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  1. Man what a day that way. Reminds me of last summer... I saw a big Tree limb fall down about 2 blocks away. So I went over and made sure the lady was okay. Then walked back home. I sit down only to see fire from the same house. So I run back over to find out her Compost pile was on fire and about 3 feet from her home.. I feel your pain hun.
  2. Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there. Its been a very crazy life lately and I just want to give all Mom's a HUG!
  3. You can find it at LFS or at Amazon. Its a med that is mixed with Prazi and Metro. I use it on my fish once a year
  4. Yup every time you post like just did. Its a ticket in a since. There are 25 posts in a page.. So I will add up how many posts there is and then use a random number picker.
  5. It's okay it's been recorded and is up for viewing if you want to see it hun. You need a big Hug you do. I hope everything will get back to order soon . Yes its still there. Just click on the link Have you ever General Cure them?
  6. WOWsers that was a lot of fun.
  7. Hey Guys.... Justine is going to have a live Acrylic paint show.... Come and see its at 3pm PST Tomorrow
  8. Nope Thats the same fish. She was a Moor and now is Orange. I have had these 2 fish for almost 8 years now.
  9. Oh yes I remember this. You know I totally understand is view and it overly sucks.
  10. Yup Goldfish the Ranchu is white as can be now lol. Zach the was Moor is orange ROFL. Zach lost her black when my lights went very dim over about 3 months. I didn't know they were dimming until she started to change fast one me.
  11. I took it down for now... If your interested in paintings let me know. I can take photos of ones that are ready
  12. This is them as Babies. This is them now
  13. Oh NOs! This doesnt sound good for you
  14. Well thats right. Hummm I wonder too.
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