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  1. I think in your situation. I would try and just stick to plants that will grow in the high GH. If you try and monkey with it it may cause harm to the fish. Having High GH is great for the fish as it has all the minerals the fish needs and also for your plants. I wonder if a skimmer would work for you... Im not sure. I will try and research for you .
  2. I can't wait to see what you have done. 🤗
  3. I can't wait to see them. The ranchu's I am curious on what color combination your looking for?
  4. It pretty close. I have always suggested 10xGPH on a goldfish tank. Reason for this is they produce a lot of waste and the filter will help with that. Never replace the sponge unless it is falling apart. The sponge is where all the good BB's like to live. All you need to do is rinse it out in tank water. 👍
  5. That is beautiful 😮
  6. Coming together very nicely MJ 👍
  7. My I also suggest getting another filter. Goldfish are so messy that they foul up the water pretty fast. If you have 2 filters on the tank, you can rinse the filter floss in one with tank water. While the other one is left alone. Doing this will help keep your tank cycled as one of the filters would have 100% good Bacteria.
  8. That sounds like a win win. WOW! build it your self. I never had the gumption to build my own tank. I would love to see the photos of you doing it as you go.
  9. 👋 Nice to see you again!
  10. Well congrats What kind of goldfish are you thinking about getting?
  11. Hey guys I am doing a Painted Koi give away. The winner will be able to choose ONE koi from this display! If the winner lives in the USA I will pay for the shipping. If you live outside of the USA you will need to pay shipping. (I am sorry ) How do you enter you might wonder? All you need to do is post in this thread. Every post is an ticket into the drawing which I will do with a Random number generator. I will post who won in another thread. Have fun and good luck. Ends 9/30/2021
  12. What is your LED light? is it the FLUVAL LED? If so you can change it to just be green light all day.
  13. Wouldn't the food get soggy? How would you know how much to put into the pellet food? I think its and interesting idea but I think it would be hard to control the amount in the pellet food. JMO
  14. I could have put to much in, but I always seem to have this bio film in my HOB when I gave that to them.
  15. No RO water is not the best IMO for goldfish because it doesn't have the minerals that they need. So you would have to replace it in the water. Goldfish can live in ph from 6.8 to about 8.8 so dont worry to much about it being high. The issue is its dropping. That makes me think that your KH is to low. That's what you need to get tested. If its low that means that it can't keep the PH stable and that will cause problems in the long run. Goldfish can tolerate some swings in there water, but what bothers me is if the ph drops to low and to fast it can burn them. So lets see if we can find out what your KH is. Also you can get some Crushed coral or Crushed oyster shells. Put these in a nylon bag or a panty hose and put it in your filter system. This will keep your KH more stable which will make your Ph stable.
  16. Yup I don't see anything in this tank that would effect the ph. You could take a sample of water to the Pet store and ask them to test the KH for you. Most Petsmarts and Petcos will do that for you. But make sure you ask them for the number. Don't let them say its in the safe zone. That doesn't help at all lol
  17. Thats me... What kind of light on the tank?
  18. Well lets see what it does over night. Its that drop that concerns me. Not the fact its so high. Goldfish can take a wide range of PH but only if it is stable, Make sure it doesn't drop down drastically. If you can lets see the whole tank, to make sure we dont have something in there that may be dropping the PH.
  19. Do you get any sunlight that comes in that tank? My tank does this every Fall. Its already starting to get green again 😮 So what I do....... either will turn the lights off for a few days or I will switch the lights to only green.
  20. and Lets do a test. Get a Jug and fill it with the water you use for water changes. I want you to test that then let it sit for 24 hours and test it again. If you have an air bubbler put that in there. This way we can see what this water is doing. Do you have a KH tester ? This will tell us if the PH will be steady or if its going to drop. Low KH in water makes the ph drop over time.
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