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  1. ROLF That fish is nuts lol I have some in the frig lol
  2. Lets do just Epsom salt hun. Just to get the swelling down. Have you treated your new fish with Prazi or General cure yet?
  3. I am starting to think that the eye has cataract to it. Like @spider man said nothing you can do for that.
  4. It sounds like this fish has been feed nothing but pellet foods.
  5. Well then I guess he's what you call a cheep date kinda fish ROFL
  6. Well I'm so glad to hear that this fish didn't go into the main tank yet. Great thinking. @Arctic Mama is my Go to girl for meds here. When she can she will try and help you out. In the mean time. Could you give us a list of what kinds of medications you have on hand.
  7. That really makes me laugh. Maybe he doesn't know human food is great. lol
  8. This is great news hun. Keep an eye on the ph though. I have water that changes in the winter time.
  9. Oh WOW! Look at that all white. Im sorry to hear that.
  10. Oh no hun. This sucks so very much. Do you know why this happens over there so much?
  11. They look so happy in there. I really like that White and black fish.
  12. Hey may I say something I looked above and noticed that your PH fluctuates on you? Can you do a test for us. I would like you to get a gallon jug, fill it with tap water. Test the KH and Ph of that water and record it. Then let the water sit ( with a bubbler if you can) then test it 24 hours later. I want to see how the ph moves. Im thinking he might be getting a ph burn. Just a thought.
  13. I don't think I have seen a good X-ray of a Koi. So that was pretty neat to see. He sounds like a great Vet. That is awesome news. I bet he's also glad to be back in his pond.
  14. We need a kitty thread lol
  15. Shall we do another Give Away guys? Oh and If you would like me to try and paint something let me know. I need ideas sometimes lol
  16. You should start a new thread and we would help ya.
  17. I just have to say that xray is amazing shot. How is the fish doing?
  18. I will have to try this. Yes the Snow Cones here in the USA are just ice and colored water... Kinda gross. I think Justine would like it this way.
  19. I got a Black and white kitty myself. His name is Buddy Kitty.
  20. It looks to be an onset of popeye or dropsies. What kind of meds do you have on hand? I do believe we are going to need a QT tank, Epsom salt. Then an Antibiotic too. @Arctic Mama Is my go to person here for meds. When she gets the chance Im sure she will know exactly what do do. One question for you though. When was the last time that filter was cleaned out. Oh and
  21. DID you submerge the whole hose and siphon in the tank then hold the end of the hose and put it in the bucket. That should make it work. Simple gravity
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