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  1. Oh I can get it to ship over there.....A lot more to come. Justine and I both paint now. My walls are covered with TD's paintings, Justine's and mine.... 😲
  2. Thank you and Acro. I just love trying to paint them and waves now. 🥰
  3. Congrats hun. Wow I had no idea. He's adorable. Those chubby cheeks. 🥰🤗
  4. Hey guys.... whatcha think about this....
  5. Well yes they do want to see you more stuff. lol I havent replaced my filter floss or pads in about a year. The only time I do replace them is when they are just torn and no good anymore. Kinda like a towel thats been used to much lol. Yes you can rinse any kind of filter floss, sponge and what nots. The only thing you can really rinse out is carbon. Once carbon has been used up it, it's gone. I use Prime. Its the best I know unless you use the Wondershells. If the nitrates are to high for to long yes it will cause issues for the fish. One if the biggest one is the swim bladder will get effected
  6. When you said you replaced the Bio Max insert, did you put a brand new one in? If so you kinda stalled the cycle. All your tanks good Bio bugs are in the filter and when you took out the filter medium it took the good cycle bugs too. Whatcha need to do is just squeeze it in tank water from doing a water change. This way the good bugs don't die. It might be the reason they weren't happy for a while. The cycle got a little messed up. Have you checked the ammonia and nitrites lately?
  7. I should have.....now I got one named Goldfish and the girl is Zachariah lol🤣
  8. Well we can raise the Ph with out the Ph up. We can use Crushed coral and Wondershells. The Kh test kit is normally sold by it's self. Your Kh should be in the 50+ range. This keeps your Ph from falling down. I have this same issue in my tank. Mostly during the winter months since it rains and snows here which will effect my Kh that will effect my Ph. If we go the crush coral and the Wondershell route then the ph will go up slowly. I dont like the Ph up as it raises the ph but not the kh..If the kh isnt up there then the Ph will go down slowly. Does that make since?
  9. I love love that Moor.... Oh Great picks kids. Good Job!
  10. Man that's such a bummer when the fish change color or aren't as bright as you thought they would be.
  11. You know I dont really like those. Most of my fish never really liked them... Just me I think.
  12. I really don't. I know that @shakaho knows a lot about ponds. She would be the best person here to help you. If not you might get some answers from https://www.koiphen.com/forums/
  13. Well the ph being so low is burning them.... Can you test your KH please... This will make a Ph drop over time. I would like you to fill up a 1 gallon jug with tap water, test it, then let it sit for 24 hours and test it again. Report back with the results. We got to get the Ph at least to 7.0
  14. and Lets see: We have very high ammonia in the tank? 4.0 We have very high Nitrates? 20.0 and the Ph is at 6? I dont see your filtration on your charts. Also can you please take a full tank shot. Also test your tap water. We need to get that ph up. A ph of 6.0 will burn the fish and I can see it is burning the fish. Also the ammonia is burning the fish. I'm very surprised that its not leaning over. So we need to know your filtration/s also I would like you to do a test. Take a jug 1 gallon if you can, fill it with tap water test it and let it sit for 24 hours then test it again. I would also get your KH tested. If your KH is to low it will lower the ph over time.
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