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  1. Ive used canister filters from the start and have to agree, they really are a pain. But, the fluval hob makes me a little nervous. I had one lose suction while i was away at work and it killed my one tank that had two nice fish that i had just got. Well, i did learn the importance of having enough air stone since that accident. Since then ive thought about getting an aqueon hob as that design seems less likely to lose suction. But, naturally since then my fluval hob has worked flawlessly. As for canister i like the kind for ponds that have backwash clean so theyre really easy to clean and you dont have to open them up. But theyre generally for really huge tanks or intened to be outside becuase the plumbing required to use them doesnt typically fit under normal sized aquariums and is a little unsightly. But im using one of these pond filters inside anyway. Its clunky looking and sits next to the stand but its a breeze to use. But long story short. Sure HOBs ftw.
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