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  1. New Goldfish Gang!
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  2. OK, I returned it today and the guy said it would still be alright to use. He said he will use it for the store's fish. He told me it is just a "use by date" and not an expiration date. Umm... it said on the bottle "exp 4/2020" So I'd assume "exp" stands for expiration, wouldn't you think? So then we were looking at the other fish meds in that pet store today and seen some Metroplex that I thought I would get to just have on hand for future use if needed. Well it said "exp 2019" UGH! So we didn't get it, and the guy said it was still good, but was up to us if we still wanted to buy it. Well I sure didn't buy it. SIGH! Guess I'll buy some online somewhere. For a new store, you'd think the stuff would be new unexpired stuff.
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