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As a recent buyer of a starter pack from goldfish connection my opinion is if you have it dont buy it as most of the items sent to me were sorta "last year" items, the aqua master although still good in filtration can create a ruckus, the rena filter is okay but it is more overly praised, the diffusers where nice though, and although we may have it already the testing kit is loaded with all the basics, but the other supplies we can do without, a stand for an air pump we already have enough things hanging on our tanks, the four-way splitter was of low quality Lee's aquarium supply, and the silicone air tube was a bit less then required for an average 120 gallon tank with two diffusers.

And on a note the aquaclear 600 was taken off the shelves of other markets for an unknown reason, and when i consulted with another on-line dealer he stated that the aquaclear 600 filter is a really old module and can easily be replaced by 2 whispers or another sort which would be more silent although they may lack the roomier capabilities for biospheres and the sort.

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