.
  12. I really want to do one in my back yard. But my power supply is so far away from the spot I want to use. :O
  13. You might want to try ECR. East Coast Ranchu. She sells Ranchu's, lionheads and much more. She's got some really awesome fish. https://www.eastcoastranchu.com
  14. Yeah I just went over there and I looks like its open. Even reviews that are recent. I haven't heard anything.
  15. Well it will be hard on us all, but Im sure we can all handle our selfs
  16. Oh Man I hope he is okay.... Maybe we shall Pm him. He has come on here last time we did. No updates. or news.
  17. Well that one just came out that way It was one of my first attempts at a tree ring pour... I see no rings and no tree in this at all
  18. Sweet. I can't wait to see her's grow too
  19. Every other day is the best way. Once you get the ammonia down more. Then we can start to work on getting some of your gravel out. You really don't need that much gravel. In fact you don't need it at all.
  20. I would do another water change. Also check your water at least every other day to see how the ammonia and such are doing. We want to get them to zero
  21. Wow. I did not know about the Moon. I will make sure to moon watch tonight.
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