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  1. Koko, I'm loving your videos. You are turning into a microscopy nut.I have a couple of suggestions. Some of the organisms look constrained by lack of water. In particular that big thing in the first video that looks sort of like a blobby toad. I'm pretty sure that's a multicellular organism -- probably a rotifer or an uglyworm, but it's fully contracted so you can't see it's form. Just put an extra drop of water at the edge of the coverglass to give them a little more depth. The other is to tell us the magnification so we have some idea of the size of critter we are looking at.

    You got it hun :)

    More information on how to make it better for you guys is great. :)

    Thank you, very much... Most of these are at 1k :)

  2. If you had any clue what all is in the "wild" waters you go swimming in, you'd never go there again.It's a natural thing, and probably there for some reason. Kinda gross, but most likely harmless, I assume.We just have to keep in mind that our tanks and filters are full of living organisms, and not a sterile environment in which only fish and beneficial bacteria live :)

    Oh the more I look at things, the more I realize the HORROR! :rofl

  3. The first is a small annelid worm (primitive relative of earthworms). You'll find these guys in almost any pond water sample. The second is one of the stalked ciliates (protozoa), possibly vorticella. It's also very common.

    Stakos says maybe Rhabdochona cascadilla?

    Heres the thread :)


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