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    Given the way it’s bulging more on one side than the other, it could very well be a tumor of blockage. Is this fish eating and pooping? Our normal diagnostic form is for tanks and not ponds, but I need as many details about his history and your environment and treatments as you can give me, please. Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level(Tank) * Nitrite Level(Tank) * Nitrate level(Tank) * Ammonia Level(Tap) * Nitrite Level(Tap) * Nitrate level(Tap) * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? * Water temperature? * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? * How often do you change the water and how much? * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? * How many fish in the tank and their size? * What kind of water additives or conditioners? * What do you feed your fish and how often? * Any new fish added to the tank? * Any medications added to the tank? * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank.Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.?
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    WOWsers that was a lot of fun.
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    5/3/2021 - 5/23/2021 Okay guys I have a 10 x 10 Acrylic Pour. I did this one about a Month ago. As you can see it's supposed to be a beach view. It does have a clear coat on it to keep the colors nice for a long time. Every post is an entry into the drawing. Winner will be drawn on 5-24-2021 by a random number generator. Winner pays shipping. I will send you a pm to get your address and Paypal information. Good Luck.
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    That is fantastic! Good on you for putting so much effort into saving you fish! Please keep us updated and good luck!
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    That is wonderful news! Those sort of asymmetrical bulges often aren’t the same kind of issue as organ failure related dropsy, but hearing it was not caused by an internal issue is wonderful news for your fish! Hopefully the antibiotic helps, along with the pond treatment. Keep us posted here as to how both go!
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    This looks like a possible fungus or something related to poor water quality. Please answer the following questions: 1. what is the ammonia levels 2. what are the nitrite levels 3. what are the nitrate levels 4. what is your ph what type of test are you using to test these levels how often do you do water changes and how much water do you remove what type of conditioner do you use.
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    I need to get to bed so I can get to work tomorrow! Good Night everyone! Time to sleep!
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    Question: when you say posts? Where? Here on the page? Thanks for all you do!!
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    Are you able to get Epsom salt?
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    That's pretty cool! Koko, do you still have an Etsy store? I can't find it . . .
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    Figured it was something like that. But it's life and we will all survive! For anyone who is still holding their breath, check it: https://kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/135879-give-away-acrylic-painting-4-22-2021-to-5-1-2021-winner/
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    I made puree with veg. and added Agar agar gel which is made from kelp natural sea weed. I followed the instructions on the packet and it was very successful and easy .
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    Oh that looks so painful for Gerry I agree that methylene blue and salt in the quarantine tank (aquarium safe salt at a .3% solution, or about a tablespoon per gallon) is an excellent idea for preventing further infection and protecting the raw spots. I’d also recommend obtaining Triple Sulfa or Furan-2, both of which are broad spectrum antibiotics and good for these topical infections and rot. They can be ordered online. With your pH being higher, Triple Sulfa is a better choice. But if you cannot obtain that we can make do with the Furan, it just tends to be more effective closer to a neutral or acidic pH. Please be sure to keep the hospital tank’s water warm and impeccably clean. Good water quality during treatment is key to helping his immune system recover.
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    That is the one reason I don't like the canisters much. The 2 that I have had always leaked from the top eventually. Its like the inside seal gives out over time and I understand that. My issue was for at least one of them, was I couldn't open it up to replace that seal. The other one it was just to expensive at the time to replace it. I think Sumps are easier to service and maintain. The only problem with the Sump is the size of them. I guess that's why I like the HOB's so much.
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    I saw this post was bumped and must post again about my recent experience with a pond canister. it may be ill advised to use a pond caister indoors. You guys might want to disregard my recommends about this setup. This did work great for about a year and a half but lately its got a pretty good leak. It seems like it leaking from the switchy valve part. It probably has some sand worked into it. I must keep this filter in a big plastic bin to catch the water. Maybe I can fix this or change to a different filtration entirely.
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    I gave my fish a treat of baby shrimp. My black moor goldfish Summers was not moving. He was laying on top of some fake plants. The other fish Loki was busy eating the shrimp but Summers wasn't doing anything. I grabbed my net and went to scoop out the fish. Somehow that woke him up and he swam away from the net. Both fish are now okay and are busy eating their afternoon snack of baby shrimp.
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    You might want to try ECR. East Coast Ranchu. She sells Ranchu's, lionheads and much more. She's got some really awesome fish. https://www.eastcoastranchu.com
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    I was really happy they did all the plumbing for me, I would be so scared of messing it up lol I cant stop staring at it now.
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    Sweet. I can't wait to see her's grow too
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    Hello Well the only thing I can say about the lionheads that would make them a little harder than the, lets say fantail goldfish, is that they have No dorsal fin and can be a slower swimmer. With that said, over all they are just great fish to have. If you want one I say go for it. I love Ranchu's and Shukins. They are my favorite.
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    Sounds like fun ! Don’t forget to go out mooning tonight. Biggest ever as it is closest in a long while. Here in two hours time will have a look.
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    Haha swimming in it sure is tempting. It's been over a year since I first drew up the plans for this tank, Dec 2019 I took them into the shop and got a quote, then a year later after buying my car I had saved up enough to place the order, so placed the order in Dec last year and was so excited when I finally got the call saying it was done! They delivered it and did all the plumbing for me and filled it and made sure everything was running correctly. Going to go through ab ump in the cycle now as I have a lot of ne media in the sump but have put my old media in too so hopefully it wont take too long to settle. But it has a drain I can attach my hose to for draining it so waterchanges are gonna be a breeze And I am thrilled to never have to deal with canister filters again lol
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    Happy! Your welcome and please update when you can!
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    I think they would be awesome pets if you have the right set up. I love giant fish
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    Why was it taken? I feel like I'm missing something that happened . . . Show it! Show it!
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    Well my tank just got taken away, now to wait til tomorrow
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    It's so pretty! I see everything eveyrone has said LOL
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    It made me think of a daphnia, or some sort of critter like that. But then I saw your dolphin Koko!
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    Also, I want a trophy. For the first time since Max was born we got a full, unabridged school day in, AND it was in therapy day. So I had to do multiple hours of driving and appointments and still dealt with the baby and the three middle kids. I’d been hoping to start back weeks ago but the baby is so drama it hasn’t been possible. It’s still an uphill battle but I feel very accomplished. He was actually even somewhat happy during therapy, which is a two hour car wait. This is the closest we’ve gotten to a smile photo. Progress...
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    I love the painting! I miss my goldfish, Larry. Maybe time to get a ten gallon tank and start over. 💖
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    That fish/tumor was posted 6 years ago so I think its sorted now
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    Um, not sure what a company contract site support means? It is a home where five to six residents live. Generally they have some mental illness type thing. For me it is a place to heal mentally until I'm ready to live on my own.
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    I dunno, my dog seems to like it LOL Also my old dog once stole and ate a whole jar of betta food
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    Respectfully, the best practices on this for goldfish have evolved over the years, especially as imported fancies are proving more delicate and disease prone. I haven’t kept fish as long as you, I’m only edging up on 25 years at it, but trust me when I say that in a situation where ammonia is already high, getting the entirely of it out of the water column expediently is very important. The number one cause of disease I deal with on this forum is weakened and sick fish due to poor husbandry practices. The rules of thumb for tropical community tanks or even species tanks for other small and medium freshwater tropicals just don’t really work well for goldies, not unless the tank is extremely understocked. Koko has a care guide in this site that explains the best practices we recommend and why, it might be a helpful read for you so we are all in the same page. But as a helper here, I deal with a whole lot of tank issues and water quality is by far the biggest. With proper stocking and water changes, along with appropriate initial quarantine procedures, I’d say the vast majority of goldfish related maladies can be avoided entirely. But large, frequent water changes are absolutely a part of that. Also one more quibble, I may have misunderstood your post - the cycle for your tank is not primarily maintained in the water column, but the denitrifying bacteria that cling to the surfaces of the tank and filter media as biofilm. Complete water changes with treated tap water do NOT negatively impact the cycle. They don’t even make it budge. Knocking debris from mechanical filter media also won’t harm things, though you’re 100% right that any rinses should be in removed tank water or treated tap water (I prefer the former)
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    @EdmGuppyGal actually that’s far too little for most goldfish, but they’re heavier waste producers than most freshwater home aquarium species. We don’t recommend less than 50% water changes weekly, and more is often preferred. Either two 50% changes weekly or one larger 80% one works well to keep nitrate in check. Otherwise many owners find it creeps up into the dangerous zone very quickly and makes the fish ill. For those of us with dodgy tap water that isn’t great quality or already has ammonia or nitrates present, the smaller water changes multiple times per week are a better idea. But yeah, 10% is too low, even for many tropicals. In a lightly stocked tank with large surface area, or an algae filled pond, it’s a different story, though the rule of thumb varies a bit there.
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    Hello and welcome your tank is way to small for a goldfish, the recommendation is at least a 20 gallon tank for one goldfish and 20 gallons per additional fish. For single tails at minimum of 30 gallons. I am not sure what you mean by checking the nitrogen are you referring to the nitrogen cycle if that is the case what is your ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and ph. What type of test are you using, how often and much do you change the water. For now I recommend at 75% water change and use prime to condition your water, Fast the fish for a few days do not worry they can weeks without eating. Lastly what type of filter are you using, If the filter is too strong for the fish it may be that it is tiring the fish and he does not want to swim. Let us know about your progress.
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    When I first saw the picture I was like EWWWWW, gross birthday food 🥴
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    I gave these to my friends who can't eat pizza.
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    Happy birthday!! Cheers am sending you a picture of a pizza and a little grill lamb as is best can do from here.
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    Hi, I'm aware that I am a bit late to the chat but I have A similar situation with my black moor, I have had him for about a month and a few days ago I noticed his clamped fins and then a white kind of film around his body. The way he swims has also changed, he is hiding much more and when I get him out of his hiding place to make sure he hasn't died or something, he swims very slowly for a bit and then would just go and hide again, and just about 20 minutes ago I got him out and now he is just staying in a corner and swimming into the glass and it's almost like he's waddling and wants to swim further but can't because the glass is there. I'm not sure how to deal with this as he shares a tank with a common goldfish and I don't know how to go about treating him individually or the tank itself or just what to use or just what's wrong with him in general. I'm really scared as I love this fish with everything I have and any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks so much, Alicia (also forgot to mention that we also tested the ph and it said it was around 5 so I know it is too low but I'm still not sure how to fix that and the impact it has had on my little fishy)
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    Earlier tonight I tried taking pictures of my friends. However they thought I was going to feed them instead. It is national pet day after all. How can I be sure Loki is Lady Loki not Mr. Loki? I think Summers is actually Mr. Summers.
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    Am watching it now ! Located in Italy I take what I can get , which is streaming a download.
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    I have 3 essays and a few discussion questions that I need to work on, but the website my college uses is down. I am already drowning in enough assignments that I procrastinated on a little bit, and I was going to actually do them all tonight. The website had other plans though . I already emailed my professors to let them know.
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    See, you raise a good point there. Canister filters for ponds tend to be built to a completely different spec. If you combined the features of a pond canister with an aquarium canister, you're looking at a completely different animal. If you could buy a self priming, self cleaning canister filter where you could just connect a hose to the filter and back flush the waste out of it. One with maybe a built in uv and heater with variable speed pump. Then I reckon you're looking at a game changer.
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    Hi everyone! I'm kinda new here but not really, I just never really posted anything (shame on me) So I decided to show off my pond! I had an orange fantail and an all white oranda when I was 16, I didn't know what I was doing at the time, but I loved them so much. Unfortunately they didn't last more than a year and I was too upset to get new ones. My love for goldfish came back this year when I went to a fish store to buy guppies for a 25 gal mini pond, and the store employee convinced me to buy goldfish instead, so I wouldn't need a heater. Of course, I was like YES!! I'll take the goldfish instead, but after I left the shop with 4 tiny pearlscales, I started doing my research on them, and realized how I messed up on the tank size. Fast forward to today, I have 5 fish (2 of the original pearlscales, a crown pearlscales and two orandas), I lived and breathed studying about goldfish this whole time, and also pond designing, because I wanted to give these guys the best life. We finally finished building our pond recently and it's currently cycling. We just need to make the rest of the yard this nice! It has two oversized bog filters, an automatic water change system and 625 gallons in the middle. The waterflow is very gentle for these guys, I have an aerator I want to add after the dirt settles. I live in zone 10a so winters aren't so harsh, but I want to provide them with a heat gradient anyway, specially because the 2 orandas I got have lived in 76F water their whole lives. I want them to live the best life possible! They already eat better quality food than I do. lol I could have up to about 20 fish probably, but I plan on going slow, hopefully no more than 10-15, and if I can't control myself, I will definitely up the filtration. My 5 babies will have a goldfish mansion all for themselves for a while though, at least until spring. Hope you guys like it, and of course I'm always open to helpful advice if you have any!
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    I thought you'd like to see this goldfish light that I seen on Ebay today. It can change to 7 different colors.It's pretty cool, I might just buy one https://www.ebay.com/itm/3D-Illusion-Night-Light-Fish-Guppy-USB-7-Color-Touch-Change/383206740009?hash=item5938e6d029:g:Q-8AAOSwKYldoS5~
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    Recommendations for pond water changes are usually 10-20% a week, although a few go as high as 30%. This is a lot of water in koi ponds that are typically measured in tens of thousands of gallons. You run a hose for a long time to add hundreds of gallons of fresh water. Many pond keepers have at some time become involved in something else while the hose was running and forgot to turn it off, sometimes losing an entire pond of fish to chlorine. Even without such a horrible mistake, filling a pond can be risky since koi are drawn to running water and often gulp the incoming water, chlorine and all. This is one of several reasons why to many ponders, water changes are feared. Many people have gone to a "trickle in-trickle out" water change system, in which a hose is left running at just a little trickle all the time. The amount of water entering is small enough that chlorine is diluted, and all large ponds have an overflow in the system somewhere where the water can trickle out. This produces a "steady state" situation in which the water chemistry remains constant, just as it would in a lake. If one tries to do this in a typical goldfish pond, with volumes in the hundreds of gallons, one finds that you can't turn a faucet low enough to produce the tiny trickle you need without the flow just stopping after a while. (I tried. So have others.) While most liner ponds have a low spot somewhere for overflow, a container pond just has water spilling over the top. The solution is to put the fresh water into a large container equipped to drip water into the pond and to create an overflow pipe in the wall of the container or through the liner of the pond to let out the excess water. I first did this in my front pond and described it here. My reservoir was the thirty gallon tank of my old water softener. I had not yet discovered uniseals, so putting the hose bibb (faucet) into the side was a difficult and expensive procedure, involving a lot of sealant. It leaked on the first try, but I succeeded on the second. Then I filled the reservoir with water and turned on the faucet to a fast drip/slow trickle. It worked beautifully for a couple of hours, then stopped. The water was flowing through such a tiny crack that even tiny bits of debris can clog it, and there is always debris outdoors. I have some drip irrigation for my garden so I went to the drip irrigation section at Home Depot to see what might work. I found an adapter to connect a garden hose/hose bibb to 1/4 inch irrigation tubing. Then I found an adjustable dripper that fit into the 1/4 inch tubing. It has a screw-on end that can be tightened to cut off the flow completely, or loosened to a slow drip, fast drip, or even a continuous flow. Perfect! (Links to these products can be found in the link above.) To go through a liner, you need a bulkhead, which is something that is not easy to find in stores. Pond stores have them, but the one here charges 3 times what I paid on line. The bulkhead sandwiches the liner between two gaskets and has threads on each side to attach pipe. Most overflow pipes simply skim water off the top of the pond. I run the pipe to the bottom of the pond to overflow the dirtiest water. When it rains, the rain falls on the top of the pond the pipe picks up the old water at the bottom of the pond and overflows that. As a result, every rainfall gives me a free water change. Don't use this system if you have soft water and acid rain, since that could cause a pH crash. Just let the pipe collect water from the top. I adapted this system to a 50 gallon stock tank pond as described in post #10 here. This was much easier, since I used uniseals to go through the wall of the reservoir bucket for the dripper, and through the wall of the stock tank for the overflow pipe. Each are ten minute jobs. It took two days to put the faucet in the reservoir for the front pond, since I had to let the sealant cure. No sealant with uniseals. Overflows from container ponds are all very much alike. However I have tried several designs for dripping water from reservoirs into the pond. I will describe and picture these in the next post. This post has been promoted to an article
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    Awesome! I'm glad someone recognizes that fish! I've been telling everyone its a 'red top Oranda' but really i have NO idea i bought him from a fish store that just had him in a 'every type of fancy goldfish' tank.... Do you know what kind of goldfish he is?
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