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Seachem Stability


Well, I found this....


It says it is a bacterial additive that will jump start the cycle. Bloodworms will work like any food source in adding waste that (hopefully) breaks down into ammonia to feed the developing cycle.

It might work .....but I have no experience with it.

In my experience, the "Cycle", and other products that are similar to this one do not do much in the way of createing a cycle. Others, here, have reported some success with them.

The only thing that I have found that really does start a cycle quickly and well is BioSpira - a refrigerated bacteria concentration. But even this product is best used in a different fashion from what is stated on the package......

If you want to try this, go for it....Rmember, though, if this is a bacteria to start the cycle, you definately do need a source of waste (ammonia) to feed the beneficial bacteria as they grow - that source can be clear ammonia, a fish that makes waste or some fish food (blood worms or your choice). Ask for details from the fish shop as to how much food to put in and what to watch for to make sure it does not rot and cause problems.....

If they have healthy tanks there, you may even be able to buy or beg some filter media from them! (Even a little gravel from the bottom of a cycled tank is better than nothing - but I always worry about what is hiding, encysted within gravel.

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